Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jeff Mills In 1983

Just got around to posting this, but it's been "all over the Internet" for a few weeks now. Still fresh.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Thee Kaleidoscopic Rebellion: 12/4/14

Version 1/200 Series (Morphosis Rework) – Charles Cohen (Morphine)
Imbroglios – Pepe Bradock (Atavisme)
Earth Heart – Banfield Audio (Monochromatic)
Chewy – Max D (Berceuse Heroique)
Skeeter – Kyle Hall (Wild Oats)
Sandcastles (Mike Huckaby Remix) – Precession (Ferox)
Westway – Baby Ford (Autoreply)
Light Years – Brad P (Inner Shift)
Tout Part Le Meme Sort (Hero/Victim Remix) – Tony G (Great Circles)
Tonik – XDB (Dolly)
Navigation 8th Density – Nicuri (Inimeg)
Hustler A2 – Steve O’Sullivan (Bluetrain)
Richardplatz (NJ Storm Drain Remix) – DJ Richard (White Material)
Europa’s Secret – Planetoid (Brokntoys)
Lockdown Party (DJ Sprinkles’ Crossfaderama) – The Mole (Perlon)
I Want To Dance In Outer Space – Marco Shuttle (Eerie)
Freex – Mike Broers (Virgo Rising)
XOX Tools 1 – Annie Errez (Strobewax)
Back To The Projects – Aubrey (Solid Groove)
Multiverse – Xenogears (Restoration)
Do This Here – DJ Qu (Ygrec)
Next System – Arttu (Philpot)
Voltage – Volkan Akin (Ultrastretch)
ItaloJonson 7 – Italojonson (Italojonson)
In The Land Of Demons – DJ Spider (Plan B)
Yum Yum – Pegasus Heat (Episodes)
Pixel Music – Nicuri (Strength)
Plant Tracks 3 (1991 Kai Alce Remix) – The Power Plant Experience (Mathematics)

This roughly put together mix was originally supposed to have been broadcast on the 22/3 but, due to a technical hitch at Cambridge 105, never got broadcast. So, it was shelved until the next show, which was last weekend and is being uploaded now because I was on holiday then. It's a mix, which suffers a little initially because I turned the crossfader know down instead of that of the headphone monitor. This means that the transitions are a bit quite for the first 30 minutes. Apart from that it's not bad. Oh, and clearly the Borini photo is a current one.

Spitting Electricity - Mike Parker (Mote Evolver)

Here's a write up of Mike Parker's latest for Ibiza Voice.

Delorean Dreams EP - Chaos In The CBD (Hot Haus/Unknown To The Unknown)

Read my Ibiza Voice of this release on the consistently interesting UTTU here.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Chart

Seriously Goodbye – DJ Fett Burger & Stiletti Ana (Sex Tags UFO)

Rat Life 1 – Credit 00/Dunkeltier (Rat Life)

Tangerine – Hashman Deejay (Future Times)

The Return Trip Vol 1 – Jimini/Molly New (Blind Jack’s Journey)

Track Mood – Life Recorder/Semerka (Bokhari)

Openin’ Up – Pender Street Steppers (People’s Potential Unlimited)

Karmatic Equations – Jay Daniel (Wild Oats)

Jealous God 4 – Broken English Club)

Red Clouds – Anomaly (Soul People)

After Forever – Joey Anderson (Dekmantel)