Sunday, September 23, 2007

Marcel Marceau R.I.P.

Here's the man I named my most recent son after. I can't remember exactly what for, but he did some adverts n British TV once. Anyone remember? Check out the film he made 'Shanks.' Apart from being named after the father of modern Liverpool FC, it's such a warped film. Frankensteinian overtones and Hell's Angels. Bonkers!

More Tuneage

Here are four more of the best. Well I have to confess that the stuff I'm really looking forward to posting is inaccessible at the moment because we're moving house next weekend and loads of stuff is in boxes. Some very interesting news I heard this week was that Russ Gabriel is reviving his Ferox label soon. I've got loads of excellent stuff on Ferox, a lot of which will be posted once I'm comfortable in my new surroundings.

Substance Abuse - Audio Soul Project (Gourmet):

One of Mazi's best. I've always found him to be over-prolific, but this one delivers. It's a head messer.

LSD - DJ HMC (Juice Records):

The pick of a double 12" straight outta Oz. From the 'Southern Cross' ep, DJ HMC was one of the first to get down with his bad self down under. A deceptively simple groove with a spoken word sample is all this bad boy needs to keep you going

Ravers Suck Our Sound (Carl Craig remix) - La Funk Mob (Mo' Wax):

A double 10" from the aesthetically inclined Mo' Wax called 'Casse Les Frontieres, Fou Les Tetes En L'Air.' This package comes with remixes from Hawtin and Nightmares On Wax, but it's the Carl Craig mix that stands out for me.

Orbit 1 - Second Hand Satellites (Hallucination):

Classic tech trance (whatever that means) that reaches the parts other tunes can't. Crossed over multiple genres and still a monster today. From the DJ Three stable.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Last Ever Internet-Only Show PlaylistHere's tonight's last ever internet-only show playlist:

Here's tonight's last ever internet-only show playlist:

The Soul is Back - Soul Designer (3rd Ear)
Faces feat. Vicenzo - Pan-Pot (Mobilee)
Pleaseasy (Exzsenaration mix) - Szenario (Leftroom)
Funkworm - Stimming (Diynamic)

Elementary Lover (DJ Koze remix) - Matthew Dear (Ghostly International)
Take It Back - Skat (STHMLaudio)
Till We Meet Again (C2 remix) - Inner City (Planet E)
The Trail - Eve White (Content Is Missing)
Coming For You - Dirt Crew (Dirt Crew Recordings)

Deine Schuhe - Daso (Spectral Sound)

Cosmic Force (Soul Minority remix) - Andy Cato (Pack Up And Dance)

Lynn - Halland (Num Ltd)
Techno Vocals - Marc Houle (Minus)
Lumea Viseaza (Rhadoo remix) - Unn'cn Alexandra (CDR)
Pagans - Skatebard (Super Soul)

Magic morning - Ludovic Vendi (Minisketch)
Can't Stand (Dan Bell edit) - Cabanne (7th City Classics)
Bob n' Marie (Mossa remix) - Joe Ellis (Floppy Funk)
Azure (Samuel L Sessions remix) - Slam (Soma)

And here's the competition question.

Step right up. I'm giving away a couple of copies of the new Dirt Crew cd 'Raw'. This is a double cd with one cd being original tracks, the other being remixes for various artists.

Q: What are the names of the two members of Dirt Crew?

Answers marked 'Dirt Crew Comp' to or Please leave contact details. If you want you can leave entries as a comment on this blog. If you do this, leave your email address too.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Three Year Anniversary Schedule

This week it's my last internet-only show, and my third anniversary, more or less.So as a warm-up for the FM age I'll be playing new music on Num, Sthmlaudio and Minimood, (reviews below) as well as featuring new music by Pan-Pot, Cabanne, Fabrice Lig and Andomat 3000. There'll also be a competition to win a couple of copies of the upcoming Dirt Crew cd 'Raw'. And much more of course.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Upcoming Fabric Offerings

After all the furore about Ricardo's cd has died down, you should get your ears around James Murphy and Pat Mahoney's effort. Certainly the best Fabric Live cd I've heard.

