Saturday, June 30, 2007

Not A Happy Chap. . .

. . .because my show's been cancelled tonight due to a lack of volunteers to duty manage. What a pain. It's only happened twice so far, but come every other Saturday I'm always on tenterhooks until the last moment and someone saves the day. Things will have to be better by October and the FM launch.

Anyway, this means that things are now going into reverse. I was originally going to broadcast an exclusive mix by Dave Congreve tonight, and then make it available for download from Monday. Now I can reveal the mix in all it's glory today. It's a deep, techy effort. Dave's one of the UKs finest and his online mixes are rare as hen's teeth, so here's one that he kindly did for me through Soma. Thanks to Don from Soma for negotiating this.

Dave Congreve Mix Live June '07:

Vertex of the Parabola – Quietpoint (PastaMusic)
Rhapsody in Pain – Pepe Braddock (Atavisme)
Trying to Stay Underground – Abe Duque (Abe Duque)
Anticlockwise – Digitaline (Cadenza)
ABN – Devolta & Aquatic (Kalkpets)
No Junk, No Soul – Peace Division (Crosstown Rebels)
Cygnet Glass – Chrom (Sushitech Purple)
Once Again – Luca Bachetti (Wagon Repair)
Innocence – Sierra Sam (Toys For Boys)
Between the Walls - Bart Skills & Anton Pieete (100% Pure)
L'delay – Automat 3000 & Jan (Cadenza)
Apnea – Marco Carola (+8)
Kimono – Chic Miniature (Musique Risquee)
Realtime Island – Dennis Karimani (Smallville)
RU OK? - Ambivalent (Minus)

Pity, had some really good stuff to play during the first hour too. Suppose it'll keep for a couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more reviews soon, including a few for Resident Advisor.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mix Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night I'll be guesting on Rapture FM in Cambridge between 8:30 and 9:30. Link on the right of the page. Try and tune in.

Monday, June 25, 2007

New Track On Horseplay

Heads up! Here's the latest offering on Horseplay Records, Johnny Davies' label straight outta Cambridge. Press HERE.

Any feedback welcome through this blog. It'll be forwarded to those at the controls.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Post-Sonar Jetsam

Post-Barcelona feelings? Motivated to get my act even more together and keep on top of things. Not easy with a four-month old baby to look after and, hopefully, about to move house. Anyway, I've been sent quite a few things recently, so now is the time to try and feedback a bit about them.

While over in Barcelona I bumped into the brains behind the up-and-coming net label Stratospherik and was given a showcase promo cd. The force is strong with this one and I intend to play a track on this Saturday's "Machines Are Funky." I was also given a "Fear of Flying 2007 Sonar Edition" 35 minute mix. I played the new Fear of Flying, the "Spookhaus" EP by Tim Gregor a couple of shows ago, well not the whole EP, I played "Lounge Art" and a fine piece it is. It also features on this mix, along with another Tim track and tracks by BLM, Leif and Dadableep too. Fear of Flying are a label to keep under close scrutiny.

Soma have been reasonably prolific of late. I've been getting a lot of stuff from them. Silicon Soul's Darkroom Dubs label has a few things lying around to test your restraint. Releases from Freska and the Jet Project are, I think, both already out. Again I played "To The Speaker" by the Jet Project on my last show, and a good piece of atmospheric break-laden Detroit-inflected dubby funk it was to. Forthcoming is a side project from everybody's favourite Argentinians (discounting footballers and ex-Nazis) Silver City. They have an album out in a couple of months as The Spirals, and it's sort of like what you'd expect. Full, throbbing basslines that will keep hips swinging into the wee small hours. I've only listened to this once and know it will sound better with successive scrutinising.

Vector Lovers also have a new collection out. Entitled "Afterglow," it's Martin Wheeler's third LP for Soma. Again, only listened to it once so far, but first impressions are good. It's a sophisticated piece of electronic serenity from a producer who's up there with the best in his respective field. Some of the tracks are old and unreleased, reassembled with Ableton Live. More on this in the future. Finally "Soma Coma" a compilation of ambient down tempo nuggets that have been put together by scouring b-sides and obscure album tracks. This should have been out by now but it's release has been put back until the 16th July. I'm definitely a fan of this kind of re-contextualisation and Soma's back catalogue is much better than most. The Henrik Schwarz remix of Alex Smoke's "Don't See The Point" is included, which should be a good enough recommendation.

Aril Brikha
has "Ex Machina" out on Peacefrog at the end of July, and it's quite what one would expect. Full of soaring lush melody which is able to find it's niche at home, in the front room accompanied by a fine single malt a bong and a dog, or on the sweaty dancefloor, half paralysed by by weapons grade MDMA, Aril Brikha hits the nail squarely on the head with a dramatic piece of work that doesn't disappoint. Full marks to Peacefrog for returning to their techno roots with this work of simmering atmospheric briliance.

