Sunday, July 15, 2007

Machines Playlist: 14/7/07

Here's the playlist from last night's show.

Guppipeitsche – The Wighnomy Brothers (Freude-am-Tanzen)
Honeymoon's Over (Konrad Black remix) – Snax (TNT)
Acid Drop (Hard mix) – TEK (Beiak)
Jungle River Cruise – Solomun (Liebe Detail)
Viktor Casanova (original) – The Italoboyz (Mothership)
World of a Woman – Naughty (Moodmusic)
Bumblebee – A. Reckitt (Horseplay)
Europa (Aux 88 Detroit mix) – Nukubus (SD Rcords)

Dave Congreve Mix:

Vertex of the Parabola – Quietpoint (PastaMusic)
Rhapsody in Pain – Pepe Braddock (Atavisme)
Trying to Stay Underground – Abe Duque (Abe Duque)
Anticlockwise – Digitaline (Cadenza)
ABN – Devolta & Aquatic (Kalkpets)
No Junk, No Soul – Peace Division (Crosstown Rebels)
Cygnet Glass – Chrom (Sushitech Purple)
Once Again – Luca Bachetti (Wagon Repair)
Innocence – Sierra Sam (Toys For Boys)
Between the Walls - Bart Skills & Anton Pieete (100% Pure)
L'delay – Automat 3000 & Jan (Cadenza)
Apnea – Marco Carola (+8)
Kimono – Chic Miniature (Musique Risquee)
Realtime Island – Dennis Karimani (Smallville)
RU OK? - Ambivalent (Minus)

Here's the comp question too.

To win two copies of the new compilationh on Dust Science "Faith is Fear" please answer the following, appalingly easy question.

In which UK city is Dust Science based?

Leave a comment after this entry with full contact details. Winners will be contacted after the 28/7. Good luck.

Feeling a bit fragile at the moment. Had by far the best night out of my Cambridge career last night. Photos and a match report to come over the next couple of days.


bluebelle said...

i'm sure Jan (Nukubus) will be pleased to hear his track has been played on 209radio here in Cambridge. i kinda feel guilty not to have got a copy yet, though i did buy among my last Juno Order the 'Beyond the Stars' remixes. mainly for the Legowelt track (i'm still a big fan), though Speedy J does a trippy minimal version worth checking too. he was really excited about getting Aux 88 on board for the Europa remix. we sometimes chat about techno and life generally on Myspace. one of my more genuine online friends on a now overspammed website.

bluebelle said...

err, just happen to have a Dust Science 12" of Black Dog remixes to hand, looks up their website, ah its Sheffield. (you've got my details thru Facebook if i'm lucky in the comp). another listen of Alexander Robotnik's version of Microthol - 'Midnight Moroder' (Trust). i'm not a disco fan but its dancey and growing on me :)