Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Passage - The Astral Walkers (Deepblak)

Title: Passage
Artist: The Astral Walkers
Label: Deepblak
Cat Number: DBR-V031
Genre: Deep House

A1: Passage (Full Experience)
B1: Passage (Astral Stroll)

A double header of two alternate mixes of the same track coming in at just under ten minutes a time might not always appeal, but putting one’s DJ head on and hypothesizing on the multiple possibilities of getting lost in the layers of groove whilst in the mix certainly should. ‘Passage’ recalls vintage Ron Trent and Anthony Nicholson; the ‘Full Experience’ has the more clarity, full of sunshine, thumping but dampened percussion, tropical guitar licks and piano flourishes. The ‘Astral Stroll’ is more raw, more nebulous, but still retains a refinement and many similar instrumental hallmarks. A double header of lush soundscapes within which to contemplate one’s existence, and the futility of it in light of the bigger picture? Quite possibly.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Lauer - TycoTyco - Lauer (Futureboogie)

Space Station EP - Terrence Dixon, M.R.E.U.X (Blumoog Music)

Title: Space Station EP
Artist: Terrence Dixon/ M.R.E.U.X
Label: Blumoog Music
Cat Number: BLUG005
Genre: Techno

A1: Resonator – Terrence Dixon
A2: Space Visitor – Terrence Dixon
B1: Black Hole – M.R.E.U.X
B2: Shabo – M.R.E.U.X

Terrence Dixon is one of the most original voices in techno, having forged a path which combines the offbeat, discordant and minimal into his own inimitable formula. ‘Resonator’ sounds, like an acoustic jam in a junkyard courtesy of a jug band beamed into the future from a parallel 1920s rust belt. ‘Space Vision’ couldn’t be more different; a jagged insistent sinister drone, the only thing to relate it to ‘Resonator’ being the monotonous kick underpinning it. Label boss M.R.E.U.X comes up with a something similar to ‘Space Visitor’ with ‘Black Hole’ but it’s much funkier. ‘Shabo’ also delivers, having a more than generous portion of insect menace, something which this tone of techno can’t do without.

The Old World EP - Gotshell (EPM Music)

Title: The Old World EP
Artist: Gotshell
Label: EPM Music
Cat Number: EPM56
Genre: Techno

1: Aswan
2: Fayum
3: Coptos

‘The Old World’ could be a reference to just about anything I suppose. Whether it’s a backwards-looking nod to the way techno has, to an extent, always come across is open to question. Also, being pigeonholed as an artist who delivers “simple, straightforward, stripped down, cavernous techno without hype or fanfare” on your press release immediately sets limits. Unfortunately the music, well produced as it is, does little to dispel expectations. It’s reasonably anonymous with little to distinguish it. ‘Coptos’ is the most subtle of the three tracks here, and I’ve always got a soft spot for the type of demonic accordion playing featured on ‘Aswan’. It’ll easily find its niche on the dance floor, so maybe I shouldn’t be over analytical.

Monday, October 09, 2017

October 2017 Mix

Bushido – Anbau (Aspecto Humano)
Space Future - Dany Dorado (Adult Contemporary)
Turquoise – Zombies In Miami (Bordello A Parigi)
The Greek Magical Papyri – Cosmic Force (Blind Allies)
Check Mate – Elecktroids (Warp)
Staring Into The Pond – Joey Anderson (Inimeg)
Telepath – Geinst (Arts Transparent)
Need Ur Love (Stalagmite Mix) – Callisto (Guidance)
The Beauty Of Not Knowing – Sublee (Baumbaum)
Journey To The Centre Of The Sun – Sombrero Galaxy (ESP Institute)
W1 – Waage (Thule)
Pulse – JS Zeiter (MCMLXV)
A Game Of Two Halves – Point Blank (Phono)
Within, Without – Bobby O’Donnell (Mosaic)
Movement – DMO (Infrastructure)

3389 – Derek Carr (Firescope)

Der Geist in der Muschel - We Can Do It (We Can Do It)