Other stuff has passed through my hands, so a big thank-you to everyone who's sent me the fruits of their labours. If I've forgotten anything the sight of it on one of my show playlists is a sure seal of approval. This Saturday's show promises to be a goodie as I've got a guest mix from Dave Congreve (Stealth, Dig Your Own Rave, Repeat Repeat) to feature. It'll be up for download on this site from the 2/7. It's deep techy goodness from one of the UK's best. I'm also playing an hour-long session this Wednesday, 27/6, on Rapture FM between 8:30-9:30. Keep your ears peeled.

Oh, I almost forgot. One story of utter pointless point-making involved Rolando in Barcelona. Aparently after asking for his fee up front he was given it, and then told to fuck off by the promoter because "they didn't like his attitude . . ." I'm completely behind Rolando on this one. When I first heard the story I was waiting for the punchline, ie: he took the money and returned an hour later cracked out of his noggin. Having met Rolando last year in Barcelona though I would have been more than a little surprised if this had been the case. As it is, what a load of shite! Who benefits in a situation like this. Apparently once the deed had been done the promoter announced it over the mic to the packed club and everybody roared their support. Bollocks! Sometimes for reasons best left unsaid money is needed up front, even me with the most un-business brain of anyone knows this.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bestiari in Poblenou

Barcelona during Sonar was it's usual swinging self, but the police definitely had the upper hand on the beach Friday and Saturday night, stopping anything from geting too interesting. BPitch went off ok on the Friday night, but that's about all. Of course there were lots of things going on, but with a four month-old son who doesn't sleep all night yet, I was happy just to get some uninterrupted sleep. Party animal, eh?

Anyway, the best thing that happened all weekend was this mad carnival called the "Bestiari" in Poblenou on Saturday night. We were eating patatas and drinking beer while being surrounded by carnival beasts and heavy-duty fireworks for around two hours. Check out the video above for a small taster of what went on.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Machines Playlist 16/6/07 With Tom Hallmark

Here's the story of how the Americans saved us all in the middle ages.

This is the full-length clip of the bombers ending up in Abu Ghraib prison. The last video posted is on it, with loads more.

Here's the playlist for last Saturday's show:

During the first part there was an interview with Tom Hallmark split into two parts.

United - Midnight Mike (Republic of Desire)
The Fly - Simon Baker (Conaisseur Superior)
To The Speaker - Jet Project (Darkroom Dubs)
The Fog (Darshan Jesrani remix/Sasse Edit) - The Green Men (Moodmusic)
Who Got The Flavour Again? - Abe Duque (Abe Duque Recs)
Fast Freeze - My My (Cocoon)
Nomads - Jackmate (Phil E)
Manifestation (Paul Rich remix) - Eyerer and Collins (Session Deluxe)
Consigliere - Marcin Czubala (Mobilee)

Tom Hallmark Mix

Beyond - DJ Marley Marl (West End)
These Days - Rhyme Fest (Shhh)
The Real Deal - Miquel Graca & Patrick Dream feat. Roy Davies Jnr (Mile End)
Dressed To Grill - Justin Martin & Sammy D (Classic)
What? - Lil' Mark (Disco 45)
Swamp Thing (Claude VonStroke remix) - Justin Martin & Sammy D (Dirty Bird)
Double Barrelled Babe (Bold & Beautiful remix) - Jahcoozi (Sugar Cane)
A-Sided - Jesse Rose (Dubsided)
Cockfosters (Patrick Turner re-edit) - Jacob London (Movim)
Weird To The Insane - Lee Mortimer (Greenhouse)
Seismic Thighs - Hot Lunch (Innuendo)
Pull The Other One - Chris Duckenfield (Odori)
Butterflies - Brett Johnson (Hi-Phen)
Sevens - Pete DaFeet (Robsoul)

Coming back from Barcelona tomorrow. It's been nice to visit but annoying that there was a clampdown on the beach parties. Sunday wasn't too bad but the atmosphere on Friday and Saturday was a shadow of the last couple of years. I suppose the natives are fed up of wading through coagulated sand and urine on their way to the water. Also it wouldn't be surprising if the police had tacit approval from the festival itself, after all, the beach parties are nothing to do with Sonar proper. Always beautiful to visit but I think I'll throw myself into the local scene a lot more.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sonar and All That . . .

Off, rather predictably, to Sonar for the next few days. The Green Men have had a rather good single out for the last six weeks called "The Fog" and you can read my RA review for it here.

Back to burn next Tuesday. Keep it locked.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pre-Sonar Flotsam

That's a big one . . .

So, quite a lot to get through before Sonar envelopes me for the next week or so. Releases that deserve a special mention are:

Fabric 35 mixed by Ewan Pearson: Ewan comes correct with a selection that more or less equals that with which he introduced Soma's “Sci-Fi Hi-Fi” mix series. Varied and spot on programming plus some eloquent blending mean that this is the best Fabric mix cd this year by far (only Marco Carola's comes close in the last twelve months imo) and paves the way for the long-awaited Ricardo Villalobos effort, and, after that, Steve Bug.

