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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Luvverly Trax

Title: Cloaks
Artist: Victorville
Label: Hypercolour Digital
Cat Number:
Genre: Tech House

Cloaks (original)
Cloaks (dub)
Cloaks Losoul remix)
Cloaks (Alex Jones 'Should Have Been On Vinyl remix')

Who is/are "Victorville"? He/They sounds like some Dickensian double-agent trading in laudenum, ladies toiletries and doing a nice sideline as a gentleman thief. Enough of the scatology. This is a seriously groovy package that is more than a little enigmatic. I don't notice a huge amount of difference between the original and the dub, so it'll hopefully suffice to say that neither disappoint in the dancefloor dept. Good, solid driving gear with an ethereal feel. Losoul's remix is a quirky take that sounds little like the original. Some similar noises, that sound like someone blowing across the top of a milk bottle a little too earnestly, are used to exaggerate the groove. The Alex Jones 'Should Have Been On Vinyl remix' has a dubby feel in parts and takes the track in a slightly different direction. On balance it's probably my favourite. A good package that further develops Hypercolour's digital arm and blurs the lines between vinyl and mp3.

Title: Mainline
Artist: Kris Wadsworth
Label: Hypercolour
Cat Number:
Genre: House

Mainline (original)
Mainline (Sei A remix)

'Mainline' is simple sophistication, a very basic backing track lets a vocal take centre-stage, but the arrangement is such that the vocal never overwhelms the track, indeed the kick gets louder half-way through, as do the snares. Everything is perfectly paced and tracky, just how I like my house music to be. It's a peak time banger that simmers with constant intent. Sei A's remix offers a different take on the original, with a much fuller sound and a rolling bass. It's a warmer version, perfect for those moments when nothing else matters. Two sides of the same coin, both different enough to fit into the same set without feeling repetitious. For sparseness and aggression go for the original, for warmth the remix. Good work chaps.

Title: Nashu
Artist: Cally
Label: Fear Of Flying
Cat Number:
Genre: Tech House

Nashu (original)
Nashu (Anonym remix)
20 Hours Left

Starting off and taking no prisoners, 'Nashu' uses some very basic dancefloor elements to drive things relentlessly along. A powerful bass kick and a synth stab that rises and falls in intensity are it's calling cards. The eq is worked nicely and things level off just when you want them to. Love disembodied voices in anything. Anonym's remix keeps a powerful kick and the stabs, but is a little bit more subtle. About half way through the track takes on a spacier dimension with the addition of a slightly discordant melody that eventually melts away. 'Farmacistul' uses a Marc Houle - inspired groove (only saying that because it reminds me of his Actual Jakshun remix on Minus a few years ago) and ploughs a disciplined, funky furrow. '20 Hours Left' falls into the category of tool, and while I like the voices, it's nine minutes of repetition. All good but use '20 Hours Left' sparingly.

Title: Lovin' EP
Artist: Ryo Murakami
Label: Morris Audio City Sport Edition
Cat Number:
Genre: House


'Beyond' is simple, understated funkiness. A mellow groove saunters along not giving a toss while a croaky voice punctuates proceedings saying what sounds like "night . . .fall." 'Swing' is what Mike Dixon should have sounded like at the turn of the century, instead he made a load of old shite that sounded like "Doop!" on uppers. 'Voices' is the moodiest cut here, and the least complicated. Some bongoes occasionally tumble over a bass-heavy groove while in the background you can here a muffled loop that sounds like a busy pub. Pick of the bunch has to be 'Beyond' but this is a solid release that sounds very sure of itself.

Title: Fiends And Family Vol 2
Artist: Various
Label: FVF
Cat Number:

1.QiK - Undead
2. Lado - Fog
3. Donk Boys - Biscotti
4. Alexx Wolfe & Sabb - Golden Snake
5. E C 5 0 - Dave Edmonds
6. Reagen - Monster Singer
7. Pheek - Williamsburgh Android
8. Siphon - Ich Mag Sie
9. Hoito - Fuori
10. Metrotek - Couchlock
11. Sjaakflut - Combination 2
12. Station F – Recovery

Dublin-based FVF Records' largest release to date sees them capitalising on the momentum gained by Siphon, Lado and Metrotek's recent releases. The label has carved out a nice little niche for itself by concentrating on the housier, more off-kilter side of techno and this compilation showcases their sound nicely. Without giving a blow-by-blow account of each and every track it's fair to say that the craftsmanship is of a high standard throughout and, although it can get a bit too glitchy at times it's always interesting. The Donk Boys, Pheek, Lado a stand out but it's a package that attains a homogenous high standard. Lovely!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dyed Soundorom

Check this here LINK for some Dyed Soundorom pressure, due to popular demand. Oh, and Dan Ghenacia's not too bad either.

