Monday, May 23, 2016

The Storytellers EP - DJ Bone/Deetron (Subject Detroit)

Title: The Storytellers EP
Artist: DJ Bone/Deetron
Label: Subject Detroit
Cat Number: SUB041
Genre: Techno

D1. The Core
D2. The Core (Beats)
D3. The Core (Reprise)

B1. Black Patterns
B2. Black Patterns (Beats)
B3. Black Patterns (Reprise)

DJ Bone and Deetron, whoever thought this was as unlikely as Hibernian winning the Scottish Cup had better think again.(Someone did, but it wasn't me). This is the first in a series of releases by the duo, who also plan to tour together this year. ‘Black Patterns’ is a melodic, piano-led, uplifting galloper, whereas ‘The Core’ is the harder of the two pieces, being all bubbly bass and swirling synths, The beats offer another side, being much rawer takes and predictably functional, the reprises the electronic gossamer cloaking them. ‘Black Patterns’ is more of a tune, ‘The Core’ is its shadow.

DJ Stingray

Sunday, May 22, 2016

John Johr


I mixed something up this morning. It's here.

Your Cradle – Trux (Office)
Nocturnal Passions Pt 2 – Area 41 (Delsin)
Level Above Human – Telkhin (Shipwrec)
Shinar – Nicuri (Sound Theories)
Man With The Red Face (Svek Mix) – Laurent Garnier (F Comm)
Don’t You Worry – Jorge Zamacona (Mosaic)
Lone Passenger – Obsolete Music Technology (Dolly)
Counting Sheep – Gemini (Peacefrog)
It’s You I See – Doms & Deykers (3024)
Track 2 – Globex (Acting Press)
Slow Swing – Inverse Cinematics (Pulver Records)
Synth Sparkle – OB Ignitt (Obonit)
Beyond The Dance (Mr Fingers Mix) – Simoncino (L.I.E.S.)
Punta Christo – Our Mutual Friend (Voodoo Down)
We Will Be There Yesterday – ITPDWIP (Frustrated Funk)
Guh Ik Trigger – Neuroshima (All Caps)

Time Running Down – Life Recorder (Sound Reflection)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rive Gauche - Phillipe Chany (Dark Entries)

Title: Rive Gauche
Artist: Phillipe Chany
Label: Dark Entries
Cat Number: DE-122
Genre: French Disco Fusion

Cairo Connection

La mystique du mâle
Unsquare Dance
Lettre à Monsieur le Législateur (De la loi sur les stupéfiants)

Dark Entries isn’t all about reissuing italo classics, as this 1983 solo project from French songwriter, film music composer and producer Phillipe Chany proves. Seemingly revived just as much for its technical specifications as much as its curiosity value, it is French with a capital F, emphasizing the chanson just as much as everything else and blending the modern with the traditional. There’s even a passage read from “L’ombilic des Limbes” by Antonin Artaud. The attention to detail is great, and evokes a sense of nostalgia, not gained from a long lost dance in a disco on the Cote d’Azur, but more than likely a vague inflection from a transistor providing the ambience on holiday. Dark Entries are doing an interesting job curating the recent past and, while some of it will be hit and miss, it’s always interesting.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Crystal - Justin Cudmore (Honey Sound System)

Title: Crystal
Artist: Justin Cudmore
Label: Honey Sound System
Cat Number: HNY010
Genre: House

Side A   

Side B
Crystal (Servito's 730 Reshape)
Crystal (G. Haslam Dekalb Avenue Remix)

Better late than never with this one, and I do like tracks which start as they mean to go on. The original version gets into its seedy, acid hoedown immediately. It’s well-paced and flows, never feeling like it’s pushing against any ulterior forces. Mike Servito distils the original’s essence, and eschews the 303 in favour of a squiggly, funky bass line adorned with slightly more extra-terrestrial outpourings. Gunnar Haslam reduces things further, until we’re left with a skeletal reinterpretation, which is all sharp edges high frequencies coming full circle back to the acid. All three, while treading a similar sonic line, are very much worth your while.

Bodyhammer DJs Live

Mark Foreshaw

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Coordinated EP - Ben Buitendijk & Koen Hoets (An Der Grenze)

Title: Coordinated EP
Artist: Ben Buitendijk & Koen Hoets
Label: An Der Grenze
Cat Number: ADG002
Genre: Techno

A. 51°54'01.6"N 4°28'05.0"E
B. 51°54'33.0"N 4°29'13.7"E

It’s all about atmosphere with this pair of long, linear techy gems. And it’s no wonder Ben Buitendijk was selected to mix one of Steve O’Sullivan’s Mosaic mixes. This is spacey stuff, and a gift, both for the long, extended mix, in which tracks can dip their feet and barely break the surface tension, but also make a more telling contribution; or dominate the moment in their own right, adding emphasis and gravitas.  The B side feels more of this Earth, in that it has a slightly more solid structure, but this is a detail which could change on repeated listenings. Reminds me of some moments of Zadig’s ‘Kern Space Adventures’, which is almost as good as it can get.