Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Chart

Seriously Goodbye – DJ Fett Burger & Stiletti Ana (Sex Tags UFO)

Rat Life 1 – Credit 00/Dunkeltier (Rat Life)

Tangerine – Hashman Deejay (Future Times)

The Return Trip Vol 1 – Jimini/Molly New (Blind Jack’s Journey)

Track Mood – Life Recorder/Semerka (Bokhari)

Openin’ Up – Pender Street Steppers (People’s Potential Unlimited)

Karmatic Equations – Jay Daniel (Wild Oats)

Jealous God 4 – Broken English Club)

Red Clouds – Anomaly (Soul People)

After Forever – Joey Anderson (Dekmantel)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Taking Stock

As this is the one thousandth post I thought maybe it’s time to review my current stance with all things musical and see where I stand. Things have changed, particularly over the past year. My tolerance for a lot of stuff has become eroded by the fact that as time grows more precious, then the less I spend of it listening to shite the better. So, with that in mind, I’d like to take this opportunity to formally thank all the artists, distributors and agencies who have supported me ever since I started hosting ‘Machines Are Funky’ on 209 Radio in September 2004, you’ve been great and I couldn’t have done it without you; but now the time has come to recalibrate and to be a lot more selective.

Please note that I stopped writing for Resident Advisor a while back, having submitted my last piece for them in the summer of 2012. Please also note that I’m quite bored of writing reviews and doing interviews because I hate theasauring myself out of existence. I shall continue to review and interview, but will be a lot more selective and direct. While I don't expect every artist to have the same ability, they should all have high standards, so this is the objectivity I’ll have in mind when writing. Also interviews by Skype or email. There are advantages to both, but a great interviewee can’t be conjured up. If they were all Harveys or Regises the world would be a more interesting place; the fact that they aren’t, however, doesn’t make the world less interesting but it does have this effect on them.

Less mellowness and more rigour.

Also, more writing about music on this blog. It’s tempting to jack it in and revive it in another form, but it’s been a part of me for so long that I don’t think I can bear to see it go under.