Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Of The Good Stuff . . .

Seldom has the spoken word been used to more dramatic effect, well that's what I like about "Web of Deceit" anyway. One-time Derrick Carter sparring partner Chris Nazuka on fine form as Primary Colours on Fair Park straight outta Texas. Another firm underground favourite on the South London/Croydon underground from around ten years ago. Lovely. I'll post a similar track from his "Butterfly" EP on Tweekin' soon.

Web of Deceit - Primary Colours (Fair Park)

And here's another sure shot. The record that most people remember Siesta Records for. "Hear 'dis Sound" by Halo & Hipp-E aka H-Foundation. It's a true bi-polar mixing track with a great Michael Smith sample thrown over the top. You've surely heard this one. Came out at the beginning of the millenium.

Hear 'dis Sound - H-Foundation (Siesta)

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