Saturday, July 14, 2007

Machines Are Funky with Dave Congreve Tonight: 7-9pm

Because the last show was cancelled due to a dearth of Duty Managers, (volunteers who look after the building while shows are being broadcast, it's a compulsory requirement from Health and Safety), I'm going to broadcast Dave's mix on my show. I realise things are happening in reverse and that anyone who's interested who reads this blog will have already downloaded it, but some of the good people of Cambridge and beyond may need some swaying, and hearing it on my show could do the trick.

Straight after it'll be down to The Compound for Flex. I cannae wait Captain.

Full playlist tomorrow or Monday depending on my mental state.

Oh, and I'll also be running a competition to win two copies of the latest compilation on Dust Science "Faith is Fear." Full comp details to appear with the playlist.

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