Some reviews to come within the next few days. Keep it locked.

Machines Are Funky Playlist: 21.3.09

Here's last night's playlist. I used Traktor on the show for the first time as I'm rapidly running out of space to store cds. I also think that my MacBook Pro's burner is going to conk out very soon. I didn't continuously mix my way throught the two hours, some cds were still used. Amongst them Tyrone's 'Touch Sensitive' on Siteholder, which is simple,sleazy genius.

A Little Something "Extra" - In Flagranti (Codek)
Brothers - Ray Okpara (Oslo)
Coast To Coast - Clan Destino (Sonidos)
Prima Donna (Seuil remix) - Tom Demac (Murmur)
Swing - Ryo Murakami (Morris Audio City Sport Edition)
Summertime (extended vocal) - Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels)
From Above - Butch & Virginia (Area Remote)
Touch Sensitive - Tyrone (Siteholder)
Slide Away (Johnny D remix) - 20/20 Soundsystem (20/20 Vision)
Crisis Line - Martin Woerner (Herz Ist Trumpf)
Draw Your Sword - Burnski (Poker Flat)
Cold Restraint - Matt Chester (11th Hour)
Joking About Death - Remute (Shooting Elvis)
PPPO (Function's Sandwewll mix) - Miss Kittin & The Hacker (Nobody's Bizzniz)
Point Of No Return - Stasis (B12)
KRDL-T-GRV - Martyn (3024)
Man Made - Norman Nodge (Marcel Dettmann Recordings)
The Beholder - Orlando Voorn (Nice & Nasty)
The Angst (Henrik Schwarz remix) - Hell (Gigolos)
Nightliner - Popnoname (Kompakt)

Photo skanked off Little Detroit.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Machines Are Funky: 21.3.09

So much music, so little time. Returning for its second installment in the month of March, "Machines Are Funky" will feature tracks from Ryo Murakami on Morris Audio, In Flagranti from their forthcoming album, new stuff from Clan Destino, Tom Demac and more from Martyn.

If you have a night that you want promoted, get in touch.

Keep it locked.

Machines Are Funky: 7-9pm GMT

105FM in Cambridge globally

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dem Bitz

I wish I had more time to write, but I don't. Anyway, when I do I'll try and feedback on some stuff I'm listening to . . .

Title: Prima Donna EP
Artist: Tom Demac
Label: Murmur
Cat Number:
Genre: Tech House

It Ends Lowe
Prima Donna
Prima Donna (Seuil remix)

Geddes' Murmur label is starting to show a little bit of diversification at last. The first clutch of releases had one or two moments amongst them, but that's about all. Although not literally from Mannheim, Murmur is definitely a fellow-traveller of Nick Curly's house-sound, and up to the Nima Gorji's 'The Gypsy Way' release, similarly bland. But again, 8-Bit, Cecille, etc, have all had their moments, it's just that when one tries to imagine a whole evening made up of this music then it gets a bit difficult. I know that's not the point but the point is that there's already a surplus of this sound so how is it all going to get played? This, Tom Demac's second release on the label improves on his first. 'It Ends Lower' is a sinister shuffle through nightmarish atmospherics and I like it for it's tempo and cod-sinister vocal. 'Prima Donna' has depth and a nice key change, while Seuil's remix picks things up a bit, highlighting the drums a bit more. As already mentioned, starting to show a bit more promise, but Gorji's EP remains the labels highlight thus far.

Title: Mood Support
Artist: Clan Destino
Label: Sonidos
Cat Number:
Genre: Deep House

Coast To Coast
Mood Support
Mood Support (Vera remix)

Sonidos is a new label to me but one that came highly recommended from those in the know at Hypercolour. 'Coast To Coast' is a sparse, moody piece that manages to be workmanlike and evocative simultaneously mainly thanks to some nice bongoes, a vocal stab and some other percussive elements that keep things bubbling along nicely. 'Mood Support' takes similar elements and tones them down. The vocal stabs are still present, as is the off-beat percussion. Vera's remix fills the void slightly with the addition of some keys that vibrate in a warm way. Workmanlike and evocative are the two adjectives that I think best sum up this release, with 'Coast To Coast' being my stand-out bit. Clan Destino are Daniel Petreski and Sebastian Schmitt.

Title: Polylot EP
Artist: Dmitry Karpov
Label: Minimood Extra
Cat Number: minimood extra 01
Genre: Tech House

Polylot (Daso remix)

Minimood's offshoot gets underway with Dmitry Karpov, an artist whose name reminds me of a generic Russian tennis player. Once that's out of the way 'Polylot', although well-produced does sound a little too pompous for its own good. Nothing much happens really. It's a plod through a relative desert of creativity. Daso's remix turns 'Polylot' into an uptempo chugger built for the dancefloor. Its sparse, sharp-edged sound a direct contrast to the original's inflated sense of self-importance. It's nothing special, but it's an improvement.

