Sunday, July 12, 2015

Thee Kaleidoscopic Rebellion 11/7/15

Last night's show was a sweaty affair, the studio was hotter than hell but myself and Harry managed to keep our sprits up by drinking coffee later than usual and exchanging stories, most of which revolved around his chairing of an interview which featured Henry Rollins and Suicide (Alan Vega & Marty Rev). I did the first hour and Harry the second. I'll post his when it surfaces.

Thee Kaleidoscopic Rebellion: 11/7/15

Brumm – Busen (General Elektro)
Torpedo Ahead – The Pagan Rites (Rat Life)
Polar Coordinates – Der Zyklus (Clone Aqualung Series)
Time Far – 214 (Frustrated Funk)
Discovery Inn – Annie Errez (Mosaic)
Quiet Orbit Around Gladia – Zadig (Syncrophone)
Control 33 – KA One & St Sene (Finale Sessions)
Rare Plastic – PLO Man (Acting Press)
Up The Hills – Shed (The Final Experiment)
Done Away – Martyn (Dolly Dubs)
Interchangeable Patterns Pt 2 Track 1 – Steve O’Sullivan (Sushitech)
Peace Force – Mandar (Lazare Hoche)
Spacer Woman – Charlie (Dark Entries)
Only1 – Morgan Louis (White Material)
Plesiosauria – Tony G (Cosmic Pint Glass)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

July Chart

French Connection – KA One & St Sene (Finale Sessions)

Biometry (Reissue) – Der Zyklus (Clone Aqualung Series)

Mosaic Split Series Pt 5 – Anne Errez/Clandestine (Mosaic)

Block The Box EP – Martyn (Dolly Dubs)

Ganz Kursen Ding – Busen (General Elektro)

Constant Power – Shed (The Final Experiment)

Every Mauser & Browning – The Pagan Rites (Rat Life)

Menti Singole – Leonardo Martelli (Antinote)

Only 1 – Morgan Louis (White Material)

Stations Of The Elevated – PLO Man (Acting Press)