Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Interstellar Fugitives at The Warehouse Project

UR, Jeff Mills and Francois Kevorkian played The Warehouse Project on the 19/10. Here's a short review that one of my chemically-enhanced operatives wrote for the blog. He also sent me some quite disturbing photographs, but I'm having trouble getting them off my phone. Cheers Pete.

After the disappointment of last years Warehouse Project, because of the deficiencies of the sound system in such a large venue as Boddington's Brewery, this years Detroit themed night was eagerly awaited. With both Jeff Mills and Mike Banks on the same bill the night was promoted by the team at the Warehouse Project as something of a unique event, as well as allegedly being the last time that any of the UR personnel would go out under the name of " Interstellar Fugitives ".
This year the venue is an underground car park adjacent to Piccadilly station. The venue is smaller, with a much lower ceiling. The sound system is excellent with speakers all the way to the back and around both sides. The only problem is the inadequate number of toilets. At least twice as many are required, in my opinion.
Francois Kevorkian was about 20 mins into his set when I arrived and warming things up very nicely with a pretty eclectic set of techno, electro and some old school house thrown in for good measure.
After Kevorkian, Interstellar Fugitives took the stage dressed in black combat gear complete with bandannas and ski masks. Highlights of the set were " Final Frontier ",
" Moor Horsemen on Belarus Five ", " Crackzilla " and the new single " Kill Your Radio Station ". It was an energetic performance that was generally well received although a few people I spoke to complained about " this resistance shit " and asked me " what time is Jeff Mills on this is rubbish". For those who know for those who don't know. The lure of the big name DJ is still prevalent.
After having been introduced by UR as " the greatest DJ on the planet and the reason why we are all here " Mills appeared at 3am. He played a tightly controlled and programmed set which gradually built over two hours. In a word, quality.
Overall the Warehouse Project is much improved this year. Apart from the toilet facilities and the lack of a designated smoking area it was pretty much perfect. It is bizarre not to be able to smoke in a venue where amyl nitrate was on sale! Still a visit to Manchester is highly recommended.

And although this has been heavily blogged already, go out and buy this months Wire. resplendent with a Mad Mike interview.

Simon Flower

Read my RA review of Simon Flower's 'The Whisper Had It' here.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Todd Bodine & Goldfish und der Dulz

Read my RA reviews of Todd Bodine and Ludwig Coenen's 'Globetrotter' EP and Goldfish und der Dulz's '13 Klange here and here.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

End of the Month Necessities

Posts are becoming few and far between at the moment but at least I can always squeeze in a few essentials for those dark winter nights ahead, so here's four more of the best.

You Can Dance If You Want To (D) - Moodymann (KDJ):

Bit of a rarity this one. Released as a double 12" in a plain black sleeve, all tracks untitled and coming correct with soft porn labels (all of which I've gratuitously stuck above), this was ,as far as I know, hastily withdrawn due to it using uncleared Prince samples. This, of course, makes it highly collectable and it has apparently gone for around £200 on Ebay. The track above is the floor filler of the quartet.

I'll always remember the review in Jockey Slut when this was released. The reviewer spent almost as much time bemoaning the "sexism" of the label art as talking about the music. I wonder if I'll get the same treatment?

Asphyx - Sterac (100% Pure):

Sterac, aka Steve Rachmad, is one of my favourite producers having never let his guard down and always produced state-of-the-art high quality emotive techno heavily influenced by Detroit and, in most cases, surpassing these influences to create melodic mood music that is difficult to equal in any genre. 'Asphyx' was released back in 1995 and I remember Laurent Garnier opening a set with it at one of the infamous Soma parties in Paris (nothing to do with the Glaswegian record label). Ostentatious trance is blended with techno to great effect.

Contemplation (King Britt's Funke Mix) - Josh One (Electromatrix):

A repetitive "open up you mind" vocal amidst driving disco strings is all this one needed to become a classic. Simplicity is the key. It does what it says on the tin, etc . . . Highly effective.

Freaky (The Bar Heads Mix) - Lou 2 (Strictly Rhythm):

Louie Vega and Little Louis united to make this deadly deep house battle weapon. I'm a sucker for spoken word vocals and this is one of the best. As far as I know this was a one-off and they didn't collaborate again. Am I right? Answers in comments below if you can be arsed.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Last Nights Playlist and some Classics

Here's the playlist for last night's show:

Desertification - Matt Chester (11th Hour Recordings)
Squeeks and Kaos (Jamie Jones Pacific remix) - Active Kaos (Immigrant)

PBD - Cobblestone Jazz (Wagon Repair/K7)

Meteor Im Eis (Tadeo remix) - Tom Clarke (Highgrade)
Vacuum - Teenage Bad Girl (Citizen)
Mumbling Yeah - Kabale und Liebe feat. Daniel Sanchez (Remotearea)

Hunted - Martin Buttrich (Cocoon)
What's Up Adults? - Peter Grummich (Sthmlaudio)
Cure (Oil of Mars Vs Samim remix) - Miguel Toro (Moon Harbour)
Every Week - Miss Fitz (Freak n' Chic)
Fixation - Three Channels present Catz n' Dogz (Dirtybird)

Eclipse - Oener Ozer (Vakant)
Sacred Time - DJ3000 (Motech)
Tin Solidier - Red Robbin and Jacob Hilden (Trapez Ltd)
Innocent Robot - Animaltek (Treibstoff)
Arsid - Infant presents Burnski (20/20 Vision)
My Black Sheep (LB Dub Corp remix) - Len Faki (Figure)
Noh Ngamebo - Arto Mwambe (Brontosaurus)

The competition question is, I've got a couple of copies of Gui Boratto's new double mix cd "Addicted Vol 2" (Platipus) to give away. Here's the disgustingly easy question.

