Monday, July 16, 2007

Flex at The Compound: 14/7/07

Mark driving his Traktor.

A fish in the crowd.

Clean yer ears, Pickles.

That wire looks suspect.

"Got any Veras? Lavverrlly . . . "

Panoramic view and gratuitous "loved up" hug.

Largo and life behind the dj.

The author and Tom Hallmark.

Tom on the ones and twos

There's no need for that!

So it's been and gone already. I remember first getting wind of the latest Flex installment back in February, eagerly anticipating it then and now I've probably got to wait until next year for another one. Anyway it didn't disappoint. The music was wonderful from start to finish. Le Jockey slowly opening things up, passing the baton on to Mark Henning, then to Mr C, Largo, Tom & Alex and The Priory. To say it was messy is an understatement. The deep, druggy tech-house that soundtracked the evening provided the perfect backdrop. I couldn't stop moving all night.

Mark played a good set, despite being plagued by periodic feedback which was ironed out for Mr C. He took it into the depths and then gradually built it back up again. I played the trainspotter once and was surprised to hear that the track in question was one I have but have never played, the Oliver Huntemann remix of “Do It Again” by the Chems. I've always played the spaced out layered cake that is the Audion “House Arrest” remix, but Oliver's is the business too. An excellent set by the gap-toothed cockernee. Largo took over and rocked it, you couldn't spot the joins and then time took on an elastic quality. I remember speaking to various individuals and constantly milling around the warehouse gibbering. I eventually wandered over to Henning's house as him and Cat had given me their front door key, let myself in and crashed out straight away.

A brilliant night, and all for just a fiver! It reminded me of Wiggle when it was at Happy Jack's at the end of 1997. Same old messy vibe. God, if we could only do this a bit more often. Every quarter would be ok, just to make sure the novelty doesn't wear off too quickly. I doubt that around here though. The partygoers on Saturday night went for it like starving men.

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