Monday, October 24, 2016

Shinjuku One Night Stand - S.O.N.S. (S.O.N.S.)

Title: Shinjuku One Night Stand
Artist: S.O.N.S.
Label: S.O.N.S.
Cat Number: SO-02JP-NS
Genre: Techno

A1:Landing On The Unknown
A2: Acid Dreams (Trance Jungle Mix)
B: Sunrise
C: Hurricane (Mortal Kombat Mix)
D1: Yamanote Underground Beach
D2: City Of Fear

Firstly, I don’t have this record. I don’t know how many were pressed, but they had sold out everywhere faster than Kraftwerk tickets. Yet another strategic, small-scale release designed to encourage ridiculous bidding wars and ott transactions on Discogs? I don’t know. Fact is, if I was head of a label I’d probably do the same thing in these turbulent economic times. Right now, prices range from what you can see after you’ve clicked this link. As far as the music is concerned, there’s a good range across the two slabs; the analogue warmth is conspicuous, and the sound is layered thicker than Rupaul’s make up. To call it techno is obvious, but it’s a little bit more and encompasses a lot of what makes the genre classic, without resting on one particular sonic specification. It’s general timbre being one of self-conscious, but entirely necessary rave and Detroit classicism. Worth the hype? Yep.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hyper Logic - Oushe (UTTU)

Title: Hyper Logic
Artist: Oushe
Label: Unknown To The Unknown
Cat Number:
Genre: Electro

It’s a one tracker, and less is definitely more, however, this is densely-packed. Everything I like about electro is here; there are no surprises so it’s all down to how the obligatory, otherworldly distorted vocals work in tandem with the crisp beats and off-kilter top layers of space bass, hand claps and multiple other variables. UTTU and its smorgasbord approach has been pretty faultless recently, and this release is provides some extra icing on its burgeoning, tracky flavoured cake.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Shadow Boat EP - Porter Ricks (Tresor)

Title: Shadow Boat EP
Artist: Porter Ricks
Label: Tresor
Cat Number: TRESOR288
Genre: Techno

A1: Shadow Boat
B1: Bay Rouge
B2: Harbour Chart

It’s throwback Saturday here in Suffolk. A new Porter Ricks record is playing and it’s like the 21st Century never happened. I resisted the temptation to categorize this as dub techno mainly because it’s so far superior to almost everything that comes out under that label, the genre mainly failing to deliver during most of its history, The hyperbole is real regarding this release just as much as it is in reference to most of its peers. Anyway, this can’t be pigeonholed, and the variety and subtlety displayed across the three tracks here will stand up to most open minds.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I'm Going To See Kraftwerk

My introduction to Kraftwerk

I got even older last Friday and was extremely happy, and incredibly surprised, to be presented with a ticket to see the Kraftwerk gig at The Royal Albert Hall on the 23/6/17. This, the third of three, was tacked on to the other two last week, but as tickets didn’t go on sale until 10am on the 7/10, was always going to present something of a logistical problem. On discovering the additional soiree, I went straight to the ticket selling site only to see that I’d have to wait a few days to get them. I’d had no idea that Kraftwerk were on tour until I saw loads of happy bods posting contented, self-congratulatory messages on social media, and once my interest had been stirred, all venues across the country were already sold out.

So on Thursday I remember saying to la Wife that if she were to be next to her computer and/or phone at 10am the next day, she should try and see what happened. Honestly, unless you’re tied to a desk the whole day, or ill, or on holiday, how are you expected to sort this. I would be in class, so it would be impossible for me. In any case I remembered to go online at 10:45, during my break which, of course, was too late. That evening I went home, asked Emmanuelle if she’d had any luck, and forgot about the whole thing very quickly.

Cut to Friday night and I’m scoffing canard a l’orange, quaffing a nice Fleuri and steeling myself for cards from the kids. These are not real cards. Rather sheets of A4 folded in half with random drawings on them and slightly less random messages inside; they are cut-ups taken to a whole new level. The illustrations run from robots chasing eels to sharks riding elephants blasting the shit out of each other with ray guns. One of these heart felt missives felt a bit thicker than normal so I dipped in thinking it would be a non index-linked fiver; just enough to buy some ice cream with. I WAS WRONG!


(Credit for the photo of the Sounds front page must go to the excellent site run by DJ Food)

(Credit for these goes to La Wife. Merci et bizouxxx)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Windmill Lane EP - Dave Hargadon (Signal Code)

Title: Windmill Lane EP
Artist: Dave Hargadon
Label: Signal Code
Cat Number: SIG010
Genre: Deep House

A1 Back at the Lane
A2 Double Dutch 
B1 Fragmented
B2 Nofreero

There’s an evolving feeling that deep house is a sterile medium whose aptitude for evocation is becoming outweighed by its lack of edge. It’s true that it does seem to be the genre that won’t grow up; its lack of sonic evolution being put down to a constant meandering around the dreamier edges of techno and the outskirts of any galaxy. This EP by Dave Hargadon ticks all these boxes, so it’s just as well that I don’t give a shit about the constrictions placed on genres and appreciate stuff like this for what it is. Very accomplished and satisfying.