01. Peter Gordon and Love Of Life Orchestra – Beginning of The Heartbreak – Lust/Unlust
02. Baby Oliver – Primetime (Uptown Express) – Environ
03. Donald Byrd and 125th St, NYC – Love Has Come Around – Elektra
04. Instant Funk – I Got My Mind Made Up – Salsoul
05 Chic – I Feel Your Love Comin’ On – Atlantic
06. Was (Not Was) – Tell Me That I’m Dreaming – ZE
07. GQ – Lies GQ
08. Mudd – Adventures In Bickett Wood (Layne’s Head Stash Re-roll) – Rong
09. Elektrik Dred – Butter Up (Gimme Some Bread) – Sounds Of Florida
10. Lenny Williams – You Got Me Running - Geffen
11. Daniel Wang – Like Some Dream (I Can’t Stop Dreaming) – Daniel Wang
12. Gichy Dan – Cowboys and Gangsters – ZE
13. Still Going – Still Going Theme – DFA
14. City Of Women – Tablakone – Sähkö
15. Babytalk – Keep On Move – Stickydisc
16. Love Committee – Just As Long As I’ve Got You – Salsoul
17. Mouzon’s Electric Band – Everybody Get Down – Mouzon
18. Punkin’ Machine – I Need You Tonight – JC Records
19. LCD Soundsystem – Hippie Priest Bum-out – DFA/EMI
20. Junior Bryon – Dance To The Music (Dub) – Vanguard
21. JT – I Love Music – Vanguard
22. Jackson Jones – I Feel Good Put Your Pants On – Jackson Jones
23. NYC Peech Boys – Life Is Something Special – Island Def Jam
24. Peter Gordon and Love Of Life Orchestra – Don’t Don’t - Lust/Unlust

What promises to be potentially the best Fabric of the year though, is Steve Bug's November installment. After his Fuse cd (link to RA review on the right) I'm really looking forward to hearing this one. Nice renaissance-era cover. Reminds me of a scene from a dodgy Vincent Price film. Don't ask. Here's the tracklisting.

01. Sunshine Jones – Anywhere You Are – Nite Grooves
02. DJ Swap – Consequence - Smallville
03. Peace Division – In The Wall (It’s Voodoo) – Crosstown Rebels
04. Tom Pooks – Trouble (D’julz Remix) - Ovum
05. Afrilounge – Lux Dementia – Connaisseur Recordings
06. Ben Westbeech – Hang Around (Wahoo Main Mix) - Brownswood
07. Gene Hunt – Inspire (Abicah Soul Remix) – Moods and Grooves Records
08. Anja Schneider – Belize - Mobilee
09. Rework – Love Love Love Yeah (Chloe Remix) - Playhouse
10. Mikael Stavöstrand – Can You See Thru My Eyes - Spectral
11. Adultnapper – Juror No. 9 - Audiomatique
12. Lee Curtis – Over The Influence – Dumb-Unit
13. Steve Rachmad – Flow “Westpoint” - Sino
14. Mogdax – Kubik - Mezzotinto
15. Brendon Moeller – Saviour – Third Ear Recordings
16. Ryo Murakami – My Soul - Dessous
17. Matthias Tanzmann – Keep On – Moon Harbour
18. Phonique – Worked It Out feat. Ian Whitelaw and Meitz (Charles Webster’s First Remix) - Dessous
19. Echologist – Faith N.Y. - Mule
20. Ryo Murakami – Monument - Dessous
21. Rejected – Lost - Rejected
22. Gui.tar – Red Doggy – Punkt

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Few Reviews

I had some good gear shoved my way from Teclectic this week.

Title: Era Bulgaris
Artist: Lad & Dave The Hustler
Label: Num
Cat Number: Num19
Genre: Space Techno

A: Era Bulgaris (original mix)
B: Era Bulgaris (Quenum remix)

This is a solid example of the type of stuff we've come to expect from Lee van Dowski's label. With a slight difference though. The original mix uses a choir to underpin wiry, elastic beats that cascade throughout the track changing about three quarters through to a more urgent, highly-strung synth. There's a strong percussive element running along this tune's lateral line steering it on a steady course through choppy conditions.

Quenum's remix keeps the choir and the dramatic opening but stretches things out a little more making use of a clap and vocal snippet that flickers over the top along with a sinister hum that peaks after about three minutes. The choral contribution soon outstays it's welcome to give way to a bottom-heavy shuffle, only to sporadically return.

Both mixes will, I'm sure, work wonders on more discerning floors and will provide a dose of syncopation when needed. I prefer the original, but only because I would have preferred the vocal to be more understated.

Title: Green Chocolate EP
Artist: Fusiphorm
Label: Minimood Records
Cat Number: Minimood 001
Genre: Warped

A: Green Chocolate
B1: Mister Blue
B2: Green Chocolate (Koljah's Exploding Cake remix)

'Green Chocolate' sounds like Gizmo the gremlin being hit over the head repeatedly with a brick. There's a metronomic timing also at work here that keeps the track bubbling along at an even pace. It's absolutely bonkers though. Seriously, were did Fusiphorm get the idea to make this stuff? Like it's name suggests, 'Green Chocolate' exists in a universe of its own making. One that's totally stark raving mad.

Moodier and slightly more sinister is 'Mister Blue' with it's digitally-enhanced melody based on traditional organic sounds. Does this sound like gibberish? As well it may but when trying to describe music like this there's a stream of conciousness at work that's hard to define. This is funk to make you dance when you're buried up to your waist in mud.

