Thursday, November 16, 2017

November 2017 Mix

Exterminating Angel – Cabaret Voltaire (Apollo)
Passages (Convextion Remix – Achterbahn D’Amour (Acid Test)
The Breakfast Club – 214 (Lunar Disko)
Dimension ii – Kartei (WT)
Raptures of the Deep – Wulf & Bear (20/20 Vision)
Space Entrance – Nibiru Humans (World Peace Music)
Skirmish (Re-work) – JS Zeiter (Pleasure)
Other Life – Space Travel (Traveling Without Moving)
B1 Stardub 14 (Stardub)
Scepsis – Versalife (Trust)
A1 Glyph03 – Archetype (Glyph)
Vohx Continues - Adapta (Frustrated Funk)
Going Oreo – Pablo Mateo (Uncage)
Cassandra (Fred P Remix) – Donato Dozzy (Claque Music)
Resistance – Callisto (Guidance)
Sendas – Z@p (Traffic)
Beautifly – Sound of the Suburbs (London Housing Benefit)
Vampirella (Motorcityweakedoutfunkdub) – Subvoice (Subvoice)
Vibrations – Sun Archive (Hoarder)
Kaos A – Stephan Greider & The Persuader (Svek)

You Have to Understand (Club Mix) – Liquid Oxygen (Champion)

Monday, November 13, 2017

Tistish, Nee Shiiteru - Man Power & Last Waltz (ESP Institute)

Title: Tistish/Nee Shitteru
Artist: Man Power & Last Qaltz
Label: ESP Institute
Cat Number: ESP-LX1X
Genre: Techno

1: Tistish
2: Nee Shitteru

Here in the world where song titles are Stanley Unwin’s utterances, ‘Tistish’ plots a straight  route through fields of jarring discord, it holds itself together though, never quite going out on the limb it threatens to do so, for which we must be grateful. ‘Nee Shitteru’ is a minimal percussive acid grind which again threatens something. The addition of chanting in the depths of the mix enable it to carry this out, which is to be more interesting, which is nice.

Daughters - C-A-R (Ransom Note)

Title: Daughters
Artist: C-A-R
Label: Ransom Note
Cat Number:
Genre: R$N 12.1

1: Daughters
2: Hard to Keep My Mind on You

A beguiling release which gets better with repeated listens. Both tracks heavily emphasis Chloe Raunet’s spoken word delivery and do the job of feeling futuristic, while at the same time traditional. I suppose if I have a criticism then ‘Hard to Keep My Mind On You’ does sound a bit like someone singing during an audition, in a big top, in a field amidst some dodgy performance art with primal screaming going on in the next tent. However, at 1:09 it’s ‘Daughters’ that’s going to get noticed. An unexpected bonus is the press shot, which looks looks like “the scary picture” from ‘Look Around You’, both of which I’ve posted below for a quick comparison.

Dragon's Path EP - 6D22 (Midnight Shift)

Title: Dragon’s Path EP
Artist: 6D22
Label: Midnight Shift
Cat Number: MNSX011
Genre: Techno

A1. Tiān Lóng
A2. Huáng Lóng
B1. Lóng Wáng (Heinrich Mueller remix) 
B2. Lóng Wáng 

6D22 is Geogio Luceri who, judging by this and his previous release ‘Istar’, is trying out some new sonic experiments within the house/techno interface. The track titles all refer to characters or episodes from Chinese mythology, although the sniggerers among you will no doubt have been drawn towards ‘Long Wang’, which nowadays has other connotations entirely. Anyway, I digress. All original versions stand out in the own right, feeling sufficiently original and epic in scope. Heinrich Mueller’s remix doesn’t disappoint either, carrying with it the dark, wobbly, threatening undertones which make Dopplereffekt so unique. 

Midnite - Jensen Interceptor (Zone Records)

Title: Midnite
Artist: Jensen Interceptor
Label: Zone Records
Cat Number: ZONE32
Genre: Techno

1: Midnite
2: No Sleep
3: Illinois 78

“You got any Nitzer Ebb mate?” Well if not, Jensen Interceptor, named after a particularly desirable 1970s car, could provide some much needed back up. This is staccato marching music for dysfunctional Duracell bunnies; devilishly effective, the funk runs through this from top to bottom and feels like it could go on for ever. I played this the other evening while we were all having dinner and my youngest son started throwing shapes as he was eating a spare rib. Choking could have resulted in the throat of a less qualified individual, but the rhythm he was endowed with courtesy of the studiously assembled beats allayed any fears I had. Seriously, get this on at any time and you’ll see why.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Passage - The Astral Walkers (Deepblak)

Title: Passage
Artist: The Astral Walkers
Label: Deepblak
Cat Number: DBR-V031
Genre: Deep House

A1: Passage (Full Experience)
B1: Passage (Astral Stroll)

A double header of two alternate mixes of the same track coming in at just under ten minutes a time might not always appeal, but putting one’s DJ head on and hypothesizing on the multiple possibilities of getting lost in the layers of groove whilst in the mix certainly should. ‘Passage’ recalls vintage Ron Trent and Anthony Nicholson; the ‘Full Experience’ has the more clarity, full of sunshine, thumping but dampened percussion, tropical guitar licks and piano flourishes. The ‘Astral Stroll’ is more raw, more nebulous, but still retains a refinement and many similar instrumental hallmarks. A double header of lush soundscapes within which to contemplate one’s existence, and the futility of it in light of the bigger picture? Quite possibly.