Monday, May 31, 2010

Bank Holiday Round-Up

Jeff Mills At Dommune, Tokyo: 28.5.10

Fresh off the press it's a new Jeff Mills set. Space techno at its best. Need I say more?

Claude Young At Dommune, Tokyo: 16.5.10

It's going off in Tokyo at the moment. A new recording of one of techno's leading turnablists. Cut from the same cloth as Mills but even more of an exhibitionist, and you even get a track list too. Essential.

The Plan – 8 Miles Wide – Submerge
Culoe De Song – African Subway – Innervisions
King Britt Presents Scuba Feat Lizz Fields Our Time (Atjazz Remixes) – Slip N Slide
Model 500 – Vessels In Distress – Tresor
New Order – I See Danger – Promo
Global Communications – The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix) – Dedicated
Norman Chung – Discoloco – IF?
Aril Brika – Groove La Chord – Transmat
Armando – Acid House – ?
Roach D – untitled – Promo
Nitwit – Shop – Planet E
Phuture – Acid Traxx – Who’s That Beat
BMB – Learn Your Lesson – Counterbalance
Jeff Mills – MERCURY – AXIS
Plastikman – Spastik – Novamute
X-102 – Flyby – Tresor
Jeff Mills – untitled – Promo
Joey Beltram – Gravitate – Trax
Inner City – Praise (Derrick May Mix) – Ten Records
SPEEDY J – DynSync – Promo
Ian Elgey – 4BW – Promo
Catz ‘n Dogz – Omanko (Italoboyz remix) – Mothership Records
Jazztronik – Samurai – Pantone Music
Louie Vega vs. Cerrone – Love Ritual / Dance Ritual – Vega Records
Luciano รข€“ Los Ninos De Fuera (Original Mix) – Cadenza
Dj Funk – Work That Body – Renegade Records
Lou 2 – Freaky – Strictly Rhythm
Hardfloor – Acperience – Moonshine Music
Paul Mac – Cards On The Table – promo
I-Cube – Supernovac – Versatile
Oliver Ho – Red On Black – Promo
Denis The 7notes – Life For Life – promo
Dj Hell U Can Dance – Carl Craig Remix V1 – Gigolo
Dj Sneak & Gu – Ezeckiel – promo
? – Double Hammer – promo
K-Alexi – Drug Test – Djax
HRN6 – MOVE – promo
Throbbing Gristle – Hot On The Heels Of Love (Carl Craig Re-Version) – Nova Mute
MXM – Detroit – promo
Surgeon – ? – promo
SPEEDY J – DynSync – promo
Agoria feat N’Zeng – Les Beaux Jours – promo
JASON TIMOTHY – Always Outnumbered – promo
Santiago Salazar – Sci Fi Xicano – Rush Hour
Stacy Kidd – Toys – Smooth Agent Records
Cassius – 1999 (Tim Green Mix) – promo
Metro Area – Erodyne – Environ
Chicken Lips – ? – promo
Jeff Mills – Mysterious Stars – AXIS
Orlando Voorn – Game One Los Hermanos Remix – Promo
Portishead – Machine Gun (Noise Floor Crew Remix) – Promo
This Is What Happens (ft Atlantis – Mark Flash REMIX) – promo
Plaid – Intro – My Kung Fu Remix By Derrick May – Aniplex Inc. Japan
Santiago Salazar – Arcade – Stefan Goldmann Mix (edit) – Macro
Kevin Yost – Bongo Madness – i! Records
Ian Elgey – Ferry Track – Promo Unreleased
CLARK – Volcan Veins – Warp
Giorgio Moroder – Chase – Casablanca Recordst

Sandwell District (Regis & Function) At Animal Farm, Sub Club, Glasgow: 23.4.10

Very few live recordings outside podcasts (and very few of them also) seem to be in circulation of Sandwell District, so they are always worth pouncing on even if the sound quality isn't always the best. Who cares. I think it's adequate. Make up your own minds.

Smear At Semi Detached: 8.5.10

The mysterious Smear of the equally mysterious Forward Strategy group lays down some grooves for Richard Brophy's Test Industries.

