Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The Awakened Guardians - Johannes Volk (Exploration)

Read my review for Ibiza Voice of Johannes Volk's latest here.

Some Mick Wills Favourites

These tunes were all mentioned by Mick during his interview with me for Ibiza Voice. I may have got some of the versions wrong though.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

June/July Chart

Trust XV 1 – V/A (Trust)

Signals On The Double – Retape (030303)

Waterproof Theory – Heinrich Dressel (Frustrated Funk)

World Electronix Remixes – V/A (Cultivated Electronics)

Some Other Place Vol 2 – The Exaltics (Clone West Coast Series)

Reiterate Vol 2 – V/A (Reiterate Music Group)

Revenge Of The Poulet Cat – Traxx/NPNK (Macadam Mambo)

Remixes Pt 7 – Skudge (Skudge)

The Steoples EP – The Steoples (Unknown Label)

Max Garage – Sir Joe (Land Of Dance)

Din Gir Dialectic – Chris Mitchell (Anunnaki Cartel)

 Warp (Ilo Edit) – New Musik (Pleasure International Exports)

Vicetopia – Gut Nose (Styles Upon Styles)

The Dolphin Hotel Affair Vol 1 – House of Doors (Mood Hut)

Intergalactic Gary's Favourite Piece Of Music

 As mentioned at the end of the Ibiza Voice interview, linked to in the previous post.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Future Perfect Simple

Confabulations – Pepe Bradock (Atavisme)
Kondo Mane Remix – Walt J (Unlearn)
Orbis Tertius – Hashman DJ (Future Times)
Derivate – Michael Wolski (Blank Slate)
Kungstadgarden – The Persuader (Svek)
Deeviants – Deetroit (Unknown Deetroit)
Woman Is The Devil – Levon Vincent (Deconstruct)
Faith – Gerald Mitchell (430 West)
Murked Out – Cliff Lothar (Skudge)
Zombie Acid – Gesloten Cirkel (Murder Capital)
Europa’s Secret – Planetoid (Brokntoys)
History Of Dates (Sprinkles’ Crossfadearama) – The Mole (Perlon)
I Wanna Dance In Outer Space – Marco Shuttle (Eerie)
Musical Promises – Population One (Metroplex)
The Awakened Guardians – Johannes Volk (Exploration)
Nibiru – Chris Mitchell (Anunnaki Cartel)
Dark Minor (Kracklode Mix) – Donnie Tempo (More About Music)
Warp (Ilo Edit) – New Musik (Pleasure International Exports)
Rain & Thunder – Antenna (Pinkman)
Something ‘Bout The D – Move D (Ferox)
Rosser – Steffi & Dexter (Dolly Dubs)
Vicetopia – Gut Nose (Styles Upon Styles)
Do This Here – DJ Qu (Eden)
Leaving Ground – Joe Mull (Lask)
Red Clouds – Anomaly (Soul People)
Resurrection – Anders Hellberg (Supply)
Navigation 8th Density – Nicuri (Inimeg)
Toms Of Times – Life Recorder (Bokhari Records)
81 – DJ Guy (All Caps)