Thursday, February 26, 2015

We Walked Home Together Remix Pack 1 - El_Txef_A (Forbidden Colours)

Title: We Walked Home Together Remix Pack 1
Artist: El_Txef_A
Label: Forbidden Colours
Cat Number: 0f0c0
Genre: House

01 Claim Of Planet Earth (Eduardo De La Calle Internal Shuffle Mix)
02 Claim Of Planet Earth (The Black Madonna's Black Tulip Mix)

03 Every Day Is Blue Monday feat Meggy (Lake People Remix)

04 El_Txef_A - Claim Of Planet Earth (Deep'a & Biri Remix)

05 The Love We Lost feat Woolfy (Andres Aguirre Remix)
As this is a remix EP of three of El_Txef_A’s compositions from his debut album, and as comparing individual interpretations to their respective originals often sounds trite, let’s get straight to the point and go with the flow.

Referring to the Black Madonna’s ‘Black Tulip Mix’ as “her particular vision of italo” on the press releases is, I suppose, a reason in itself why press releases shouldn’t be taken too seriously. There is a chug which is reminiscent of said genre, but besides that it’s afterhours warehouse funk with an all-important disembodied voice. Lake People’s presence here is every bit as inspired as anything on his debut album, while Eduardo de la Calle’s sinewy machine funk hovers above a techno/electro fault line, veering towards the former. Deep’a and Biri put together an atmospheric, depth-charged rethink, taking a completely different route to those already-mentioned reworks of the track in question, while Andres Aguirre’s functional workout will work for some, but not for me lacking, as it does, that little bit of imagination.

The Black Madonna’s version stands head and shoulders above the rest, but it’s also the version which departs the least from the original. A case of less is more perhaps, and all the more reason to seek out the album from which it was inspired.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015