Omar S - Busaru Beats
Mike Dehnert - Ke Me
Milton Bradley - Don't Phonk
Frankie Bones - The Strength To Communicate
Fumiya Tanaka - Drive
Tommy Gillard - Rogue Beat 2
Norman Nodge - NN 8.0
FSG - Applied Generics A
Peter Van Hoesen - Liss01
Outline Meets Surgeon - A2
Redshape - Plonk
Add Noise - Handwerk 1
SB Project - Beyond Binaries
Oliver Ho - Light and Dark Five
Rob Alcock - Inside The Dream
Seeker - Manifestation
Coopers - Mini(Melody Mix)
Peter Van Hoesen - Ito Mess
Fumiya Tanaka - For Set #1a
Eight Miles High - Drone
Cristian Vogel - Ninjah
FSG - Applied Generics B
Martin Mueller - Project 1.1
Luke Hess - Shalom Dub
Veil - Anaesthetic
Max Duley - Moving Mountains
Cheap & Deep Productions - Tight
Steve Bicknell - How Can We Know
Rob Alcock - Moto

So, four mixes that represent techno extremely well. This is how I like to hear it played, but it's not the only way. Is it true that it's enjoying a renaissance at the moment, or has the quality control and the enthusiasm always been there?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Soul Tree Last Night

So, I popped out last night for a drink and a dance. A friend of mine very obligingly offered to put me up, and after some lubrication at his place off we went. A couple of pre-club pints were had at a bar next to the Soul Tree, and in we went.

It was a mistake to enter the club around the blind side because had we walked around to it the only other way, we wouldn't have spent about half an hour in the main room wondering what the hell was going on. I didn't realise that the party was on the ground floor, the main dance floor being on the first. Arriving just before midnight I thought that maybe the dreadful over-produced, in-your-face pap that was filling the club was just a concession to passing trade and yoof, and that once we passed the witching hour the real music would suddenly materialise. This is an indication of how pissed I was. It was only when checking on my phone that I realised my mistake, so we descended to the basement, which was in fact the ground floor.

At least fifty confirmed guests on Facebook wasn't even half that when we arrived, and the number remained constant. The party had an air of taking place in a large front room. The music was fine but there was no atmosphere. This shouldn't in any way negatively reflect on Lee, the Peek-Aa-Boo resident, whose night it was. He had Patrizio Cavaliere, who was the subject of the first interview on 'Machines Are Funky' a while back when he was Patrick, and Miles Sagnia. Now it's not everyday that you get an artist signed to Aesthetic Audio playing in Cambridge, and there are enough people in the town who like his style but did the Cambridge deep house fraternity represent?

Unfortunately not. I can't say I'm really surprised either. Lee did say he hadn't been able to promote it very much and if there's one thing that's needed in a cliquey city like Cambridge, it's promotion. Having said that, if all the people who said they were definitely turning up on Facebook, and just a relative few of those who said they might, actually did, then the night would have been a roaring success. Maybe these invites only really work when there's an implicit proposal to trash the venue.

In any case, I reacquainted myself with Patrick, who gave me some news on the progress of his label, Also Ran Music, and met Miles, who was an extremely nice guy. We chatted for a while, he very nicely bought me a drink, and I arranged to get in touch with him in the near future to do an interview for this here blog. Look out for that hopefully within the next few weeks.

So the desired crowd didn't turn up, and as said before, I'd have been surprised. The Facebook turnout was never going to be and even with promotion it's always a tall order to fill a club in Cambridge city centre on a Saturday night with anyone who likes anything but, as The Soul Tree say themselves, "Big Room Party Tunes." I'm sure those playing at The Fez would disagree, and maybe what is played there couldn't possibly match what we had to put up with for the first thirty minutes, but it's still a long way from what we came to hear.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Barry Choonz

I stumbled on this the other night when out and about in Glasgow. Barry's an old mate and has some good feedback from this mix. With the Pure contribution coming up on Promo mixes at the end of next week, this is pretty timely. Check the rest of the blog out for some excellent articles and downloads from right across the spectrum. Link at the side of this page.

These Are The Last Ones . . .Already

Well, not really, but I've really bitten off more than I can chew. I simply can't keep up with supply. I'm devoting far too much time to this so, unless any of you lot are going to start paying me, forget it.

Meanwhile . . .

