Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thee Kaleidoscopic Rebellion: 26/1/13

Gary Clail & The On-U Sound System - Beef (On U-Sound)
Don Cherry - Brown Rice (Horizon)
 Pop Will Eat Itself - Cicciolina (Renegade Soundwave Mix) (RCA)
Miles Davis - One & One (CBS)
Ali Farka Toure - Erdi (World Circuit)
Sly & The Family Stone - I Want To Take You Higher (CBS)
Parliament - P Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up) (Casablanca)
James Blood Ulmer - Black Rock (CBS)
John McLauglin - Lotus Feet (Columbia)
Chroma Oscura - Glow Worms (Balihu)
Brandy - The Ritual (Chatueau Flight Remix) (Yellow)
Tito Puente - Ran Kan Kan (Ken Lou Dub) (WEA)
Bering Strait - Journey (Apollo)
The Hydronaut - Deep In The Feeling (Phono)
Horror Inc - In My Garden (Perlon)
 Millsart - Gamma Player (Axis)
Dopplereffekt - Porno Actress (Dataphysix)
 Cristian Vogel - Time (Tresor)
MGUN - The Race (The Trilogy Tapes)
A Saggitariun - Funky Archer (Aubrey Remix) (Elastic Dreams)
Function - Psychic Warfare (Ostgut Ton)
Space Dimension Controller - A Lonely Flight To Ero Dru -1 (R&S)

 For my first solo show of 2013, I thought I'd spread my wings a bit and remain true to the relatively eclectic brief Harry and myself agreed upon when we first came up with the idea for the show. Every broadcast has, up to now, remained true to the spirit of the beat, but last night I wanted to throw a few curveballs and try to create more of a narrative. Pretentious bollocks aside, I shall try to do the same next time, which will be on the 23/2. Harry will be up next, on the 9/2.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Andy Weatherall Interview

When "Machines Are Funky" was in its heyday, I was quite the social gadfly. Overseeing nascent artistic projects here, while being an accomplished raconteur there. While on one of my many engagements involving Cambridge's burgeoning electronic music social scene, I managed to grab an interview with Andy Wevvers. He played The Priory on Maundy Thursday 2008 and just before he took to the decks I had a little chat with him. This was broadcast as part of my show on the 5/4/08, but I didn't publicise it very well on the blog, preferring to adopt a low-key approach at the time, with an inconspicuous link. So, for what it's now worth, here it is again, and here's a link to a previous post which reviewed said gig.

Wevvers Interview: 20/3/08 by Cacophonousbling on Mixcloud

Monday, January 14, 2013

Thee Kaleidoscopic Rebellion: 12/1/13

Monsewer Harry Sword ushered in the New Year as only he can last Saturday. That's by being almost two weeks late and playing some choice tunes. Track list as follows:

Levon Vincent - Stereo Systems (Novel Sound)
Jus Ed - Project 225 GV Deep Tech (Underground Quality)
Levon Vincent - Together Forever (Novel Sound)
Harmonius Thealonius - On Stages (Diskant)
Forward Strategy Group - Greyed out Life (Perc Trax)
Robert Hood - Wondering Endlessly (M Plant)
Riviera - Sarah (Muscle)
Hodge - Tunda (Deadplate)
Joy O and Boddika - Mercy (Sunklowun)
Riviera - Repetitions (Muscle)
Demdike Stare meets Shangaan (Honest Jons)
Phat Chex - Git Da Funk (Applepips)
Riviera - Time Ago (Muscle)
Phat Chex - Can't Stop (Applepips)
Equalized - A1 (eqd 001)
Kaseem Mosse - B1 (Workshop 12)
Willie Burns - The Overlord (The Trilogy Tapes)
Kahn - Backchat (Hotline)
West Norwood Cassette Library - Coming on Strong (Pangaea remix) (WNCL)
Hodge - Turmoil (Deadplate)
Kahn - Dubchat (Hotline)
A Made Up Sound - Demons (AMUS)
Joe - Twice (Hessle Audio)

Here's the show for your listening pleasure.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

December 2012/January 2013 Chart

Drug Related Stories - Jared Wilson (7777)

Image Over Image - Stellar Om Souce (Rush Hour)

Triangulum Australe - Omar S (FXHE)

FTNWO - DJ Stingray (WeMe)

Oh Jabba - Ob Ignit (FXHE)

Nostalgia Remixes - Rising Sun (Kristofferson Kristofferson)

Secret Weapons - STL (Something)

Julie's Theme - Soundstream (Sound Stream)

Giza - Pittsbiurgh Track Authority (Argot)

International Smoke Signals - Simoncino (Mathematics)

I forgot to do a chart for last month, but at the moment it's a little slow, and feet are just starting to be found once more, so it's probably true to say that this would have been December's chart anyway. In any case, I haven't bought much new stuff, and am just getting back into the groove myself. So here you are, in no particular order as usual.

Joey Anderson In The Mix

One of the producers/DJs turning my head at the moment is New York's Joey Anderson. Part of a group of loosely-associated, like-minded individuals from the west coast, including the likes of Jus' Ed, DJ Qu, Levon Vincent and Anthony Parasole, Anderson has caught my attention over the last year or so becuase of the mysticism with which he imbues much of his output. I came across this mix and accompanying interview yesterday, due to radio partner-in-crime, harry Sword, posting a link to it on Facebook. It's from last August which, amongst other things, reminds me of when I was on holiday, which can't be bad.

Here's another set of Joey's, from last month on Mixcloud, and this one comes from last October, and is from the Trace A Line blog. I may have already posted a link to this one "back in da day".

Friday, January 04, 2013

A Mix I keep Returning To . . .

Seriously, this nails it. Very good.

Evad:  Dreamcast 1

Deepchord - Spiral 1 
Phidias - Cygnus Astratus 
Shyam - Rawax 10.1 A 
Nadja Lind - A Choice (Trinity & Beyond Remix)
Unbroken Dub - Seven 
David Alvarado - Dreamer 
Hardfloor - AM-Trip 
Oliver Deutschmann - The Failure 
Regen - Black Puff 
Delano Smith - No Turning Back 
Achterbahn d'Amour - Trance Me Up (Skudge Remix) 
Kerri Chandler, Jerome Sydenham - Beat Down 
Marcelus - Life Cycle 
Shifted - Avian 001 B2 
Jeff Pietro, Israel Vines - Depth 
Luke Hess - Leads To Life 
Donato Dozzy, Mike Parker - Cat Claw 
Alien Rain - Alienated 2A 
Mondo - Work Me (Marcelus Version) 
Liquid Overdose - Contact 
Steve Bicknell - Lost Recordings 3 
Phase - At First Light

Evad Streaklov, aka Dave Volkaerts, playing some great tunes in the right order.

Tunes Of The Day The Cybernetic Broadcasting System Top 100 2004 &2007

Being a regular listener of Intergalactic FM, I often wonder if it's possible to get hold of any of its predecessor's, The Cybernetic broadcasting System (CBS), top 100 tracks. They used to compile said list at the end of every year, until they went out of business around 2008. Anyway, here's a link to the Youtube page with a list of videos for each track, and here's a link to a Last FM page, were some nice person has posted a link to download all the tracks from the 2007 list, which may have been the last one.