Thursday, August 24, 2017

I'm Not One Of Those DJs Who . . . Part The Sixth

Going on holiday is an essential part of one’s annual routine, but a complete break with normality can only be achieved by living without any sonic contact. So, even though I tried to keep pace with news and interesting articles, I remained mostly in the dark,. So much so that I missed out on two new Acting Press releases, two months after the PLO Man one. This unheard of spike in activity means that I won’t be able to cash my vinyl chips in to Discogs in the not too distant future, but I’ve already noticed that a lot of people are, which is nice. The truth is that the Accelera release is really good, and I would like it, while the Money Morning one isn’t, so it can do one. Having said that, and as mentioned in previous posts, vinyl buying is at an all-time low anyway. I have to sell before buying in an adaptation of many cash-strapped football teams’ transfer policies.

Cut to now, a few days after having penned the previous paragraph, and I’ve managed to track down a face value copy of ‘Surplus’ on Discogs, of all places. It should arrive tomorrow.