This week's show will have to be pre-recorded but it should be a goodie. I'll be welcoming in local reprobate Tom Hallmark, man-about-town and one of the brains behind the infamous rare as hen's teeth Flex warehouse parties. Next one on the 14th of July featuring Mr Hallmark plus Mr C and Mark Henning amongst others.

I'm not much for exclusives, and I'm not sure if this is one either, but the next instalment of the aforementioned “Sci-Fi Hi-Fi” Soma mix series will be put together by none other than Mr Andrew Weatherall, it should see the light of day around September and will feature an exclusive track from the man himself. Oh, and it's going out as “Sci-Fi Lo-Fi” too.

As I'm at Sonar this weekend and not back until the 19/6, the playlist for the show will be a bit late. I do hope to film a few rudimentary videos with my camera, so I'll post them up. I'll be looking for crabs amongst the overpriced caparinhas on the beach. Hopefully there'll be no naked hippies pissing into the sea. If there is though, I'll nail them on this blog.

I've had quite a few bits lately and I apologise to everyone I've promised detailed feedback. Truth is I'm rushed off my feet at the moment. Thanks to Mark Henning for the latest two releases on Clever Music and for forwarding me his brother's release on Fear of Flying. Also to Soma for keeping me busy, I'll hopefully put some names to faces over in Barcelona, (or should that be faces to names?) In any case, everything is getting an airing on the show so if I don't mention it here, the good stuff gets heard.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Machines Are Funky At The Fair: 2/6/07

The board outside the Circus Tent.

Yours truly in full broadcasting effect.

James and Sam in jocular mode.

Having a few words with a drunk who pissed against the side of the tent, got slapped for his troubles and tried to argue the toss with a certain Mr Fish.

Club Global rocking the hot joints.

This young lady was typical of the many beauties on show yesterday.

At the after party. Giovanni on the ones and twos.

Here's the playlist for last night's show, which was live and direct from Strawberry Fair on Midsummer Common in the heart of Cambridge. It was a scorcher! (The day, and the show).

Black Jack (Serge Santiago version) – Baciotti (Arco Edit)
The Dark Side Of The Spoon РAlexander Robotnick (cr̬me)
Staccato Rave – Slam (Soma)
Incoming (Motorcitysoul mix) – David K (Tsuba)
Natural Gum – SWAT Squad Vs Paul Ritch (Resopal)
Another Moment Of Silence – Stardiver (Speicher)
A Flauta Encantada – Chris Carrier (Freak N' Chic)
Sadm Svek Pearl (Loop) – Magda (CDR)
I'm A Man (Audion's Donation remix) – Black Strobe (Play Louder)

The Priory manned the decks for the second hour of the show but I was too lazy to write down a tracklist. They opened with a track by Chris Carrier and Fine Cut Bodies on green vinyl, and also played the Serge Santiago version of Black Jack which opened my hour, but apart from that my mind's a blank.

Oh, and am I the only person that thinks Audion's Black Strobe remix isn't the best thing since sliced bread? It sounds like Engelbert Humperdinck on crack.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Friendly Fire & The Friday Night Special

Another jihad gem from Monkey Dust.

The Friday Night Special:

I put this together last night, so here it is warts and all. Too lazy to edit. Anyway, live mixes are the only true reflection of a dj. Feedback appreciated as always.

Grab it here.


Up in Flames (Glove remix) – Captain Comatose (Playhouse)
Nip Slip – Mathias Tanzmann (Moon Harbour)
Set The Limit – Shyza Minelli (Tuning Spork)
Feuervogel (Guido Schneider remix) – Solomun & Stimming (Diynamic)
Hermano – Monoblock (Freak N' Chic)
Track B1 – Glory B (Grow 002)
Apnea – Marco Carola (+8)
Mr G remix – Mark Henning (CDR)
Do It Again (Audion's House Arrest remix) – The Chemical Brothers (Virgin)
Kazan (My My remix) – Motorcitysoul (Aus)
Son Of Raw (Locodice remix) – Dennis Ferrer (Objektivity)
Think Twice – Ephebe One (Ferox)
Dark Star – Exercise One (Mobilee)
Bal Masque – Handycraft (Kick Boxer)
Munch – Redshape (Delsin)

Strawberry Fair in Cambridge today. The show is coming live from the 209 Radio tent at the usual time, 7-9pm GMT. The station is broadcasting all day from this location. It's a lovely day so it promises to be a laugh. Efforts to have a party after have been rumbled though, as the Box Tree got cold feet on opening for the day as an “unofficial dance tent” and the Loft will let us play, but only from 6-11. I'll be swinging past there after my show. Match report tomorrow, and show playlist.