Sunday, October 11, 2015

To Reexperience Conception Is Fatal

Mesmerization – Joe Drive (KOOAD)
Entropy – Diffuse Arc (Causista)
Intergalactic Quantum Web – STL (Something)
A Tale Of Two Cities – (Efdemin Remix) – Delano Smith (A Tale Of Two Cities)
Dimension Sculpture (Lando Freak It Remix) – Dorisburg (Myth Music)
Change Behaviour (Aubrey’s Lost In Space Remix) – Unbalance (Solid Groove)
Nebula 584 (feat. Dario Zenker) – J.C. (Soul People Music Boards)
Codex – Stojche (DMK)
Real Melbourne House – Gesloten Cirkel (Murder Capital)
Lonely Planet – Outway (Kowloon Records)
3000-3099 – Berg (Berg)
Manhattan – Lawrence (Smallville)
They Walk The Earth – Patrice Scott (Sistrum)
The Balance – Deego Fresh (Urgent)
Track 4 – AC EXP (AC-EXP)
Exotic Auto Boutique – Bookworms (L.I.E.S)
My Language (ERP Remix) – The Exaltics (Solar One Music)
Hunted – Skudge (Skudge)
Blue Note – Antigone (Token)
Track 2 Ride The Gyroscope 1 – Boneless One (Ride The Gyroscope)
Galax – Porn Sword Tobacco with SVN (Aniara)
Through The Rings Of Saturn – Moriera/Ximer (Phonica White)
Sprag Line Posse – KA One & St Sene (Flyance)
V.H.S.S. (Redshape Remix) – Compassion Crew (Dolly)
Stalker (DJ Spider Remix) – William Welt (Dead Cert)
Moist Flesh – Amir Alexander (Annunaki Cartel)
Natilbox – Robert Crash (Dog In The Night)
Prismatic – Deaf Pilllow (Baile Music)
Restless Nights – Schatrax (Schatrax)
The Screen – Entro Senestre (Dekmantel)

This Is Not My Future – Koova (Central Processing Unit)

October Chart

The Phantom Zone EP – Anomaly (Soul People Music)

Mad Dealer – Tom Dicicco (Off Minor)

Mio Mio EP – Mio Mio (Proibito)

Amazon Atlantis РSimoncino (Crème Organization)

Hydro Funk – Johannes Volk (Dolly)

Basement Toolz Vol ll – Leibniz/Credit 00 (Rat Life)

New Life EP – Antenna (Clone Royal Oak)

The Dancing Clowns – Marco Bernardi (Berceuse Heroique)

Migrant – Call Super (Houndstooth)

Le Fada – Pepe Bradock (Atavisme)

Blank Slate 011 - Michal Wolski (Blank Slate)

Title: Blank Slate 011
Artist: Michal Wolski
Label: Blank Slate
Cat Number:
Genre: Techno/Dub

A1: Midnight Train
A2: Magnitude
B1: No Mind
B2: Eightfold Plan

Minicromusic boss Michal Wolski has found a home from home on Blank Slate, with 011 being his second full release for the label, after 008 and 25% of 006. And he, like White Visitation, feels a good fit for the label, the fuzzy, lo-fi sound he’s behind being a versatile example of a thinking man’s approach to the dance floor. The way he brings disparate elements into the mix only to have them coalesce naturally is the aim of most like-minded producers. And Wolski does this across the EP with no compromise to his vision, which straddles the chasm between precise rhythmic interplay and extant interplanetary activity.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Midnight Wave - Imre Kiss (Lobster Theremin)

Title: Midnight Wave
Artist: Imre Kiss
Label: Lobster Theremin
Cat Number: LT013
Genre: Ambient

A1: Accept The Light
A2: Gray’s Legend
A3: Caeland
A4: Adrift
B1: Somorja
B2: Sweet Cherry Soul
B3: Midnight Wave
B4: Stolen Moment
B5: Shadow Game

This is an album which shimmers with a bittersweet bounce. There’s a wonderful aura that envelops its unhurried rhythm, dropping it within the confines of a medieval fantasy and a science-fiction epic with random precision. The fact that this work is apparently “A sonic portrait of an alienated moment in London . . . “ isn’t really relevant as far as the larger listening experience is concerned. It’s a soundscape which encapsulates multitudes, the urban experience being one of many. An obvious comparison to make is with Burial, and there are similarities, but this is a more concrete piece of work; alternating between various states of matter, while emphasizing a pleasing symmetry and balance. So, even though the ambient genre thrives on themes, its flexibility also allows it to lend itself to any expanse of the imagination. ‘Midnight Wave’ has this suppleness, feeling alienating and embracing at the same time, which is nice.