Wednesday, April 25, 2018

.elliot.project.006 - Frazer Campbell (elliot.project)

Title: .elliot.project.006
Artist: Frazer Campbell 
Label: elliot.project
Cat Number: .elliot.project.006
Genre: Deep House

A1 Dream
A2 Cant Handle This
B1 Raising Snakes
B2 Raising Snakes (John Osborn Drop The Sugar Remix)
C1 Exhale
C2 Don’t Ignore Me
D1 Cooper
D2 Final Good Bye

Whether this qualifies as an album I’m not sure. For me at least it doesn’t feel like one, and there’s a remix on it. I come not to bury though, but to praise, because this is a release that doesn’t try too hard and gets it right in every respect. Of course that will very much depend on a liking for momentum building deep house with irresistible grooves and the occasional use of disembodied voices to disorientate the hopefully hopped up dancer or listener. There are a variety of levels to filter one’s consciousness through, and all of the tracks are utilitarian, while being multi-faceted. The tempo is controlled and groovy until ‘Cooper’, which descends into a beat less sunrise ambience and in spite of its simplicity is one of the most affecting tracks on this release. ‘Final Goodbye’ continues the good work while picking up the pace a smidgen. Every preceding composition hits one sort of spot or another with an accurate pebble dashing of llengthened, layered bliss which occasionally borders on the trance – like, while retaining an intricacy that can be mesmerizing.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Brainfog - Steven Rutter (Firescope)

Title: Brainfog
Artist: Steven Rutter
Label: Firescope
Cat Number: FS012
Genre: Ambient/Techno

A1: Sleep Gives Freedom
A2: Statuesque
A3: Memories Of You
B1: Cracked Reality
B2: Degenerator
B3: Oracle Unleashed
C1: Squad Free Force
C2: First Degree Anguish
C3: Infinity Engine
D1: Binary Breakdown
D2: Takedown
D3: Hand In Hand

All albums are personal, but maybe this first solo effort from B12’s Steven Ruter is more heartfelt than most. Rutter’s ongoing battle with depression shapes both his life and his artistic output, some of the track titles on this release are proof of this so, I suppose an obvious question to ask may be how is his condition portrayed through his music? I imagine It’s difficult for anyone to say. However, what is clear is that it’s no bed of roses, but there are glimmers of light within the darkness. The pace of the collection picks up a little towards the end, with ‘Infinity Engine’ taking the tempo above second gear. Nevertheless, the dominant feel is intricately structured, introspective and reflective, with the deployed soundscapes maintaining a dignified distance between mind and matter.