Sunday, November 15, 2015

It's A Set Up


DOPPLEREFFEKT / LIVE AT 1O1 / FEB 2012 from Fabien Cimetiere on Vimeo.

Thee Kaleidoscopic Rebellion: 14/11/15

Vapeurs D’Equateur – Syracuse (Antinote)
The Idiot track – Morgan Geist (Environ)
Images РSimoncino (Cr̬me Org.)
Disco 12” (Unreleased Mix) – Vinalog (Relative)
Scene 1 – Kai Alce (Finale Select)
Pillars Of Creation – Luke Hess (Echocord Colour)
Escape – Arapu (Liniar)
Equilibrium ll – Ben Buitendijk (Eshu)
Floral (Nude Mix) – Mio Mio (Proibito)
Wild Life – Anthony Parasole (Deconstruct)
We Let Go – Tom Dicicco (Off Minor)
Luna 1959 – Anomaly (Soul People Music)
Bring On The Dancing Clowns - Marco Bernardi (Berceuse Heroique)
Apollo 3 – Ike Release (Episodes)
Lake Of X – Antenna (Clone Royal Oak)
Mesiland – Ajukaja & Andrevski (Levels)


Sunday, November 08, 2015

November Chart

Wild Life – Anthony Parasole (Deconstruct)

 When Monkeys Attack – Greg Beato (Apron)

Megaprojects One – Morgan Geist (Environ)

Gun Fingers EP – Luca Lozano (Hypercolour)

Cherry – Baba Stiltz (Unknown To The Unknown)

Reminder Part Three – SW (Sued)

Adventures In Deep Space EP – Luke Hess (Echocord Colour)

Wise Man’s Decision EP – Pascal Viscardi (Traxx Underground)

Limb Valley EP – Al Zanders (Blind Jack’s Journey)

Remixed – Horror Inc (Perlon)