Saturday, July 28, 2007

Back to Burn???

Some pretty nice computer-generated images of Liverpool's new stadium. Looking good . . .

Seems like I've been to the dark side of the moon and back when I've just been to friends in North Wales for four days. Had a nice, relaxing time, saw Mr Hurst, now resident in Oslo, who said I can come out there to play. Sounds good. He was with Rima, his girlfriend, and it seemed bizarre that I hadn't bumped into him since 2003.

Show tonight. I'll be paying the Ewan Pearson Fabric promo mix that he did for his recently released mix. I haven't worked out the rest yet, but it'll be fun-packed and guaranteed to satisfy. I had hoped to have Hector, my young assistant, with me to provide some cutting commentary but he's off to a party to consume X amount of jelly and gum-rotting sweeties.

On my tod for the next two weeks, so I'll be putting up some MP3s from my collection, older stuff, nothing that I'm currently being sent. Keep it locked.

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