Koljah's take on the title track is the most unavoidably dancefloor friendly of the three on offer here. It's a serious monster of a track that whirrs and buzzes at all the right moments to create mayhem just when it's needed. Breakdowns don't normally do that much for me but they do here.

Title: Soulfull EP
Artist: Skat
Label: Sthlmaudio Recordings
Cat Number: SAEP013
Genre: House

A: Yo Boy
B1: Uptight
B2: Take It Back

'Yo Boy' uses a, what to call it? hip-hop vocal, which isn't as bad as it sounds but could be better. It's thankfully accompanied by a dubby synth wash and wonky string section that, combined with an urgent, driving kick builds to an off-kilter crescendo. It's good, but there's a cliched element to the vocal that I'm not comfortable with.

'Uptight' jacks along gently but again has a vocal which isn't really my cup of tea. It's not overstated at all, and fits in with the general scheme of things but I can't help feeling that the track isn't benefiting that much from it.

'Take It Back' uses vocal samples that urge you to 'take it back.' Obvious I suppose. This tune falls midway between the other two in my opinion. A jacking groove again pounds away at a slightly higher tempo than 'Uptight' but lacks the bite of 'Yo Boy.'

All three tracks are solid, and it's unusual to have a collection with so much vocal action underpinned by such strident funk. Even though I'm not always enamoured of the voices in question, it's still a very promising package from Skat.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Mixed Bag

It's getting to be a bit of a regular thing, uploading mp3s on a Sunday. Anyway, here's four more from the vaults.

Kinda Kickin' - DJ Boom (Phonography)

A collaboration between Charles Webster and Matthew Herbert in 1999. One-sider of timeless jacking minimal house. It was also released with Ark and I:Cube remixes. I saw Richie Hawtin picking up a copy of this in Atlas Records Soho. Really. In his bald speccy phase. Seemed like a nice boy.

I Wish That - Ultraviolet (Big Life)

Rave-tastic new-age hippy business from 1991. Bittersweet vocals accompany an anthemic big-room sound. Hands in the air everybody.

Treaty (Peace Division remix) - Yothu Yindi (Mushroom)

Defines the genre "tribal" (if it exists). Peace Division remix aborigines to devastating effect.

Ulysses (Harvey's Crowd Control remix) - Extended Family (Auto)

Percussive workout with top-notch bonkers vocodered action. What's he saying? I've got no idea and I don't care. This would stretch to infinity given half a chance and, as such, is surprising that it hasn't been belted out by Villalobos recently. Maybe it has. Answers in comments please.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Stomach Bug Mix

Off work with a dodgy stomach so I thought I'd do a mix.

Download by clicking on the title.

The Stomach Bug Mix:

Love, Love, Love, Yeah (Chloe remix) - Rework (Playhouse)
Lovers (Roy Davies Jnr & DJ Skull remix) - Modal (Sounds)
Tell 'Em In The City (Prosumer remix) - Dash Dude (Morris Audio City Sport)
Boushik Boujor - Ultrakurt (Minibar)
Dubweiser (Chaton Dubweis mix) - Alessandro Crimi (STHMLAudio)
She's The Limit - Phage (Upon You)
A Tribute To Kulfor - Catz 'N Dogz (Leena)
Klugh (Main mix) - David Alvarado (Ovum)
On The Brink - Matt O' Brien (Off-Key Industries)
Horizontal - Dinky (Horizontal)
Touzuv - Remute (Einmaleins)
Psychology Of A Tone - Heinrichs & Hertenfeller (Highgrade)
Codebreaker - UR (UR)The

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Machines Playlist 8/9/07 & More Goodies.

Here's the playlist for last nights show:

Dubweiser - Alessandro Crimi (STHMLAudio)
Space Warrior - Smith n' Hack (Smith n' Hack)
Stop - Mathew Jonson (Wagon Repair)
Logo - Duoteque (Boxer)
Sharp Shooting On Saturn - The Black Dog (Soma)
Run - D5 (Delsin)
Meine - Daso (Spectral Sound)
Zeitgeist - Raudive (Poker Flat)
Hot Fork Buffet - Mark Henning (Einmaliens)
Who Do You Love sung by Yakayo Akiyama & Warabe Tatekoji from "Midnight Karaoke" (Republic of Desire)
Glass Computer (Masaya dub) - Lucy (Perspectiv)
Sensation - Burnski (20/20 Vision)
Spinner - Simon Baker (Infant)
Lady Judy - Matt Styles & Jamie Jones (BPitch)
Don & Sherry (M.A.N.D.Y. remix) - Matthew Dear (Ghostly International)
Turn Tricks On The Side - Kasper (Items & Things)
Everythings In It's Wrong Place - ? (Infamous Upstarts)

So that's my penultimate internet-only show out of the way. The last one is on the 22/9, then it's full steam ahead to the big day, 6/10, when I'm on FM. The station goes on FM on the 1/10.