Title: In Bianco e Nero Arcobaleno
Artist: LetKolben
Label: Darek
Cat Number: DRK008
Genre: House

In Bianco e Nero Arcobaleno (original)
In Bianco e Nero Arcobaleno (Steven Beyer remix)
In Bianco e Nero Arcobaleno (Franco Bianco remix)
In Bianco e Nero Arcobaleno (Mike Wall remix)
Lay Your Hands On Me Again Or History Of The Old Accordion
Hallo, Mein Liebes Fraulein

An interesting and varied release with the Mike Wall remix being my favourite. Dense and claustraphobic.

Title: Breakout EP
Artist: Hypertic
Label: FVF
Cat Number: FVF016
Genre: Techno

Alkatraz (Reagen remix)

Good, solid heads-down dancefloor tackle with its fair share of quirkiness. Like everything on here but the Reagen remix of 'Alkatraz' has that little bit more drive.

Title: Love To Me
Artist: Hakan Lidbo Feat Yota
Label: Enjoy Music
Cat Number: ENJ023
Genre: House

Love To Me (original)
Love To Me (club mix)
Love To Me (dub mix)
Love To Me (radio edit)

It seems like Hakan Lidbo has been around for ages, and he has. He knows his stuff so this is as polished a piece of production as they come. Nothing to ejaculate about though. I like the vocal but it's all a little bit predictable and cocktail barish. Harmless house.

Title: Soma Coma 4
Artist: Various
Label: Soma
Cat Number: Soma CD84
Genre: Downbeat, Ambient

Alex Smoke – Paradolia Intro
Pablo – Journey’s End
The Black Dog – Digital Poacher
Vector Lovers – Neon Sky Rain
Silicone Soul – 3am (Ghost Mood Mix)
Slam – B Movie
The Black Dog – Kissing Someone Else’s D.O.G.
Funk D’Void – Sketch of Spain
Let’s Go Outside – Worship
Vector Lovers – Long Wave
Pablo – Music Maestro (Instrumental)
Silicone Soul – Dub 4 Toots
Alex Smoke- OK (Jay Haze’s Trippin’ the P-Bar Dub)
Slam – Memoir
Funk D’Void – Odessa
The Black Dog – Riphead v9
Let’s Go Outside – You In My Life
Alex Smoke – Nuance
Vector Lovers – Hush Now
Pablo – The Cuatro Track

A very good collection and concept. Difficult to prefer one over the other. There's always room for more interesting ambient collections and this works quite well. Stand outs for me are Funk d'Void's 'Odessa', Silicone Soul's '3am (Ghost Mood mix)' Slam's 'Memoir' and Alex Smoke's 'Paradolia' and everything by The Black Dog.

Title: Upper EP
Artist: Groovik
Label: Freaky Vibes
Cat Number: FVB001
Genre: House


Both of these tracks use some nice sounds, which would have been better employed trying to build a more consistent vibe. Instead the tracks do sprawl a bit and occasionally sound a bit disorganised. Not bad though. There is potential.

Title: Bateke EP
Artist: Bastard Boys
Label: Smiley Fingers
Cat Number: SFN011
Genre: House


Apparently inspired by an African trip that took in Rwanda, Uganda and The Congo, this isn't bad at all. What lifts it above the average is its feeling of tropical density and relatively cliche-free ethnic chanting. 'Ubangi' does fall pray to the use of the"rushing" sound though, which seems to be ubiquitous these days. 'Kiteke' is my pick.

Title: Minimum Spektrum X Of Pop
Artist: Hammerschmidt & Lentz
Label: Religio . Audio
Cat Number: religio.audio014
Genre: House

Minimum Spektrum X Of Pop
If (Ifo eq , , x")
Nora X Don't Dance

Pretty uninspiring release. Particularly the title track. Flaccid and limp.

Title: Spiritual Suffering EP
Artist: Debunkt
Label: Lobe Records
Cat Number: LR0004
Genre: Overbearing Epilepsia

Super Massive Black Hole (Version 1)
Ritalin Kid (Version 1)
Spiritual Suffering (Version 1)
Super Massive Black Hole (Version 2)
Ritalin Kid (Version 2)

Not really my cup of tea. Sorry. This is a bad issue of Mixmag made sound. I have nightmarish visions of dayglo "kids" doing silly dances when I listen to this.

