Saturday, September 19, 2015

Beautiful Swimmers Untitled

 I think this deserves its own post.

The State of Things

In the ever-evolving, yet strangely static world of electronic music how much more is there left to do? There will always be experimentation, but the emergence of truly new sounds and directions will always be limited to the mutant strains of what is already in existence. Of course what never disappoints the discovery of something which embodies one’s sonic outlook. Even more gratifying is the sudden stumbling upon of something which hasn’t been hitherto noticed, or as is more usual, something that is already possessed, but ignored.

I’m not proud of the fact that I buy certain records then forget about them completely, only to be reminded how great they are by a random action, gesture or memory. And this is the most gratifying piece of luck. Hearing even just a fragment of a composition and allowing oneself to be steered skyward thanks to a stray combination of nostalgia, deja-vu and imagination. I’ve forgotten how many times this has happened to me, but I’m going through a renewed phase of it at the moment.

What’s floating my boat currently is very Gallic in tone, the sounds of KA One & St. Sene, Life Recorder and Zadig predominantly. This aquatic and/or dubby take on techno that never grates, partly due to its softened, cosmic timbre, seems to be enjoying a bit of a renaissance at the moment. In truth it’s a more techy form of trance, but with a house backbone, if that makes any sense. It’s turning up everywhere and is very versatile, making perfect mixing fodder but having the necessary highlights to stand out when necessary. It’s proper pill music and whatever it may lack in originality it more than makes up for with its groove. Also that Beautiful Swimmers cassette mix that came out on The Trilogy  Tapes, the first twenty minutes or so of which are amazing.

I’ve also been listening to as much electro as I can, which is never enough. I recently wrote a few words on a forthcoming Heirich Dressel release. There’s only one true electro tune on it, which is very Drexciya-inspired, but the whole release is excellent. Also the Koova release on Central Processing Unit, ‘This Is Not My Future’, and The Exaltics ‘The Truth Remixes’, which is a true package of diversity and features some great artists at the top of their respective games. The double, but separate Murder Capital releases from Gesloten Cirkel are eagerly anticipated, as is possibly the hardest working man in techno/electro, Marco Bernardi’s ‘The Dancing Clowns’ for the currently beleaguered BerceuseHeroique.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September Chart

Future Jack Programs To Respond (Section 1 & 2) – Roger 23 (Bio Rhythm)

 Something Blue – Bluespirit (Bluespirit)

 Bangkok Skytrain – Duke Slammer (Cosmic Pint Glass)

 The Truth (Remixes) – The Exaltics (Solar One Music)

 Magnifik Botanik – Porn Sword Tobacco (Aniara)

 Sighted: The Drive Of Life – STL (Something)

 Riverside Chapter: Upstairs - Imugem Orihasam (Flyance)

 Dream Vision – Loonie Bin (Loonie Bin)

 This Is Not My Future – Koova (Central Processing Unit)

 From A Cosmic Perspective – Moreira/Refracted (Slow Life)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lurking Underwater EP - Heinrich Dressel (Barba)

Title: Lurking Underwater EP
Artist: Heinrich Dressel
Label: Barba
Cat Number:
Genre: Techno/Electro

1: Creatures From The Abyssus
2: Dark Lake
3: Lurking Underwater (JTC Remix)
4: Lurking Underwater

Well, if the track titles on their own don’t invoke the spirit of Drexciya, then you’ve got the music to back them up. Taking his name from a nineteenth century archeologist, Heinrich Dressel, aka Valerio Lombardozzi contributes a great release to this nascent Burek records offshoot with a release that blends electro with more lush techno soundscapes. ‘Creatures of the Abyssus’ is the aquatically-influenced one, ‘Dark Lake’ is a portentous, cosmic analogue throb which would sound great together with ‘Acid Eiffel’, while ‘Lurking Underwater’ in its original form blends light with dark to create a moody, electro-inflected, techy gem. For his remix, JTC ups the tempo, scoops out the darkness and emphasizes the funk. Every one a winner here.

It's A Set Up

Monday, September 14, 2015

Surf Dude EP - Tlim Shug (Echovolt)

Title: Surf Dude EP
Artist: Tlim Shug
Label: Echovolt
Cat Number: EVRO18
Genre: The Dusty Fringes

1: Conga Jam
2: Untitled
3: Doorwaves
4: Sector B
5: Surf Dude

As Echovolt have been sending me good quality files for a while now, it’s only fair that I write a review of their latest release. I’ve never heard of Tlim Shug, but no matter. This is superior, laid-back, atmospheric lo-fi house which revels in its studied lack of polish and, rather like STL, is assured enough to create something quite special. The five tracks here are substantial in each and every way and maintain a melancholic fuzziness while wringing dry a hauntological nostalgia, stripping back sentiment and touching the parts others cannot reach. Impossible to pick a fave, but ‘Conga Jam’ comes close. Tomorrow it’ll be another.