Loads of nice people are sending me loads of stuff. Soma have recently let me have Andy Weatherall's "Sci-Fi Lo -Fi Vol. 1" the release of which is a bold move by them as it's as far removed from electronica as you could wish it to be. Andy programmes some of the tracks that have influenced his recent Two Lone Swordsmen output. I like it, but that's because I like music full stop and it reminds me of the compilation cassettes that the NME used to put out around twenty years ago. It'll be interesting to see how much it sells. Watch out for new stuff from the Black Dog as well. Their classic GPR album "The Temple of Transparent Balls" is slated for 22/10/07, alas, without the original artwork (pictured above). Again, Soma wears it's heart squarely on it's sleeve. "Sharp Shooting On Saturn" from the album, and one of four tracks on upcoming sampler "The Cost" was featured on last night's show.

Untitled 1 aka Cold World from "The Collective EP" - DJ Foxx (Casa Del Soul)

Loved this when it came out, and still do. From the much overlooked Casa Del Soul label run out of Denver by DJ Sense. Peace Division did a remix a few releases later, but I prefer the original. I remember hearing Terry Francis play this a few weeks into his Fabric residency. Deep, dubby, tribal business with more than a hint of Danny Tenaglia. Luvverly.

Dem Young Sconies - Moodymann (Planet E)

Moodyman on one of his most electronic abstract excursions to date. A foretaste of his Planet E album "Silent Introduction." A niggling repetitive beat occasionally underpinned by another niggling repetitive beat slowly but surely drives this into your brain like a parasitic worm.

Hypnodelic from the "FK EP" - Francois Kevorkian (Wave Music)

All the tracks on this EP are superb, but I wanted to post something with a vocal in it, so "Hypnodelic" got the vote.

Twisted Horns - Dano & Joeski aka The Twisted Pair (Red Melon)

Briliant, dense, emotive, dubby, etc . . . great marriage of brass and class A sensibilities. This one's got "rush" written all over it. Has a distinctive west coast jazzy vibe too, not just in the horns but the guitar chords too. Like a psychedelic Wes Montgomery.

Oh, and before I forget (like last time) here's the competition question.

I've got two copies of Midnight Mike's new "Nouvelle Vague on mogadon" cd "Midnight Karaoke" to give away. The question to win one of these is as follows.

Midnight Mike covers "United" on his new cd. Who are the original artists behind this track?

Leave a comment with full contact details, or email me at, or, and mark your email "Midnight Karaoke." Good luck.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Machines Are Funky: 8/9/07

I'm getting hold of so much new music at the moment it's difficult to choose what to play. I'll start by some new dubby techno from Switzerland on STHMLAudio and Perspectiv. There'll be some grooviness from Simon Baker as well as Mathew Jonson and Smith n' Hack. Oh, and a competition to win a couple of copies of Midnight Mike's new cd "Midnight Karaoke" which is a sort of twisted take on Nouvelle Vague.

Shitloads more of course.

Click on the 209 Radio link to listen live from 7-9pm ce soir. Full tracklisting tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

M.A.N.D.Y. & Louderbach

Read my RA reviews of M.A.N.D.Y.s '12 Great Remixes for 12 Great Artists' and Louderbach's 'Enemy Love Remix EP part 2' here and here.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Indian Summer MP3s

It's been a long time, so I suppose I should make something of a statement of intent. Here are the first of many more high-quality (I hope) mp3s from my personal vinyl archives.

Wake Up (Theme) (Stretch Silvester and Mike Monday remix) - Paradise Soul (Kinky Vinyl)

Excellent neo-Detroit stylings on an appealing slab of red vinyl. Harmonises effortlessly with your dancer's sixth sense and is predictable in the best way. Great end of night track.

The Phantom (It's In There) (original full-length version) - Renegade Soundwave (Mute)

Rave classic from '89. Your collection's not complete without it. Great cover art.

Atomfunk - Trankilou (KIF)

An ever-present on Parisian dancefloors when it was released, which coincided with when I was living there, maybe the happiest period of my life. Pepe Braddock more or less bursts on the scene with a classic slab of French filtered funk. One of six tracks from the "Escalope de Dingue" EP. Great cover art . . .again.

Pop Culture (Size 9 Live mix) - DJ Dozia (Ovum)

Josh Wink on form to remix fellow Ovum artist Dozia. I remember buying this from the now sadly defunct IQ Records on Lexington Street around ten years ago. I'm sure this will make a reappearance in certain bags sometime soon.