Title: Joking About Death EP
Artist: Remute
Label: Shooting Elvis
Cat Number: SE004
Genre: Techno

Joking About Death
Joking About Death (James Kronier remix)

Now this I like a lot. Remute's original has impeccable techno credentials, even if you've heard it all before. Tribal drums underpin sonic woofing while the hi-hats come in with some space noises. Life-affirming. You know the score, soon we'll be awash with cymbals while the foundations stand firm. James Kronier's remix is a much more abrasive affair, with discordant elements playing host to a filthy mess curated by nagging bleeps that strangely don't get on your tits too much. I like remixes that are different but not such an obvious departure that you're forced to say "see what he's done there" in mock ironic disgust. 'Zotvuu' is low-end house, reminiscent of Pan-Pot, and all the better for it. A strong package.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cio d'Or, Derek Plaslaiko & Move D

There haven't been that many mixes that have stuck out over the last week, but the excellent
Mnml Ssgs blog have just put up the latest of their wonderful podcast series. Always looking for something that little bit different and out there, this time they bring the noise in the shape of
Cio d'Or. For those of you who checked Cio on the Slices DVD that featured her last year, I'm sure you'll agree she seems interesting to say the least.

Here's a link to the mix.

He's been called New York's best techno DJ, but what's the competition? Check out this mix by Derek Plaslaiko at Detroit's Oslo back in January.

And this from Move D which is also the latest in the Bunker podcast series. Probably the best out there at the moment.

Back to proper posting soon. There's an interview with the one and only Mr G in the pipeline. Peace out!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Bloc 2009

I've never been to Bloc, and it used to be just up the road from me in rural old East Anglia. Now it's moved to the other side of the country after two great years and this one threatens to be the biggest yet. The line-up is stunning, and if it hadn't been for certain events in my recent past then I may have made it. If I start planning now though I may just about do it next year.

There were just under 200 tickets left last Friday, so get your skates on if you are thinking of having a hedonistic weekend.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

No Such Thing As A Free Album?

Click here and find yourself on the website of Chicago's premier purveyors of dirty, bumpin', tracky housemusic, Siteholder Records. Check out the blurb on the right of the page and then scroll down to download, absolutely free of charge, a new compilation on a new sub-label, Facet. There's nothing I want to add to what's already written, so check it out.

Last Night's Playlist . . .

. . .is here:

Tenebre (SSUK Edit) - Goblin (Arcobaleno)
S.T.R.Y.K.E.R. - Bront Industries Kapital (Get Physical)
India In lhr (Agnes remix) - Til von Sein (Channels)
We Got Es - George G vs Livio & Roby (Cecille Numbers)
Reel - Kapuchon & Benny Rodrigues (Be As One)
Can't Forget (Abe Duque remix) - Jay Haze (Tuning Spork)
Function - Max Cavalerra (Broque)
Yeah - Tiefschwarz (Souvenir)
What Canto Is It? (Kink remix) - Mike Monday vs Third Face (Classic Digital)
Cantona Kung Fu - Kevin Griffiths (Tsuba Colours)
Better Days - John Tejada (Pallette)
Keep On Groovin' - Matt Star (Hypercolour)
The Relic - Agore (Logos)
Salwasserliebe (Pawas remix) - Andre Kronert (Ostwind)
Is This Insanity - Martyn (3024)
Calling - Djebali (Freak n' Chic)
Shine - Peter Kruder (Gigolo)
Barcelona's Lover - Ilario Alicante (3120)
When The Sun Goes Down (Ain't No Sunshine remix) - Anthony Rother (Datapunk)

Back on the 21.3.09.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Tonight's Show

This evening's show will unite the potential and the kinetic, in the shape of contributions from Kapuchon and Benny Rodriques on Be As One, Shlomi Aber's label, a track from Martyn's forthcoming album 'Great Lengths' on 3024, the evocatively titled 'Cantona Kung Fu' on Tsuba Colours and tons more. Things are starting to pick up a bit now as we head into spring, so there will hopefully be some competitions soon. Keep it locked.