Title: Sunday Sweeper EP
Artist: Alex Harmony
Label: Gymnastique Records
Cat Number:
Genre: House

Sunday Sweeper (original)
Sunday Sweeper (Komel Lemon remix)

Lovely dense phat sound. Both mixes hit the spot with the remix having a dubbier feel. I prefer the original but both are useful. The organ may seem overplayed but it just remains the right side of cheese. Don't like the whining squeaks in the remix though.

Title: High On Heels EP
Artist: Mike Vamp
Label: Top Model
Cat Number: House
Genre: TOP002

High On Heels (Vocal Version)
Catch Me Right Here
High On Heels (Alex Flatner remix)
High On Heels (Piemont remix)
If You Leave Me (Digital Only)

The Alex Flatner remix works as a nice steady warm up tune with a bit of character. Piemont remix is ok too.

Title: It's Time For New Stuff EP
Artist: Greenback & Andri
Label: Cityfox Ltd
Cat Number: Cityfox Ltd 02
Genre: House

It's Time - Andri
New Stuff - Greenback & Andri

Not bad at all. Funky and libidinous with well-used vocals and what sounds like a Phil Collins sample on 'New Stuff.' All good.

Title: Make You Want Me
Artist: Alton Miller
Label: Lace recordings
Cat Number: LACE022
Genre: Deep House

Make You Want Me
Turning On

Quality release, which is no more than I'd expect from Alton Miller. Deep, funky and soulful. Excellent. Can't believe it's thirteen years since I last saw him play in Paris. 'Turning On' really hits the spot.

Title: Miami Bass Machine/Move Edits
Artist: Ahmet Sisman
Label: SlashX
Cat Number:
Genre: House

Miami Bass Machine (A. Sisman edit)
Move (Nico edit)

You can't have too much of a good thing, and these edits offer another side to two brilliant tracks. Original and compelling, but simultaneously accessible. Excellent release.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finn Johansen On Mnml Ssgs

Here are a few words that I can relate very much to from one of my favourite DJs, as well as two mixes from him complete with track lists. Thanks to Mnml Ssgs and Finn Johansen for the music.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beat Perfect? 2 . . .

. . .is available to download here.

Something Free

To promote the new 'Sect EP' on Culprit, Soul Clap have put up a track, 'Thieve $krilla' on Soudcloud for free download. Get it here. (Link removed on request.)

I charted the 'Sect EP' at the beginning of the month. This is what Phonica have to say about it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

FACT Mix 150

Just after I posted the link to the Marcel Dettmann mix t'other day, FACT only went and posted their 150th, and talk of the devil, who is it but little Marcel Dettmann. Here's a link to the mix, along with an interview.

Blurbs, Blurbs, And More Blurbs

I've completely lost my voice so I'm catching up on 'tings. Here's some more recently-submitted feedback.

Title: Can You Relate Remixes Pt 2

Artist: Samuel L Session

Label: Soma

Cat Number: Soma 285d

Genre: Techno

Can You Relate (Joris Voorn remix)

Can You Relate (Slam dub)

Can You Relate (Anja Schneider remix)

Can You Relate (Anja Schneider Out Of Berlin remix)

Technically all good here, but even though Voorn's sound is an incredibly popular one, and I'm impressed by the energy of his sets, his versions aren't really me. The 'Slam dub' and 'Anja Schneider remix' are more up my strasse. There's an omnipresent throb thoughout these four versions . . .which is nice.

Title: Mannequin Funfare

Artist: Gus Brown

Label: Mixtape Records

Cat Number: MXTR016

Genre: Techno

Mannequin Funfare

Who Will Watch Over Us Now?

Bonkers insect fairground music from Mixtape's boss. Both are good, useful cuts but I prefer the depth and drama of 'Who Will Watch over Us Now?' This is music for a parallel universe were everybody is walking around the corridors of the Starship Enterprise backwards and bollock naked.

Title: Princess Guacamole

Artist: Rodriquez Jnr

Label: Mobilee

Cat Number: mobilee 066

Genre: House

A1: Princess Guacamole

B1: La Guapa

Digi Bonus: Okra Carnival

'Princess Guacamole' uses a similar synth line to that which served R Jnr so well on 'Kids Of Hula.' 'La Guapa is my pick of the bunch though, on this good, all-round release. Dark, carnivalesque and techy. 'Okra Carnival' maybe a digital exclusive but it's certainly not a throwaway piece.

