Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Local Tracks but not neccessarily for Local People

Horseplay Records

Beiak Records Logo

I've had a sneak preview of TEK's “Acid Drop” on Beiak Records. TEK are Largo and Zero, and for this first release on the label they've drafted in Dave Angel's old school techno expertise to provide a remix for them. The track is an enjoyable piece of lively techno with a solid electro feel. I prefer the original to the remix and I'll be playing it on my next show on the 14th of this month.

I'll also be giving some exposure to “Bumblebee” which is the latest release on Le Jockey's Horseplay records. This track resembles TEK's in that electro is it's chief inspiration but it's a moodier, more European influenced piece. I understand it's a collaboration between Jockey and local clothes merchant Anthony Reckitt. It could be Reckitt's own work though, as it doesn't sound like Jockey's minimally slanted sounds at all.

Both acts are local, Cambridge talent (OK, Largo's Basque and now living in Bethnal Green), and will hopefully inspire others around these parts to go in the studio and get busy.

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