Monday, September 29, 2014

Tunes Of The Day

Some Sets I've Been Diggin'

It's been so long since I've been in the blogging groove, but with the long, dark autumn and winter nights fast approaching, the time to get back into said groove is imminent. Review writing is also not what it used to be and one has to keep the home fires burning somehow, so the first of a weekly series of "pieces" will surface next week. Meanwhile, I'm off to Rome this Thursday for a long weekend. Plenty of time to re-engage after.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

September Chart

Overtaking On The Inside Lane – Paul Bennett (Modernista)

Zipacon – Anthony Naples (The Trilogy Tapes)

Steady Mobbin’ EP – Melja (Mr Saturday Night)

 Perfume – Claire (Acoustic Division)

Guerrilla Soul EP – Guerrilla Soul (Vanguard Sound)

 Auftakt – Mura Oka (Latency)

 Upset About Lance EP – Frak (Tsar)

 The Return Trip Vol 3 – V/A (Blind Jack’s Journey)

 Terekke – Terekke (L.I.E.S.)

 Have No Fear – Gabicci Brunner (Take The Elevator)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Iron In The Soul

I'm not sure why, but this was the first thing that came into my head when thinking of the name for my latest mix. The halcyon days of the early eighties came flooding back too, when I first started reading stuff like this, and probably read more than at any time since.

Horizon Rage – Mura Oka (Latency)
Waterproof Theory – Heinrich Dressel (Frustrated Funk)
Crysosleep – Matti Turonen (Trust)
Have No Fear (Sandman Reshape) – Gabicci Brunner (Take The Elevator)
Baseacid – Traxx (Annunaki Cartel)
Into The Woods – Guerilla Soul (Vanguard Sound)
You Want – Yusuke Yamamoto (Serie Limitee)
Jazzy Things – Four Walls & Funky Jaws (Kolour Ltd)
Junebug – Brooks Mosher (Dolly)
Overtaking On The inside Lane – Paul Bennett (Modernista)
Sugar Puss – Junior Fairlplay (Crimes Of The Future)
Epsolon – Bobby O’Donnell (Strobewax)
Equanimity – RV800 (Formula)
Houses In Motion (Tin Man Remix) – Palms Trax (Lobster Theremin)
Red Between Green – Claire (Acousitc Division)
Second Coming – Michael Zucker (Aesthetic Audio)
Serenitatis – Anomaly (Soul People)
Lacanan – Causa (Blind Jack’s Journey)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thee Kaleidoscopic Rebellion: 13/9/14

After what has seemed an age, TKR came out of its extended hiatus with a selection from Harry Sword. Here be ye playlist, the show will be uploaded as soon as I have it.

Cluster – 21:32 (Four men with Beards)
Moonraker – Plutonium on the low (Great Circles)
Autonervous – Enfant Terrible (Ratlife Records)
DJ Spider – Blizzard from the Netherworld (Plan B)
Policran Alarm – Shelter or Funkbox (NY or Detroit mix) (SubBASS soundsystem)
Gerhard – Epy (Defunkt)
Seldom Seen – Stunning (Underground Resistance)
DJ Spider – in the land of demons (Plan B)
Levon Vincent – Games Dub (Underground Quality)
John Heckle – Analogue Bulldog (Mathematics)
Satanic Soul – Each dawn I die (Sabotage)
Silicon Scally – Deodexed (Cultivated Electronics)
Beneath – Trackies (No Symbols)
Morphology – Dark Star (Cultivated Electronics)
A Made up Sound 004
Anthony Shake Shakir aka Da Sampla - ? (wild oats)
The Cap – Entro and Terri (L.I.E.S)
Amon Duul 2 – Henrietta Krotenschwansz
Pete Swanson – Positive (Confessions)
Scorn – Silver Rain Fell (Earache)
Ike Yard – Loss (Regis version)
Portion Reform – Under Duress (Downwards)
Portion Reform – Unrest (Downwards)
Peverlist and Pinch – Esperanto (Punch Drunk)
Perc – Before I go (Perc Trax)
Anworth Kirk – Avonwaith (Pre Cert)

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Mammal Glamour 6/9/14

New mix from me  here on my Tumblr.

Things Unknown – Funbction v Vatican Shadow (Hospital Productions)
Cyfnos (Joey Anderson remix) – Steevio (Until My Heart Stops)
Cobra – Gilb’r & DJ Sotofett (Versatile)
Orchidea Nera – Crystal Maze 9Echovolt)
Full Of Holes (XDB’s Dark Forces mix) – Deemonlover (Bliq)
Renegade (Shelter Anthem) – DJ Camacho (157 Shelter)
In The Forest (JTC edit) – Reiterate Vol 2 (Reiterate)
Reminder Part 2 A1 – SW (Sued)
Signals On The Double – Retape (030303 Records)
Purple Edge – Helmet (Guilty)
Les Ombres – Cold Colors (Lux Records)
Elastic Passion – Punknown (Land Of Dance)
Sunshower (Legowelt Remix) РNaomi Shimada (Cr̬me Org)
Peace For Thought – Russ Gabriel (Ferox)
Subsync – RV800 (Formula)
Merge – Trevor Deep Jnr (Nsyde)
Totally Tangerine – DJ Fett Burger & Luca Lozano (Sex Tags UFO)
Kevin’s Spacey (Virginia remix) – Blackhall & Bookless (Jaunt)