Title: Saint Broccoli EP

Artist: Insect Elektrika

Label: Monocline

Cat Number: MONOCLI27

Genre: Techno

Hot She Dog

The Rhno Roho

I Eat You Walk

I Eat You Walk (Mike Wall remix)

I Eat You Walk (Lukkas remix)

Sick of minimal, if it ever really was a genre at all? This is good though so don't give up on it just yet. Right down Magda and Troy Pierce's street, and amongst the best on their playlists. Stripped-back, seedy, spaced-out, dark menacing funk that shows admirable restraint and feels like a compressed explosion for most of its duration. It's been done before so there's no room for cock-ups . . . and there aren't any.

Title: Sleep Moods

Artist: Robert James

Label: Hot Creations

Cat Number: HC002

Genre: House

Sleep Moods


Sleep Moods (Dyed Soundorom remix)

A great choice for the second release on this so far faultless label which is pushing a sound that sounds on the one hand derivative and, on the other, inspired. Sexy, libidinous and extremely funky. It's all conducted extremely well and bodes very well for the future of this strain of house.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Here We Go Gathering Mixes In May

No time to breath at the moment. Super busy and knackered. Mrs Bling has got a new job and that means a more intense lifestyle for everyone concerned. At the moment I'm too tired to do anything except eat, sleep and listen to music. This is one of the reasons why I'm putting new release feedback up on the blog. It's publicity of a sort and honest. I haven't got time to write anything lengthier but things will adjust themselves soon and all will be back to normal. Meanwhile, here's one or two mixes I've come across on that phenomenon known as the Interweb that may interest you.

Marcel Dettmann Train Wreck Mix RBMA 5.10

1. XDB - 119 [Metrolux]
2. Insync vs Mysteron - Down
3. Auto Repeat - You Can't Stop [SSR]
4. Cristian Vogel - Xpute The Woop Woop [Tresor]
5. Terrence Dixon - Tomorrow People
6. Marcel Dettmann - Rerun [MDR]
7. JP Buckle - One For The Ladeez [Rephlex]
8. Robert Hood - Sleep Cycle [M-Plant]
9. Planetary Assault Systems - Hold It [Ostgut Ton]
10. Marcel Dettmann - Irritant [Ostgut Ton]
11. Shake - Mr. Gone Is Back Again [Frictional]
12. Bam Bam - Make U Scream [Desire]
13. Sascha Rydell - Contraire [Fachwerk]
14. Kenny Larkin - Glob (Kenny Larkin Remix) [Planet E]
15. Rolando - Junie [Unreleased]

There are a few recent Dettmann mixes floating around, but they're all too short. This one weighs in at around an hour which for me is the minimum length of mix consideration. I don't care how many tracks are crammed into shorter efforts, I need at least sixty minutes. So you can keep your mini mixes, with their two hundred electronically blended tunes. I'd like a mini milk though. Chocolate's my fave.

Exos – Maya – Force Inc (1999)
Jackmate vs Nik Reiff – Salmiak – Mosaic (1999)
Conforce – Subtraction – Meanwhile (2010)
Claro Intelecto – Nodrex – Modern Love (2008)
Sanasol vs Ozzy – Seveneleven (Sanaramalongermix) – Thule (1998)
Diego & Voco Derman – Symbolism – Kanzleramt (2003)
Rob Bardini – Through Together – Eclipsemusic (2010)
The Kelly Project – Home At Last – Plastic City (2001)
Shin – Lifetime – Persistencebit (2004)
Claro Intelecto – Thieves – Modern Love (2006)
Exos – Galaga – Thule (1997)
PCB – Jewel In The Crown – Meanwhile (2009)
Den Nard Husher – S.T.O.R.M. – Thule (1999)
Sterac – Satyricon – 100% Pure (1996)
Planetary Assault Systems – Sleepin Sin Seemless – Peacefrog (2002)
Kim Rapatti – A1 – Plug Research (1996)

Here's a mix by Italian-sounding Belgian - or is that the other way around? I'm pretty ignorant really regarding this guys nationality, I'm thinking Enzo Schifo but could be wrong - Franco Cangelli. This has been pinched off his very nice blog Hybridize. Deep, dark techno just in time for the summer. Check out earlier Hybridize posts for other mixes.

