Sunday, June 29, 2008

Machines Are Funky`; 28/6/08 Playlist & Competition Question

here's last night's playlist plus full competition details.

Machines Are Funky: 28/6/08

Grindhouse (Dubfire's Terror Planet remix) - Radioslave feat. Danton Eeprom (Rekids)
Past Continuous - Simon Flower (Railyard Recordings)
Torque - John Tejada (Pallette)
Bed - Alex Jones (Hypercolour)
Death By House - Len Faki (Cocoon)
This Is Not Scary (Orlando Voorn remix) - James Hammer (Mixtape)
Friction - Marcel Fengler (Ostgut Ton)
Red River - Mia (Areal)
Truckvolume (Abnormal Boyz remix) - DJ Emerson (Micro:fon)

Greg Wilson Guest Mix:

No tracklist available at the moment.

Thanks to Greg Wilson for an excellent mix. I've got a couple of copies of his new "Greg Wilson's 20/20 Vision" mix to give away, and here's the competition question.

In what year did Greg Wilson begin DJing?

Answers to and mark your email "Greg Comp"
alternatively, leave a comment on this blog in one of the comments boxes between now and the 12/7/08. In both cases leave full contact details, plus your email address if leaving a blog comment.

Good luck!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Le Show Ce Soir

On this week's show I'll be featuring a guest mix from one of the UK's originators Greg Wilson as his "Greg Wilson's 20/20 Vision" mix cd is released.

I'll also have a couple of cds to give away as prizes, so if you're feeling lucky tune in. There'll also be some good fresh produce to air during the first hour. I haven't made up my mind what to play yet but post-Sonar my hearing buds have been piqued. Keep it locked.

Machines Are Funky: 7-9pm BST 105FM in Cambridge globally

Click on the link somewhere on the right . . . .

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fragile Memories

Here's a mix for June, quite a spontaneous one.

Fragile Memories:

Join The Resistance 1 - Tim Toh (Philpot)
Evolutions Pt 1 - Patrice Scott (Sistrum)
The Siren - Hugo (Tuning Spork)
Privat - Till von Sein (Morris Audio City Sport)
A Frog On The Beach (Marco Passarani remix) - Noirdegout (Initial Cuts)
Giving - Masomenos & Chris Carrier (Welcome To Masomenos)
Tech Noir (Jamie Jones Fresh Water Mix) - Will Saul & Tam Cooper (Simple)
Bazar Inflagranti - Heinrichs & Hirtenfeller (Highgrade)
Sleep Deprivation (Simon Baker remix) - Simian Mobile Disco (Infant)
Yo Momo (Shinedoe remix) - D 'julz (Intacto)
Believer - Mixworks (Mixworks)
Robot - Redshape (Music Man)
She Is Moving - Dinky (Vakant)
Lots Of Love - Soul Minority (Pack Up And Dance)
Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz remix Dennis Ferrer's Noisy edit) - Ane Brun (Objektivity)

Blended at Chateau Corey on the usual kit.

Two Technics SL1210s Mk 2
Two Pioneer CDJ 200s
An Allen and Heath XONE:32

Download it here.

So once more it's over before it's really begun, that's the impression I've got of this year's shenanigans anyway. Once more I'm very grateful to Olivier and Valerie for putting me up in their flat. A nice few days was spent there. No thanks to the twat who robbed me outside the Macarena on Saturday night (I was stupid to leave on my own anyway, but my eyes were killing. Why didn't I just go outside and relax??) or to the spiders who covered me in bites as I slept on the floor of Olivier's studio (I'm sure spiders were at work. I never heard, or saw for that matter, a mosquito but I did feel something walk over my hairy arm in the darkness). It was all over too soon, back on the plane on Monday too when today is a bank holiday over there and everybody will be getting wasted, not just the ravers.

Things couldn't have got off to a better start at the Mobilee/Rekids Beatport party on the roof of the Hotel Diagonal. We got there at about 6, maybe a little before and heard Sebo K and Matt Edwards (Radioslave), play three or so hours of faultlessly mixed house, techno and all sorts. DJ Sneak found his way into Sebo K's set a couple of times, as did "Do It Your Way" by Mood II Swing." One of Matt Edward's highlights was Ane Brun's "Headphone Silence" (Dennis Ferrer's Noisy Edit of Henrik Schwarz's remix), and the vibe was such that there was transcendentalism in the air, (no, I wasn't on one). Perfectly mixed and perfectly programmed, I doubt if there were as many good sets all weekend. Excellent stuff.

The same couldn't really be said of the Soma label night at La Terrazza. I missed Mark Henning's set but chatted to him briefly in the club. Mr Copy was on when we got in followed by Funk d'Void and then Slam. I can't understand why a club like La Terrazza, relatively far away from any residential area (except, of course, the model village it's plonked right in the middle of), should have it's sound limited. The volume was low, that's all I have to say on the matter.

So it was to The Macarena on the Friday to catch an Urban Torque special featuring Master H and Funk d' Void. These two got into the groove after a slow start by the UT label boss (who's name escapes me now) but the smoke was doing serious damage to my eyes. I left the club at around 4:30am and promptly got pickpocketed. That put the seal on an indifferent night for me. Had a good time but didn't really like the place (too small) or the first hour of the music. Got back to Olivier's with him and Valerie and had a rant before going to bed.

