Monday, January 29, 2007

The Show Didn't Go On

Still feeling frustrated because a couple of days ago my show was cancelled. No duty managers has volunteered to man the station and as Saturday night is probably the most difficult to cover I was bound to suffer eventually. In case you're wondering what I'm on about at the studio there has to be somebody on duty while shows are being broadcast, we're all volunteers at 209 and we all try to give our time when we can, unfortunately there's always a black hole Saturday night, which effects my show, "Kids Love Rhymes" the hip-hop show that comes directly after and runs from 9-11pm, and "Drums Wide Open," the drum and bass show which runs on alternate Saturdays. If anyone from Cambridge is reading this and would like to lend a much-needed hand, drop by Citylife and 209 at The Howard Mallett Centre, check out contact details on the 209 website, the link is on the right of this page.

The upshot of this is that I should be able to pre-record my next show (another thing which is getting more difficult as the studio is almost constantly occupied). I'd resigned myself to not being able to do the 10/2 as I'll be becoming a father again around that time. Expect maudlin photos of a fleshy embryo when that little event takes place.

Meanwhile . . .

First chart of the New Year and I'm feeling a bit stale, but is the music?

Home Stop Welcome – Repeat Repeat (Soma): Included for the Weatherall remix, which pitches things a bit lower compared to the original, (which didn't stand out on the album for me). This one makes for the ideal set opener and has a nice bass to draw the dancers in.

Sideways (Andre Kraml remix) – Miss Yetti (Gold und Liebe): Since “Dirty Fingernails” I've always kept an eye on Herr Kraml's output. This is a driver that will raise the stakes in any set. It's a squelcher.

Wet – Steve Bug (Poker Flat): The Bugman keeps up his usual high standards with this moody wild-pitch inspired builder.

Just Dazing – Falco Brockespeir (Substatic): A metronome of a beat keeps time and underpins a very synthetic woodwind section (that's what it sounds llike to me anyway). One to make you think of wide open spaces.

Dirty (Woody remix) – Autotune (Fumakilla): The mix from label boss Woody wins the day due to it's increased syncopation. Phage and Daniel Dreier also contribute to the package, and have nothing to be ashamed of, but Woody wins.

Olanto (Lee Jones remix) – Jacopo Carreras (LAN): The usual hot joints from Exercise One's thoroughbred stable. Jacopo Carreras sounds like a medieval latin troubador but with Lee Jones on remix duties he's brought kicking and screaming into a funk-soaked twenty first Century.

Horse Nation Amended – Heartthrob Vs Troy Pierce (Minus): Of course this is a remix, and little has been done to the original, but what could you do to a track as perfect in the first place? Like the Glimmer's recent Fabric cd opening remix of “Same Old Scene” by Roxy Music, Heartthrob has taken the best bits and amplified them. Simple really.

Jam On It (Claude VonStroke & Galen's Disco Kryptonite mix) – Newcleus (Deeplay Soultec): A bit different and all the better for it. Jacks along like David Brent with crabs.

Where Is Didier Lambing? - Sarah Goldfarb (Triebstoff): Where indeed. Tech house (remember that genre? It's coming back with a vengeance) par excellence. The mysterious Sarah from Marseille does it again.

Take This – Jurgen Paape (Speicher): Gives John Dahlback a run for his money. Nothing ground-breaking but pushes all the right electro buttons. A jagged beat cutting through the crap.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Too Posh to Push?

A date has been set, cs on the 8/2. Ah well, at least I shouldn't be running around in the middle of the night. I'm here at 209 towers duty managing for Harry's show, "Drums Wide Open," then it's back home to watch the mighty Reds dismantle Chelsea. Mourinho looked very resigned to things during his post-match comments. If the Arse beat the Mancs tomorrow, then things could start to get interesting. Lovely goal by Pennant.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Start As You Mean To Go On

Saturday's show was good fun. Jonny Davies, aka Le Jockey, came down and played some new stuff he's been working on. "Gibba Lia" stood out as the best track and it's rumoured to be coming out on Clever Music. He also played a few tracks that have been kind to him over the last year or two. Ed of Badger Attack dropped by to say hello accompanied by a couple of friends, and the whole thing went off very well. I've still got to upload that recording from last week's Horseplay party, but I'm not sure if I possess the technology. Why can't everything fall nicely into place without me having to worry about it?

Halfway through the last book of Murakami short stories
"Blind Willow Sleeping Woman." Much better than I thought it would be. I didn't read "Kafka By The Shore" but after gorging myself on him three or four years ago I thought the novelty had worn off. Obviously there's a time and place for these things, and I'm really enjoying this latest collection of short stories. Can't wait to finish so I can finally get around to "In Pursuit of the Millenium . . . "

Machines Playlist: 12/7/07

Shari Vari - A Number of Names (Puzzle Box)
The Creator (12" edit) - Cobblestone Jazz (It Is What It Is)
Jam On It (Claude Von Stroke and Galen's Disco Kryptonite mix) - Newcleus (Deeplay Soultec)
Horsenation Amended - Heartthrob vs Troy Pierce (Minus)
I'm the Red - Le Jockey (CDR)
Trauermusik (Alter Ego mix) - Partial Arts (Speicher)
Save Your Saviour (album edit) - Octogen (Soma)
Hotfork Buffet - Mark Henning (Einmaleins)
Gibba Lia - Le Jockey (CDR)
Bounce It - Reynold (Morris Audio)
Hankofloppe - Wighonomy Brothers (Freude am Tanzen)
Say So - Ryan Crosson (Trapez Ltd)
Just Like That (Alex Under mix) - Random Play (Puzzle Trax)
Walk - Hemmann & Kaden (Milnor Modern)
untitled - Le Jockey (CDR)
Zu Fun - Extrawelt (Border Community)
Where is Didier Lambing? - Sarah Goldfarb (Triebstoff)
We Like Moroder (Divider remix) - Jupiter Black (Clone)

Monday, January 08, 2007

A Nice Beginning

Back in Cambridge after having been on holiday, first in Bruges and then back up home in Wallasey at me Mum's. It was good to get back in the swing of things and bring the New Year in belatedly with a short set at The Box Tree. Dave Kelso started proceedings, followed by yours truly, Tom Akam doing a live set, a bit of Le Jockey with The Priory's Sam rounding off the proceedings. I left about twenty minutes before the end with a splitting headache, but managed to record a good three hours; all of my set plus Tom Akam's, with Dave Kelso's last half hour and Sam's first. Le Jockey's mini set also got immortalised. I enjoyed it, but didn't choose the right records for the occasion and had the impression that I really banged it, the Dominik Eukberg mix of Shane Berry's "Fillertet . . ." (Trapez Ltd) really stretching some cerebellums, along with the by now ubiquitous Audion remix of Hot Chip's "No Such Thing." Apart from anything else though, I perfectly timed my escape to the strains of 'Have you got anything like "Put Your Hands Up For Detroit . . ."' from someone I'd been observing out of the corner of my eye for some time and whom I'd marked down as a possible voice of dissent. In truth though, I didn't play that well, but check out the sets anyway. They'll be up asap (don't hold your breath).

Oh, and don't take the piss as far as my photography skills are concerned. Feel free to laugh at the freaks in the photos though.