What is the name of Gui Boratto's breakthrough single, which featured a remix by Supermayer?

Answers to paulcorey1@yahoo.com, or machines@209radio.co.uk. Mark your emails "Boratto Comp" or you can leave a comment in any comment box on this blog from this post to the next playlist post. In all cases, leave full contact details, plus your email address if you leave a comment. Good luck.

Now here are some more succulent temptations.

Paper Moon - 51 Days (Touche)

All time deeper than the Mariana Trench epic from the mid nineties on the classic Touche label. All tracks on this 12 are the business, but it's this one that will go down as an all-time classic. Superb deep tech-house hybrid from the once ubiquitous Dobre and Jamez.

Purple Heart - Tan- Ru (Trelik)

Peter Ford's other label, in addition to Ilfach. Trelik was that little bit more clubbier and a little less experimental than it's sibling. "Purple Heart" was a favourite round these parts for its rolling, popping bassline. The brains behind this track is also responsible for R Rash, whose "Smoking Jakkit" was remixed by Luciano. I'll post the original soon.

Jungle Bill - Yello (Mercury)

From "Baby," an epic pumper in its own right. Remixed by Andy Weatherall. This is the original and its all good. I need to dig out a bit more Yello. Goes down a storm if correctly inserted in a set.

Version 5 - Swag (Junior Boys Own)

Same thing with Swag. Chris Duckenfield and Richard Brown were my favourite producers for a very long period, almost until they stopped making records together. Having said that, they may just be having a hiatus. In any case this was one of their first, and best. It's the one with the sirens.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pan-Pot, Szenario and Some Other Things

Read my reviews of Pan-O-Rama by Pan-Pot here and Pleaseasy by Szenario here.

And while I've got a bit of time for once, here's some feedback on some other things that have recently come my way.

Title: Another Day EP
Artist: Peter Grummich
Label: Sthmlaudio Recordings
Cat Number: SAEP014-6
Genre: Lush Techno

A1: What's Up Adults!?
B1: Another Day

'What's Up Adults!?' indeed. A deep voyage through the psyche and out the other end. A lush, undulating bass guides you along the River Styx while high-pitched bat squeaks give you the willies. This track has plenty of gravitas.

'Another Day' takes a while to get going properly and seems content to tease with a ploddingly insistent bassline that cries out for more action. There's a lovely analogue warmth throughout the holds your interest to the end and it's deliciously understated landscape

Title: Hum Hum/Roc(k)ambolesque
Artist: Digitaline/Knor
Label: Grubenstrasse Zurich
Cat Number: gs02
Genre: It's All In The Groove

A1: Hum Hum
B1: Roc (k) ambolesque

'Hum Hum' sounds like a robot choir singing individually on cue. A squidgy kick drives the track through sparse surroundings while a robotic baritone chimes intermittently with a higher-pitched complement. Various effects chime in and out, but the track is a bit too long for me. Great mixing tool though.

'Roc(k)ambolesque' is a lovely off-key flamenco tinged bouncer. A robot fart keeps things in the twenty-first century while the guitars are lushly strummed in accompaniment to a chugging beat. There's a dodgy voice coming in and out later on saying stuff like "I want you, now dance," I'm not sure if we need to be told. Great tune!

Title: New Tendencies
Artist: Davor O
Label: Home Made Electronica
Cat Number:
Genre: From The Dark Side

1 Moka Bay
2 Chiq Pearls
3 Ice Baby
4 Betray Me
5 Whales Making Love
6 Moka Bay (Juho Kahilainen Modern Pop Remix)

Six tracks on this ep and it's not for the faint-hearted. I'm reminded in parts of the Pan-Pot album I've just reviewed for RA. Davor sent me links to these tracks after having read my Louderbach review, again on RA, and thought I'd like this stuff, which I do, but it isn't too popular around the dinner table at meal times. My personal picks of the bunch are the awfully titled 'Whales Making Love' which, along with 'Moka Bay' is a little bit more uptempo than the rest of the tracks. This is generally the stuff of nightmares though.