Surgeon needs no introduction. One of the most gifted and technically proficient DJs out there. This is a very recent set of his that he played with Ben Sims. Here's the Ben Sims set for those of you who are interested, and another to Surgeon's excellent record of his travels blog, Back In The Grinder. Surgeon is next in line for the Fabric mix series. Looking forward to that.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Some Feedback On Some Recently Received Releases.

Artist: Death On The Balcony feat Ste Roberts
Title: Aquarian Explosion
Label: Magicbag
Cat Number: MBM004
Genre: House

Clean Air
Clean Air (Gavin Herlihy mix)
Joplin (Soul Clap mix)

Lots of energy on this four tracker. 'Clean Air' does indeed sound clean, lots of space in those grooves. Interesting use of samples pervades the tunes. Very crisp production. Very driving contribution from Soul Clap. Everything sounds very roomy and full. Was this the intention?

Title: Cidang Go EP
Artist: Doppelt Gemoppelt
Label: Miniload
Cat Number: MINI019
Genre: House

Cidang Go

Very poor and lacking imagination. No balls or brains. That is all.

Title: Coca Grande
Artist: Jozif Feat The Mole
Label: Vitalik
Cat Number: VIT005
Genre: House

Coca Grande (The Mole's MMD mix)
Coca Grande
I Can Read Your Mind

The Moles MMD mix is large-scale hypnotic bliss. Lloyd Grossman might say there's an ethnic theme here, and he'd be right. The original isn't quite as groovy, but a nice piece of minmal, understated funk all the same. A very mood--creating release.

Title: Deep, Love & Slaver
Artist: Uncle Deep
Label: Appetit
Cat Number:
Genre: Deep House

Deep And Love
Deep And Slaver

Nice stoned vibe to this one. Hardly surprising he's been picked up by Anton Zap. Keeps things simple and ploughs a nice, hazy deep/downtempo house furrow. Nice use of samples but why do they feel it necessary to point out that "he is over thirty" on the press release?

Title: DGT Is Shit
Artist: Alessio Pili & Nax Acid
Label: Aconito Records
Cat Number:
Genre: Techno

DGT Is Shit (Original)
DGT Is Shit (Edit)

Godawful title for a record. It pains me to say it but people making statements like this, sincere though they may be, really make themselves look like complete arses. Good, spacey stuff though. Prologuesque, and promising.

Title: Nobody Loves You/The Pressure
Artist: Tomas Malo
Label: Architech
Cat Number: ARC004
Genre: House

Nobody Loves You
No Pressure

Wonderful drums on 'Nobody Loves You' coulpled with some subtle, well-timed keys make for disco heaven. Filtered vocals really take it up a notch. 'No Pressure' makes good use of a spoken word over a very funky, bumpy beat and is just superb. Great stuff. Reminds me a bit of Roland Clarke. I wonder why.

Title: Numb Deaf & Dumb
Artist: Detroit Grand Pubahs
Label: Detelefunk
Cat Number: DET14
Genre: Electro

I say electro, but this is unashamedly commercial in its original form. Funny though. Like most Grand Pubah's stuff it's got a good, distinctive vocal. I have to say I was expecting more from the Space DJs, their version sounds quite watered down. DJ Pierre doesn't bring much to the party either but maybe turns in the best effort with some trademark acid squelches and a distorted vocal. It's hardly groundbreaking though and feels very lazy. Disappointing overall.

Title: Real Talk
Artist: Matt Tolfrey & Christopher Sylvester
Label: Murmur
Cat Number: mur016
Genre: House

Real Talk Feat. Kevin Knapp
Real Talk (Ryan Crosson's Post Up remix)

Very good. This release and the previous one on Murmur - ? have upped the quality on this label. More balls and depth, a greqt combination. Difficult to choose a fave between the original mix and Crosson's version. The remix gets it because of its energy.' Reality' holds its own too with some lovely synth washes amidst the muscular drumming.

Title: Ride The Rhythm
Artist: This Ain't Chicago
Label: Wonk
Cat Number: WONK002
Genre: House

Ride The Rhythm (Danny Mekanik Anniversary mix)
Ride The Rhythm (Derrick Carter remix)

Just brilliant. Still sounds fresh today. I remember it the first time around. Good choice re Derrick Carter to remix, and while he offers a typically bumpty interpretation and chops things up nicely, it's no improvement on the original whose charm resides in it's very raw, primitive acid lines.

