Thursday, December 31, 2015

December Chart

Orbiting Souls – B12 (Delsin)

Industry Steal Vol. 2 – Jean Nipon/The Magendie High School (L.I.E.S.)

A New Planet – Delta Funktionen (Shipwreck)

Panspermia – Agonis (Amenthia Recordings)

SE15 Tales – Nick Araguay (Peur Bleu)

A Bender Story – Llewellyn (Kann)

Interphase Issues – S Moreira/Saverio Celestri (Slow Life)

Equiq EP – XDB (Ferox)

You Exist – DMX Crew (Hypercolour)

Versions – Creta Kano (Happy Skull)

Just made it. Happy New Year everybody!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

RE WORK - Ka One & St-Sene (Flyance Records)

Title: RE. WORK
Artist: KA One & St Sene
Label: Flyance
Cat Number: FLY RW01
Genre: House/Techno

A1: FK                (French Kiss – Lil’ Louis)
A2: CYFI           (Can You Feel It – Mr Fingers)
B1: R2A             (Return to Acid – Kerri Chandler)
B2: AE               (Acid Eiffel – Choice)

After I interviewed KA One & St Sene recently, I was intrigued to hear what they had coming out next, so here it is. A quartet of edits which sound familiar enough to ensure recognition, but have enough of a twist to elicit ecstatic astonishment. It’s a nice idea, as would be any which brings these classics to a wider audience without compromise. What’s also wonderful is that the listener is simultaneously brought into the realm of the artists in question, the four tracks each sounding like they could have come from any of their previous releases; thus ensuring the chicken and egg conundrum disappears up its own arse.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Resolute EP - Monoak (Freerotation Records)

Title: Resolute EP

Artist: Monoak
Label: Freerotation Records
Cat Number: FR02
Genre: Techno

01: Resolute
02: When
03: Amay
04: Sync Sequence 1

The closest I’ve come to witnessing Freerotation is, like the majority, through recorded sets put up on Soundcloud. Whether the label’s second release is also indicative of an implicit general vibe is a moot point, but I can’t fault its originality. There’s an omnipresent crepuscular ambience present in each track and, although the first three make use of a regular, dampened beat, the sounds and textures arranged around this backbone are fragile and ephemeral. ‘Sync Sequence’, however, loses momentum but flops around beautifully. An interesting EP, full of evocative noise, where rhythm and gossamer meet to create something very interesting.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Artists & Their Day Jobs

Following on from Terrence Dixon's ill-conceived comments on Facebook this morning, I thought I'd post this video. It's also given me the idea for a feature or two.

(The original comments have been removed from Facebook, so I've linked to RA feedback).

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Communications System - DJ Stingray (Barba Records)

Title: Communications System EP
Artist: DJ Stingray
Label: Barba Records
Cat Number: BAR005
Genre: Techno/Electro

1: Communications System
2: Lurker
3: IP Ping
4: Communications System (Aubrey Remix)

Sounds like these don’t come around too often so need to be respected and treated like the otherworldly entities they are. Here DJ Stingray carries the torch once more for post-Drexciyan electro revisionism and does so with such eloquence that he may have invented his own sub-genre in the process. The title track is my personal pick, having more layers than a silk kimono and containing just as much mystery. Both ‘Lurker’ and ‘IP Ping’ feel a little starker due to resolute beats, but unfurl in their own sweet way to more than fill any void. Aubrey’s remix feels patchy, and the result of an incomplete fusion of two different tracks that doesn’t quite come off. It might be a grower though.