Sunday, November 11, 2018

Counterfeit Soul Vol 2 - Frazer Campbell (Counterfeit Soul Records)

Title: Counterfeit Soul Vol. 2
Artist: Frazer Campbell
Label: Counterfeit Soul Records
Cat Number: CS002
Genre: Deep House

1: Glad It’s All Night
2: Laurenz Hill
3: Alexo Kneel
4: Mr Green’s Envy

Frazer Campbell flexes his sonic sinews with four tracks which, judging by their titles, owe a debt to those in question. The tunes are tight and bouncy, as we have become used to, and there are various other embellishments to raise this quartet well above that of the purely playful and functional. Campbell keeps things understated throughout, and leaves it to the samples to do the work when necessary, but they wouldn’t sound so good without the grooves. Both ‘Glad It’s All Night’ and ‘Alexo Kneel’ rely on this approach more, with the beats being more upfront on ‘Laurenz Hill’. It’s probably the sunrise evoked by ‘Mr Green’s Envy’ that I find the most touching though, which ensures that each composition offers something a little bit different from its predecessor.

Immortality (ft. Paris Brightledge) - One Last Riot (Paranoid London)

Friday, November 09, 2018

In Heaven - Passarella Death Squad (Passarella Records)

Title: In Heaven
Artist: Passarella Death Squad
Label: Passarella Records
Cat Number: PASS004
Genre: Techno

1: In Heaven
2: In Heaven (Violet Remix)
3: In Heaven (Norman Nodge Remix)

With a name only marginally better than ‘PBR Streetgang’, the music had better be good. Thankfully it is, although I found it totally predictable in tone. A drone, a throb, and a deadpan vocal to accompany a martial beat are the cold wave components of coalescence. Techno lawyer Norman Nodge, a living personification of the black t shirt doesn’t overdo the remix to his credit, while Violet’s emphasizes the break beats which feels sonically a little muddy in parts, but it’s ok. T'artwork is good as well. 

Monday, November 05, 2018

Mix for the Motherchip

Athnatos – Dopplereffekt (Leisure System)
Cold Colony – ERP (Semantica)
Bodypop – Metamatics (Shipwrec)
Astral Flex – Reedale Rise (Kondi)
Pt. 2 SUEDO21 – SW (Sued)
Snow Banks – 214 (Klakson)
Lonely Planet – Pollen (Tresor)
Afrogermanic –UR (UR)
Lost – J. Roland (Lonely Planets)
Fadin’ Away (Heinrich Mueller Remix) – The Hacker (WeMe)
Shell Script Magic – Life Recorder (Acting Press)
Glyph 03 – Archetype (Was/Is)
Future City – The Advent (Kombination Research)
Vohx Continues V1 – Adapta (Frustrated Funk)
Humanity Nill – Will Web (Di’jital Axcess)
Sepsis – Versalife (Trust)
You Don’t Know – Drexciya (UR)
G Club Live – Reflective Souls (Hard Beach Entertainment)
Forget About It – Galaxian (Foul Up)

Friday, October 26, 2018

Boolean EP - Carl Finlow (Craigie Knowes)

Title: Boolean EP
Artist: Carl Finlow
Label: Craigie Knowes
Cat Number: CKNOWEP12
Genre: Electro

A1: Chronos
A2: Boolean
B1: Marauders
B2: Exige
B3: Unconditional

From the second ‘Chronos’ starts, any thought that Carl Finlow may be lacking hunger can be flytipped under cover of darkness. I hypothesise as Finlow is such a font of electro nectar that surely he can’t go on forever? Well, he shows no sign of slowing down and in the process seems to be reaching new levels of maturity. This release on north of the border’s fantastic Craigie Knowes features five tracks which each vie for the “who can spread the most cosmic menace” cup, although some do it much more effectively than others. There’s a wonderful balance on show here, and it’s great that the tracks are so bassy, none more so than ‘Chronos’, which is my fave. It’s got everything, picking up the pace just when you think it can’t turn a new corner. ‘Marauders’ shares some similarities, driving along in the same vein, but feeling slightly crisper as it does. Both ‘Boolean’ and ‘Exige’ are more introspective, while ‘Unconditional’ is cleaner, sparser and altogether lighter. A great release and one which should sell shitloads if there’s any justice.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Static EP - Contactless (UTTU)

Title: Static EP
Artist: Contactless
Label: Unknown To The Unknown
Cat Number: UTTU091
Genre: Electro

1: Static
2: Cybernetik Jerkin
3: Robot Wreckin Crew
4: Downpour

Great this. Fact is that you just need some mean beats and a vocoder, that’s all. Better still is having the foresight to voice track titles with the aforementioned apparatus. You can’t go wrong. ‘Robot Wreckin Crew’ does use a time-honoured synth line to circle around the varying amounts of battery going on down below, and the EP, on the whole, seems to draw a lot of inspiration from Dynamix ll, but it’s not as in your face, softer and spacier. Great release this, throbbing bass, great kick, vocoder, I could go on. As well as the Cygnus release on Burek, this is one of the best of the year.

Motherchip Connexion 19/10/18

Last night was the first time the motherchip had landed for a while,  and my first time as a passenger. Captain Laurence Fisher, aka Purplehands, had on our previous briefing told me that things only started to get really interesting towards the end of the night, as crew members didn’t turn up early enough to get down. Well last night bucked the trend big time. On entering the party had got well and truly started, with 96 Back on the decks. It would be wide of the mark to say he played exclusively electro, in fact the majority of what I heard was techno, which presented all kinds of problems regarding genre recognition, as my other half, who I’d dragged along having first tempted her out with the promise of tapas, only to discover that the restaurant we went to had no paella at all! (I know paella isn’t tapas, but you need something for the little dishes to orbit) was very anxious to know the difference between said genres. Not normally one to mince my words regarding such things, I managed “Well, you know, Kraftwerk . . .” and left it at that. Eddie Symons came on next and proceeded to play a set of his own stuff, which was excellent. He did the digital thing after Mr 96 Back played the vinyls. The music was great, purer electro set from Eddie, but everything slid seamlessly into my paella-deprived body. We couldn't stay until the end, and so missed Purplehands' set, but by the time we left I was like an amphibian, breathing pure electro and machine funk strains through my skin. Had trouble reacclimatizing outside but just managed to get back home in time to stick some late night Drexciya on.

Probably should have posted this before Friday, but better late than never. Shows Mr Back's lovely muzzy off innit.