Title: Samplers Parts 1 & 2
Artist: VA
Label: Gigolo
Cat Number: GIGOLO269/271
Genre: Various Electronic Bits

Part 1:
Soy Como Soy - Makossa & Megablast
Hall Of Shame (Skatebard mix) - Diskokaine

Part 2:
This City I Love - Nick Coleman
Are You Ready - DJ Linus
All Alone - Henrik Schwartz

Have to applaud DJ Hell for his reinvention of Gigolo and realisation that electroclash was a blind alley. Having said that this is proff that he hasn't completely abandoned his roots. Two releases to choose from and five very interesting bits. Pity about the sample on what is otherwise a good track from DJ Linus. Henrik Schwartz turns in a lo-fi acid smash which is just about the best thing on here.

Title: Serious Bitch
Artist: Zdenko Grbavac
Label: FTW Recordingz
Cat Number: FTW015
Genre: Techno

Serious Bitch
Serious Bitch (Daniel Sender remix)
Serious Bitch (Ambivalent remix)

Sorry, but the titles a turn off. Anyone who calls a track "Serious Bitch" lacks imagination and deals in cliches. The music tries a bit too hard, but this producer has potential. The D Sender remix has obviously been listening to Queen Atom's "Refuse Greed." Ambivalent's is the best, and definitely playable.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Making Hay

Back to reality tomorrow. It's been a nice, long weekend in spite of the windy, unsettled weather. Plenty of time to do nothing in between something. Here's a few bits and pieces I've coralled over the past few days.

Peter van Hoesen, Cio d'Or & Hometrainer At Harry Klein 1.5.10

I came across this over at Live Sets a couple of hours ago. I've no idea who the mysterious Hometrainer is, sounds like a piece of gym equipment to me. The pedigree of the other two is beyond doubt though. I've yet to listen to this, and it's nearly eight hours long, so I've no idea who's playing when or what. It should be good though. Find out for yourselves.

Butane At Blues, Quito, Ecuador 10.4.10

I've listened to the first hour or so of this, again it's a long one, weighing in at just under four hours. It's really, really good. Druggy, stripped down tribal funk from Mr Organic Chemistry himself. Check out the remarks along the comments bar. Highly recommended.

Dan Ghenacia At Listed Presents Varsity All Stars At Victor Hotel, Miami WMC 27.3.10

Good sets from the last WMC haven't been posted in abundance, but they are slowly emerging. Keep your eyes peeled for the good ones of which this is one.

Brainfeeder Radio Presents Cosmogramma Special 20.4.10

Another big file at around six hours with Flying Lotus and the whole Brainfeeder crew in the studio together mixing up a woozy, stoned psychedelic storm to celebrate the release of 'Cosomgramma.' Roll up a fat one and don't make any plans for the day.

Cottam's Causes Of Colour Mix 26.4.10

I've yet to listen to this, but if it's half as good as the mix he did for Random Circuits (what happened, btw?), it should be a stormer. I hope so as I've recommended him for Modyfier's "Process" series.

May Chart

I've finally got my act together and written a chart. Some of the releases below have been reviewed already, most haven't. In any case, these are a taste of what I've been listening to over the past few weeks. No order of priority and all complete releases unless specified.

Ruckus - Jamie Jones (Hot Creations)

Review here.

Jamie Jones official Facebook fan page here.

Hot Natured here.

STL & His Quest For Sound - STL (Something)

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Something here.

Raiz - Raiz/Silent Servant (Historia Y Violencia)

Historia Y Violencia here.

Moments In Rhythm Vol 2 - Keith Worthy (Aesthetic Audio)

Aesthetic Audio Myspace here.

Real House Music - DJ Jus' Ed vs DJ Qu (Underground Quality)

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Underground Quality here.

Wax 30003

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Wolfgang Hair EP - Chicago Skyway (Uzuri)

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Redbox - Dexter (Dolly)

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Dettman - Marcel Dettmann (Ostgut Ton)

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Ostgut Ton here.

Document - VA (Spectral)

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Rabbit (Moscow remix) - In Flagranti (Codek)

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Angels Dub EP - Kuoyah (Frijsfo Beats)

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Parte Traseira EP - Pherox (Stock5)

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Sect EP - Sect (Culprit)

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Thanks For Nothing Remixes - Danton Eeprom (Infine)

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