Saturday, November 29, 2008

Machines Are Funky Playlist: 29.11.08

No guest tonight, so tuneage all the way

Crimes (Luke Solomon vocal mix) - LDOE (Classic Digital)
Ignored Folklore - Geoffroy & Kolombo pres. Mugwump (Kompakt)
Halleluyah Yeah - Guilluame & The Coutu Dumonts (Oslo)
Billy Bought A Laser - Brian Ffar (Siteholder)
The Valve - H.O.S.H. (Diynamic)
Ghost - Christain Burkhardt (AreaRemote)
Down, Down - BLM & Pawas (Fear Of Flying)
Harmonics - Andre Crom (Heimatmelodie)
Me2 - Queen Atom (Serialism)
Back Boutique - Le K (Thema)
Redemption (Peace Division remix) - Phillipe Autouri (Hypercolour Digital)
Something For Myself - Delano Smith (Third Ear)
Safran - Cio d'Or & Paul Brtschhtisch (Broque)
Sugar Cubes - Lado (FVF)
You Make Me Struggle (Jean Ramesse remix) - Let's Go Outside (Soma Beta)
Double Room - Seuil (Moon Harbour)
Santuario - Santiago Salazar (Historia Y Violencia)
The Black Block (Marcel Dettmann Redefinition) - Modeselektor (BPitch)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Show: 29.11.08

A lot of good stuff to come between now and the New Year, so without further ado, here's a little snippet of what's on tonight's show. Paul Brtschitsch & Cio d'Or, Christian Burkhardt and Brian Ffar.

As I play an average of about eighteen tracks per show, I think I'll stop there before I give the game away completely.

Keep it locked.

Machines Are Funky: 7-8pm BST

105FM in Cambridge globally

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Par-tay Ce Soir

So there's another party this evening at the warehouse. I spoke to Johny the other evening and he said that the owner was making unreasonable demands. I hope a compromise has been reached as I'm playing in January and there's a pre-Chrimbo knees-up on the 20.12.

Bournemouth's Delete, incorporating Chris Box, Tone Def and Mr Smith, are tonight's guests. Kudos to Johny for organising these events and breathing some life into Cambridge's rather decrepit party scene.

I won't be going due to family obligations. I do plan to get some sort of match report together though.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Machines Are Funky: 15.11.08 with Ian P

Here's the playlist for last night's show where local free/semi-legal party hero Ian P was my guest.

Ray Of Hope (A Made Up Sound mix) - Quantec (Echocord Colour)
RD's Movement (Randy Watson Variation no 4) - Sascha Dive (Deep Vibes)
Motown Revival - Kris Wadsworth (Hypercolour)
Panic (Bass Clef 4.4 mix) - Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels Digital)
Schizophrenia - Burnski (Morris Audio)
Circuit Breaker (Trulz & Robin remix) - Onark (Fine Art)
Desolate Destination - Polygamy Boys (Creme Eclipse)
Giza Visa (Mikael Stavostrand remix) - Shadi Megalla (Dilek)
Balanced:Troubleshooter 1 - Orlando Voorn (Mixtape)

Ian P in the Mix:

Where Ya At - Inland Knights (Raise Recordings)
CatchThe GooGoo Remix - Kober & Fischer (GooGoo)
Squirreled - Nick Fanciulli (Renaissance)
Total Departure - Christian Smith & John Selway (Drumcode)
Jack The Ripper - Three Amigos (PHD)
Zvija - Valentino Kanzyani (Cirlce)
Catch My Riff - Dislodged & Mogul (IO Music)
Dog - Adam Shaw (Mau5strap)
Bring Back The Jack - Paranoid Jack (Thrust)
The Rear - Freeze Frame
Cirlcling The Sun - Nils Hess (Eukahouse)

I chatted to Ian during the first half of the show during the Jamie Jones and Shadi Megalla tracks.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Machines Are Funky: 15.11.08

Tomorrow's show features a guest mix and few words from Ian P. Ian has been a regular on the Cambridge scene over the last few years and at the forefront of the Low-Tec parties. He's recently been playing Johny Davies' "Horseplay" warehouse shindigs.

I'll be playing a few records myself during the first hour.

Keep it locked

Machines Are Funky: 7-8pm BST

105FM in Cambridge globally

Mozambique - Soul Minority (PackUp And Dance)

Read my RA review of Soul Minority's 'Mozambique' EP here.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Machines Are Funky Playlist 1.11.08 & Competition Question

Here's the playlist for last night's show:

Ghostship (feat. Spaceape) - Beat Pharmacy (Deep Space)
Word (I'll Never Let You Go) - Moodymanc (20/20 Vision)
Diva - Sebo K (Mobilee)
Deepmood - Vakula (Quintessentials)
Fear of Expression - B12 (B12)
Stand Beside Me - Tom Demac (Murmur)
Kolimar - Barem (Minus)
You Are Dark (Pack Up And Dance 7" edit) - Kenny Larkin (Planet E)
Patient Saints (Dave Congreve's Boardroom mix) - Two Lone Swordsmen (Rotter's Golf Club)
50,000 Legions - The Detroit Grand Pubahs (Detelefunk)
Added Planet - Extrawelt (Cocoon)
E - Alex Under (Apnea)
Online - BLM & Pawas (Fear Of Flying)
El Matador - Luca Bachetti (Ovum)
Starts With An 'S' - Sycophant Slags (Bombis)
Hooked (Guy Gerber remix) - Tiger Stripes (Liebe Detail)
Get Up - Zander VT (BPitch)

There is also a competition to win two copies of the new Detroit Grand Pubahs cd 'Nuttin Butt Funk,' here is the deceptively easy question.

What are the names of the Detroit Grand Pubahs?

Answers to before the 15/11/08 (next show). Mark your correspondence "Pubah's Comp" and leave all necessary contact details. Alternately, leave a comment on this blog in a comment box between now and the next show, but lease remember to leave your email address too if you do. Good luck.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Machines Are Funky Ce Soir

On tonight's show there'll be new music from Luca Bachetti, Tom Demac, Barem and Extrawelt. Those freaky motor city natives, The Detroit Grand Pubahs, have got a new album album out and I've been given a couple of cds to give away, so it's competition time again.

Keep it locked . . .

Machines Are Funky: 7-8pm BST

105FM in Cambridge globally

Ian P guests on the next show

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