Saturday was spent listening to loads of music but nothing electronic. I nearly felt suicidal whilst listening to Neil Young's "Harvest" but was rescued by a piece of roast pork with roast potatoes. Food will always be a saviour. Progressively more and more stoned and drunk, things levelled out at different times. I was still fed up about getting robbed and didn't really get it properly out of my system until the Sunday. . .

. . .when a few friends came around for a late lunch (curry) before going down to the local beach at San Adria where Kompakt were putting on their annual barn dance. This was very good but I was only there for an hour or so as I had an early start yesterday . . .I can't believe it's over already. I'm still raring to go but I always need more tiime. It's as much about chilling as partying for me so I'm never up for it constantly but given more time would be much more active, cherry picking my moments as it were. In any case, I had an early start so went back with Olivier to watch the second half of the Italy Spain Euro quarter final. The whole city seemed to be cheering as the penalties went in for the Spanish. Loads of fireworks too. The Catalans put their regional pride aside for this one. Great!

PS: The RA Laurent Garnier podcast is truly brilliant. Heard in it's proper context, hats off.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Machines Are Funky: 14/6/08 with Competition Question

It's Father's Day so, being a father I'm invoking a special "work to rule" clause and doing sweet fa today. Lack of posts throughout June so far is, as previously stated, more because of Euro 2008 than a lack of things to say.

Anyway, here's last night's playlist.

Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz remix Dennis Ferrer's Noisy edit) - Ane Brun (Objektivity)
Total Confusion - Spirit Catcher (Systematic)
Holidays in Space - Raiders of the Lost Arp (Nature)
Stash - Mark Henning (Soma)
A Quien Contarle - Mirco Violi (Heimatmelodie)
Our Thing - Ekkohaus (Morris Audio)
Inner Thoughts (Lerosa remix) - TR One (Fine Art)
Panoramix (Radio edit) - Laurent Garnier (Innervisions)
Mozambique - Soul Minority (CDR)
Disorientated (Johnny D remix) - Guy Gerber (Supplement Facts)
Chav Land - Mark Henning (Soma)
Escandalo - Chic Miniature (Crosstown Rebels)
Getting Lost on Brick Lane - Largo & Le Jockey (Beiak)
La Raza (Dinky remix) - Hector & Star (Horizontal)
The Pressure Cooker (Original mix) - Mike Dunn (P & D)
California Gold - Adam Beyer & Agaric (Mad Eye)
Strutter - Andri (Slutfunk)
Disconnected - Function (Sandwell District)

Competition time!

I've got three copies of Mark Henning's imminently released cd on Soma "Jupiter Jive." To win a copy of this cd please answer this question.

Mark Henning has recorded for a variety of labels, but he also finds the time to oversee a label of his own. What is it called?

Answers to or or leave a comment on this . In all cases please leave all contact details. If you leave a comment on the blog please remember to leave your email address too. Good luck.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tonight's Show

It's almost two weeks since my last post, blame the European Championships for that, and there won't be a great deal more in the next two weeks as I'll be in Barcelona over Sonar.

Anyway, back to today.

A slight adjustment to this week's show. I'll still be giving away a few copies of Mark Henning's debut album on Soma, "Jupiter Jive" but I won't be featuring a mix, instead I'll be featuring a few of Mark's tracks as a sonic sampler. In addition to this, new music from Ekkohaus, Guy Gerber remixed by Johnny D, Andri, Largo and Le Jockey and a Mike Dunn rerelease. Loads going on so keep it locked.

There's Sonar, which is still the best electronic music festival in the world coming up from the 19th to the 21st of June, so expect some feedback from that on my 28/6 show, along with a mix from Greg Wilson and a competition to win a couple of copies of his "Greg Wilson's 20/20 Vision" mix, which is pretty tasty.

Keep it locked.

7-9 pm BST

As ever, 105FM in Cambridge, globally

Click on the link on the side of the page to listen.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Machines Playlist: 31/5/08 And Competition Question

Last night's show was a little bit shorter than normal so apologies for that. Consequently I didn't have the chance to play everything I wanted. I still managed to squeeze in some quality tuneage though, and a competition. Full details below.

Machines Playlist: 31/5/08

Blow It (feat. Ilan Manonach) - Lemos (Cecille Numbers)
Sticks and Stones - Chris Carrier (Freak n' Chic)
Back to My Roots (Radio Edit) - Laurent Garnier (Innervisions)
Superposition - Fraction (Infine)
Gliss and Slide (3 Channels Screaming Cat remix) - Anomaline (Anomaline)
Plonk - Redshape (Present)
DET Sound - Kris Wadsworth (Morris/Audio)
I Can't Fight the Feeling - Tobias (Wagon Repair)
Dirty Snitch - Galuszca (Siteholder Uncut)
I Can't Hold It - Bang Goes (GS Zurich)
Amballo - Nick Curly (Murmur)
Believe in Love - BLM (Fear of Flying)
Beat Bravo - Per Eckbo Orchestra (Oslo)

So, I've got two copies of the new B12 cd "The Last Days of Silence" to give away. But of course you have to answer the question correctly first. Here it is.

In the early 90s B12 released and album on Warp as part of a series which also included contributions by Fuse (Richie Hawtin), Polygon Window (Aphex Twin), The Black Dog, Speedy J and Autechre. On which colour vinyl was their album pressed and what was it called?

Answers with full contact details please, to

or leave a comment on this blog

The competition is open until the next show on the 14th June. Good luck.