Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Electronic Directory

Electronic Directory is a Japanese blog run by the very nice Mr Kazuumi Ishii. He was kind enough to publish my last playlist which featured a track by Japanese techno whizzkid Itokim on the wonderful Logos label. Thanks Kazuumi.

Here's a link

Oh, normal blogging will be resumed within the next two weeks. The lack of posts, except for playlists and the odd mix or two since the beginning of August, is really due to me needing a break, as well as being on holiday. 209 Radio is also under financial strain, so my show, as well as everyone else's, is under threat. We have just been granted permission to advertise by Ofcom, so there is life at the end of the tunnel

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Machines Are Funky Playlist: 20/9/08

Here's tonight's playlist. A good show even if I do say so myself.

Detroit (C2 remix 1) - Morgan Geist (Environ)
L' Aurora (Russ Gabriel remix) - Alex Niggeman & Marc Poppke (Moonpool)
Nesrib - Sis (Cecille)
A1 La Pena Vol 1
Book Duty - Goldwill (Musik Geewint Freunde)
Run and Hide (Guido Schneider remix) - Dimitri Andreas (Systematic)
Hello Kool Nice - Jagged (Quintessentials)
Whirrfless - Alex Smoke (Vakant)
Jacopo Carreras - Jacopo Carreras (LAN)
Sancy Cat - Clara Moto (Infine)
The Thoroughfare - Craig Torrance & Philip Hochstrate (Murmur)
Fertile - Burnski (Dessous)
SF - Catz & Dogz (Mothership)
All We Need - STL (Something)
Snake Charmer - Minilogue (Cocoon)
Come Closer - Itokim (Logos)
Chad Leddow - Ralph Sliwinski (Safari Electronique)
4-Bit Logic - The Plan (The Plan)

The photo is in honour of the tit who threw up right next to me on the bus home. What a twat.

Machines Are Funky: 20/9/08

After the sonic stew that was the last show it's back to basics with some choice cuts. Russ Gabriel will be featured somewhere along the way. He's made a recent comeback and lost nowt of his skillz during his hiatus. New grooves by Jacopo Carreras, Catz & Dogz, Minilogue and Morgan Geist remixed by Carl Craig. Tons of other stuff too.

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Machines Are Funky: 105FM in Cambridge

209radio.co.uk globally

7-9pm BST

Remember you can click on the link at the side for more info.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gindofask - Octogen (Soma)

Time has caught me unawares and I completely forgot about this. I should have posted it when I got back from my holidays but laziness and events, Pete's wedding last weekend, conspired against me in a whirlwind of stunning inefficiency. Anyway, better late than never. This little beauty has been out for almost a month now. Congratulations if you get anything from this piece of cosmic gibberish.

Terrible isn't it? I've practically forgotten about this blog. I was up at Pete's wedding last weekend, and it's been a c

Title: Gindofask
Artist: Octogen
Label: Soma
Genre: Sparkling Synthetic Tech Funk

The follow up to "Twofiveonine" was always going to be much scrutinised and difficult to judge in isolation and if I'm really honest, and I am, I find the meat and potatoes of "Gindofask every bit as engaging, if not moreso, as its predecessor. It does feel more like a sideways move than a foreward one though but it's a very positive parallel development by which Mario Berardi reveals another facet or two of his character.

I'm not going through all of the tracks because I think what I've got to say about those that follow will cover those which are absent. This is an impressionistic review that will hopefully leave the listener to fill in the blanks.

"Square Bells" & "Sphyxomite" this collections appeal is in its total embrace of the synthetic. Something ememplified in the opening "Please Intro Password" which is an exercise in deadpan kitsch. "Cyber Technological Flying Machine" is coldweather north European. "The Journeyman" . . .melancholic bittersweet bleeps in the void. "Ploughs And Clouds" is straight-up Detroit and rivals the motor city in evocative intensity. "The Emperor's Apprentice Pt 1"? R2 D2 is all I have to say. For "Saturn Sun" read "Ploughs & Clouds" with imrov. Space jazz with lovely electronic flourishes. "The Emperor's Apprentice Pt 2" is all hydraulic jacking and crisp bass and crackling relics of radio contact.

A complementary collection of shimmering machine funk to "Twofiveonine." The aural equivalent of a geode.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Tonight's Playlist

Tonight's show marked four years in the Machines Are Funky hot seat so, in the voice of Davros, here's tonights playlist plus competition details.

Stop The Message (Widescreen Edit) - Shatnereffekt One (Handsette)
Critical (Fabrice Lig remix) - Rob Mello (Classic Digital)
In Ya Head (feat MIA) - A Guy Called Gerald (Perlon)
Good God - Trus'me (Prime Numbers)
Love On The Line (Art Of Tones Photon dub) - Crazy P (20/20 Vision)
Una Pena (Argy remix) - Stimming (Diynamic)
Trackwerk 001
Sweep Dreams - Shed (Ostgut Ton)
The Journeyman (Orlando Voorn remix) - Octogen (Soma)

Fourth Anniversary Mix:

Dead Arm (Will Saul &Tam Cooper remix) - Warbgasm (Hypercolour)
Fukhouse - Lazar (STHMLAudio)
Maison Noir - Christian Burkhardt (Oslo)
Bubby Dubby (Russ Gabriel remix) - DJ Grobas (DPress Industries)
Disorder - Pawas (Fear of Flying)
Too Late To Land - Andre Galluzzi & Guido Schneider (Cocoon)
Laugh Lines - Gruber & Nuernberg (8-Bit)
Sao Paulo Lights (Anthony Collins remix) - Marco Ressmann (Upon You)
Perclue - Mathias Kaden (GS Zurich)
Colici - Miss Fitz (Raum)
La Bal Masque (Catz & Dogz remix) - Handycraft (Boxer)
Friday - Nick Curly (Supernature)
The More you Look The Less You'll See - Omar S (FXHE)

Download the mix here.

So onto the competition. Those good people at Soma have sent me three copies of Octogen's "Gindofask" cd. To win one, please answer the following simple question.

Octogen, aka Marco Bernardi, has released records on which seminal Rotterdam - based techno/electro label?

Answers please to corey.paul@209radio.co.uk with all relevant contact details, or leave a comment on this blog. If you do this don't forget to leave your email address. Oh and mark any emails "Octogen Comp." Good luck!

Machines Are Funky Fourth Anniversary

This weeks show will be a fourth anniversary special. I'll be mixing up a strom for the second hour as it's been a while since I got behind the ones and twos properly on air. There'll be new music on sundry achingly hip labels, like Hypercolour, Fear of Flying, and Oslo. Ill also have a few copies of Octogen's new cd "Gindofask" on Soma to give away. The last four years have been very enjoyable, here's to the next four.

Machines Are Funky: 105FM in Cambridge, UK,

209radio.co.uk globally

7-9 pm BST

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