Title: Innocent Robot & Karmic Loops
Artist: Animaltekl
Label: Treibstoff & WIR
Cat Number: TREIBSTOFF73 & WIR010
Genre: Techno For Sure

A1: Innocent Robot
B1: Night Of Tvarok

A1: Karmic Loops
B1: Da Bridge

Solid stuff from Animaltek on two seperate labels. Dancefloor fodder with a liberal sprinkling of all the necessary ingredients. 'Innocent Robot' (Treibstoff) subtly peaks and troughs by slightly adjusting the pitch, there's room for a little bit more though. 'Night of Tvarok' (Treibstoff) strolls purposely but a little too dirgeful for my liking. It gets more interesting when what sounds like a sampled soul vocal comes in and out of the mix. These will work but are quite modest.

'Karmic Loops' (WIR) goes down the same road as the Treibstoff release relying on simplicity and frequency modulation to get its message across. 'Da Bridge' starts off like classic Daft Punk and keeps the grungy feel throughout. It's the pick of the bunch along with 'Innocent Robot.'

I've also received a few bits from Hypercolour, which I like very much. I played the Matt Star remix of their forthcoming release 'Felaz' by Glimpse and Alex Jones on my first FM show. The next one is this Saturday the 20/10 and I've got some good things to play. More on Hypercolour later in the week.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Birthday Beats

It's my birthday today so, as I wade through my new house, still knee-deep in boxes, I've fished out four more of the best.

Leaving Ground - Joel Mull (Lask)

I first heard this on Terry Francis' Essential Mix back in 1998. Joel Mull put this out on his own label. Sounded good then and still does now. Classic cold-weather techno from the frozen north.

Kungstradgarden - The Persuader (Svek)

More Swedish goodness, this time in the shape of a simple groove from The Persuader, aka Jesper Dahlback. From the 'Stockholm By Night' 12", and it feels like it. Excellent.

House Da Crowd (Movin')

& Back 2 Back - Discocaine (Zoom)

Two peerless releases by one-time London house terrorists Discocaine, made even better as a good mate, Hursty (Sloth), engineered them both. Very dubby, very heavy, both belters. Zoom in Camden was a good shop and holds fond memories for yours truly.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Sunday, October 07, 2007

First FM Show Playlist

Still covered in house move debris so, while I think of it, here's the playlist for last night's first ever FM show. Many thanks to Mark for dropping in, particularly as he'd been up all night previously playing at a place in the Elephant and Castle.

Another Day Acid - SCSI-9 (Speicher 55)
Bandit - Simon Baker (20/20 Vision)

Relentless - Jason Elmsley (Clever)

Mark Henning Interview Pt 1

Felaz (Matt Star remix) - Glimpse & AlexJones (Hypercolour)

Green Chocolate (Koljah's Exploding Cake remix) - Fusiform (Minimood)
Track 3 - Terence Dixon (Underline)

Mark Henning Interview Pt 2

Microenation (Original mix) - Andomat 300 & Jan (Morris Audio)
Bassline (Locodice remix) - Kevin 'Reese' Saunderson (Planet E)

Mark Henning in the Mix:

Royal Flush - Stereofuse (Salo)
The Alchemist - Marc Romboy & Stefan Bodzin (20/20 Vision)
Spam Bot - Einzelkind (Playhouse)
Run - Mark Henning (Monster in the Dark)
Dog Days (Pantytec remix) - Matthew Dear (Spectral)
And I Know It - Restless Soul feat. Zanzika (Seasons Ltd)
Dressless - Christian Burkhardt (Oslo)
Women Don't Cry - Cesare Vs Disorder (Mean)
Dragee - Christian Burkhardt (Raum)
Spaced - Tim Gregor (Monster in the Dark)
Kreiskollaps - Christian Burkhardt (Oslo)
Charly - Pan-Pot (Mobilee)
Nebokki - Fraktion (Resopal Red)
Briggle - Mark Henning (Cynosure)
Sparkling - Ortega & Stavostrand (Rrygular)

Here's the comp question again too. I've got two copies of Andy Weatherall's 'Sci-Fi Lo-Fi Vol. 1' to give away, courtesy of Soma. The question is . . .

What is the name of the night that Andy Weatherall runs with Ivan Smagghe at The T Bar?

Leave a comment in any comments box from today with full contact details, including email, or email me at
paulcorey1@yahoo.com, or machines@209radio.co.uk. again, with full contact details. The comp will be open until the next show on the 20/10.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Tomorrow's Show

Here's a blurb about tomorrow's landmark first FM show.

The first FM show will feature a guest mix and interview with Mark Henning (Freude-am-Tanzen, Einmaleins, Trapez Ltd, etc). There'll also be a competition to win copies of Andy Wetherall's latest mix on Soma, 'Sci-Fi Lo-Fi Vol. 1'.

If you live in Cambridge, UK you'll be able to listen to the show on 105FM. Otherwise, listen live on the internet, or to the archived show from Monday/Tuesday the 8th or 9th October.

General stuff, but very important. Still living in boxes at my new manor, but will be back up to speed at some point in the next few days. Really looking forward to tomorrow's show.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

RA Kevin Saunderson Review

Read it here.

First FM show this Saturday and I'm up to eyes in boxes and plastic bags after having moved house over the weekend. More soon, but not yet as I still have to be reconnected by the phone company.