Wednesday, March 28, 2018

March 2018 Mix

Tripten – Luxus Varta (Brokntoys)
Visions of Vega – Jeremiah R (Voodoo Gold)
New Machines – Simulant (Tresor)
25 11 TE – Kuzma Palkin
Daviselim – Radiq (Memoria)
Grib – Ohm/Kvadrant (AE)
Tidelly Locked – Ekbox (Cabaret)
A New Day – Reggie Dokes (Psychostasia)
Perseverance – Miles Sagnia (Flyance)
Guidance (Calm) – Larry Heard (Guidance)
Seascape – Lazare Hoche & Traumer (Lazare Hoche)
On and On – Aril Brikha (Transmat)
River – Mary Yanex (KANN)
Transition – JS Zeiter (Ranges)
Circuit Rift – Junes (Galdoors)
Eye 2 Eye – Cosmic Messenger (Plink Plonk)
Abyss – Violet (Na├»ve)
Ready 4 Love – Corporation Mindfuck (Hard Beach Entertainment)
Strontium Dog 2 – Stingray 313 ([Naked Lunch])
Pyramids – Eversines (Depth Over Distance)
Orion’s Belt – Piktor (Subtil)
Whateverisness – Metamorphic Interface (Time Passages)
Palindrome Dub – Shuang Hua (Shuang Hua)
Audio Drive – Mark Ambrose (Minifunk)
Unofficial Discourse (Los Hermanos Remix) – Esteban Adame (Dolly)
Curve & Bend – Nopax (Dahlia)
Evolution 5 Technology (JTC Mix) – Series – A (Dark Entries)
Elevation – Sit (Sushitech)
Insanity Dub – Thor (Thule)
Timeline –Tim Jackiw (Slow Life)
Deep Core – Memphis (Memphis)
Exoplanet Vibe Cult – No Moon (Craigie Knowes)

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Damocles Syndicate - Posthuman (Shipwrec)

Title: The Damocles Syndicate
Artist: Posthuman
Label: Shipwrec
Cat Number: SHIP56
Genre: Techno

1: Netflix & Kill
2: The Damocles Syndicate

This is a double header that has a predilection for the TB303, but doesn’t overdo it. ‘Netflix and Kill’ lets the beast loose around halfway through, but it never dominates, so not detracting from the wide expanse of sound which characterizes the track. There is a similar big room feel to the ‘The Damocles Syndicate’, and here the acid is much more entwined, but is still used subtly. The sound of acid is often overdone, but not on this release.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Badness EP - Violet X Bleid (Naive)

Title: Badness EP
Artist: Violet x Bleid
Label: Naive
Cat Number: naive002
Genre: Techno/Breaks Innit

A1: Badness
A2: Toxic
B1: Wall
B2: Abyss

I can detect a little of ‘The Art of Stalking’ in ‘Badness’, which is a big positive. What the track in question here does, however, is amplify the minimalism, if there is such a thing. Similar big production values are evident in the epic, sweeping breaks of the other three tracks here. One of the signifying aspects of this release is that each tune seems to eponymously vocalize itself within its respective sonic swathes, but I could be wrong about that. It’s a fine release though which, explores breaks and textures of different degrees, enhancing and sheathing them with varying strands of cosmic energy and uplifting melodic strains.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

I Can't Understand - Ramin (Planet Core)

Skoven EP - Ohm & Kvadrant (AE Recordings)

Title: Skoven EP
Artist: Ohm & Kvadrant
Label: AE Records
Cat Number: AE07
Genre: Techno

1: Rold
2: Grib
3: Hvidding
4: Hvidding (Octal Industries Remix)

This one creeps up on you, and hits the sweet spot between the beats and the insubstantial, where in some cases a lateral line of texture is detected, in others there is a more concrete foundation. All original versions on this release toy with the idea that syncopation is fluctuation, inasmuch as the constant thump on show modulates itself considerably within its own nexus and, self-contained, exhibits a remarkable range of character. The remix comes across as replicated respiratory failure, functioning as it does, with a much more pronounced sense of  abstraction.

Decay EP - Thor (Thule Records)

Title: Decay EP
Artist: Thor
Label: Thule
Cat Number: THL024
Genre: Techno

A1: Insanity Dub
A2: Rusty Flashback
B1: Garden Of Corrosion
B2: Pepper Jones

One of the best recent comebacks, political, sporting or otherwise, has been that of Thule. It’s initial contribution to techno, particularly that of the dub-tinged variety, was such a seminal one that its absence was hardly noted. Their golden age, from the mid nineties to early noughties, spanned by a cluster of faultless releases encapsulated everything that is good about the genre, while still managing to keep one eye on the dance floor; brownie points also for coming from Iceland, whose ambience infused the music to give it an otherworldly, glacial dimension.

With all that in mind, it’s worth noting that this crop of recent releases has reinforced Thule’s credentials further. And, as well as giving its artists a new lease of life, served to remind those laboring under the misapprehension that dub techno is just for the head, that there’s life in the old dog yet. Thor was there at the beginning, but only has one release each, on Thule and its sub-label AE. This EP could have been made back at the label’s inception. However, the fact that it’s coming out now and sounds as indispensable as everything else on the label means that there’s always room for second acts in dub techno.