As ever, click on the link on the right to listen live tonight, between 7-9pm GMT, or to the archive at any other time.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Miles Maeda

So there I was listening to the recently posted (on many and varied forums) Seth Troxler at Djoon, Paris 6.2.09. It's a good set, if not a little sloppily mixed at times, but full of good stuff and with a slightly warped feel. Anyway, my real reason for writing this is to say that I took my headphones off to answer my phone, put them back on a moment later, and chanced upon a reasonably similar vibe, but minus the sloppiness and with an altogether more balanced feel. In all honesty it was the smoothness of the mixing that first made me check out whether or not I was still listening to the same set, which of course I wasn't. I'd seamlessly glided into Miles Maeda (oooh missus!) and his wonderful "Sunday Mass" set, recorded on the 18.1.09. Those of you who think the Chicago/West Coast house hybrid had its day at the turn of the century, think again. This is the best mix of its kind I've heard for years. I recognised an instrumental of Derrick Carter's "Where You At", Moodymann's "I Can't Kick This Feeling When It Hits" and Mile's own "So Hot/The Song Formerly Known As . . " (I can't remember which one), and one or two others the names of which escape me.

Download Seth's mix here

and Miles' mix here

This is "the shizzle" as they say.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Deep In Detroit

I've had this mix for almost a month now, and it's easy to find if you can be bothered to look, but for those of you who've never heard of Patrice Scott, this is a wonderful introduction. Everything that's moody and evocative where Detroit house and techno is concerned can be found within these grooves.

Download it here.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Surgeon Live at Room 237 Leeds: 13.2.09

This week's Resident Advisor podcast is from Birmingham techno ambassador Surgeon. It's a timely reminder of the man's talents as well as his presence, for me at least as I've always been a fan but haven't been that aware of his presence recently. More fool me. Anyway, the RA podcastis but an excerpt from this set, recorded last month in Leeds. Download the whole lot here.


Smear - Agitator
Surgeon - Compliance Momentum
Point B - Creepy Steeple
Gerkin Jerks (Speed J edit)
AFX - Men 1 (loop)
Shed - Wedged Chicken (Martyn's 131 remix)
Smear - Lito
Robert Babicz - Prism
Smear - Perameter
Oliver Ho - Meta 8
Grovskopa - Sex & Violins (Surgeon remix)
BMB 4 Bonus Beats
Marlinspike - Bongo Rocka
PWOG - Maenad
Forward Strategy Group - Applied Generics Side B
Stanislav - Red Day
Various Artists - No. 8
Martyn - Vancouver
Ancient Methods - 2.3
Go Hiyama - Geometrical (Surgeon remix)
Old Grime Whitelabel
2 Men On Wax - O-Zone
Aaron Spectre - Say More Fire
Martyn - Broken
Phase - Morodem (Ben Sims Remix 2)
Speedy J + George Issakidis - Sculpture
Joey Beltram - The Next
Scuba - Ruptured (Surgeon remix)
Nate Williams - Club Patrol
Ritzi Lee - Utility
Bjorn Svin - Eat Like Hawks
Vex'd - Pop Pop
Concrete Cookie with Laura Cetilia + Marc Thomas - A Dry Red Shard
John Heckle (loop)
DJ Bone - Tru Warriors (ritual mix)
DJ Hell - Hot On The Heels Of Love (Dave Clarke remix)
Helicopterface - Positive Collide
Whitehouse - Killing Hurst Give You The Secrets
Surgeon - Intro Version II
Exium - Seleccion Natural 2 (Oscar Mulero remix)
Baby Ford - Normal (AFX remix)
Hiroaki Iizuka - Lowbit
Acen - Life And Crimes Of A Ruffneck
Dead Sound - Bad Thoughts
Luka Baumann - Emergence Nine (Go Hiyama Remix)
Speedy J + Chris Liebing - Maggie
Scorn - The Palomar
Scuba - Twitch (Jamie Vex'd remix)
Surgeon - Klonk part 2
Millsart - Step To Enchantment (Stringent)
Meat Beat Manifesto - Mindstream (The Aphex Twin Remix)
Aphex Twin - Cock/Ver10 (Surgeon reamke)

This was found on the DJ Scene IT forum, so thanks to them.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sets Of The World

Just to get back into posting practice, I think I'll start posting some links to sets that I like, find interesting, or could be good. That last comment means that I may not have listened to them before I post them. There aren't enough hours in the day unfortunately. My IPod is groaning under their weight but there are so many it's often difficult to know where to start.

Moodymann DJ Set Feb. 14th Smart Bar CHI

Six hours of KDJ and someone else who isn't quite so hip, from Chicago's Smartbar on Valentine's day. I'd be surprised if there wasn't at least one bit of mic controllig from the moody one, "something for the ladies . . ." or something similar.

Andrè Galluzzi
& Chris Tietjen @ Reflex 21.02.2009

I don't know Chris Tietjen as a dj, but Galluzzi usually rocks the house. Check it.


Mountain People's Rozzo at the controls.

Sorry for the lack of contextual information, and these sets are readily available on various forums if you know where to look, but I do have my two-year old son Marcel, climbing over me as I type, so I think a break is in order. More to come within the next few days. Keep it locked.