Sunday, April 24, 2016

Discogs Diary: 5

This is a condensed version, as I burnt the midnight oil on Friday, and then got a little bit more under my belt today. There are a few valuable bits here too, well to geeks like me, anyway. The EXOS release is going for over a ton, as is the Herbert. The Brooks is a few bob and, needless to say, so is the Gemini. This afternoon was largely spent in the realm of stateside tribal house. Labels like Tango, Red Melon, Moody and Siesta. There is the occasional sought-after gem: DJ Buck's 'Make It Hot' being the jewel in Siesta's crown, and 'I'm Feeling Moody' by Wolf & Flow' doing it for Moody but, by and large, these labels are seen as largely disposable, generic fare. Seldom going for over £1 each. Not that I'm looking to sell them anyway; I've got plenty more to shift before their turn comes.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Error - Keita Sano (Sheik 'N' Beik)

Title: Error
Artist: Keita Sano
Label: Sheik ‘N’ Beik
Cat Number: SNBV007
Genre: House

1: Bypass Motion
2: Child’s Play
4: Mixing Error (Digital Exclusive)

He’s a man of few words is Keita Sano, a cursory glance at the interview which accompanies his recent RA podcast will tell you that. He does make crisp, warm, analogue-flavoured house though, and as a consequence, “he’s kicking it old school”’ as Sideshow Mel would say. This EP reinforces his production credentials inasmuch as all four compositions tickle the parts like-minded tracks try to reach but can’t, as the basics aren’t mastered in the way that Sano does. ‘Mixing Error’ is a surprise, as it eschews the Chicago - inflected trackiness in favour of a dystopian, primitive techno sound reminiscent of what Prologue was coming out with not so long ago. Apart from that it’s full speed ahead for the seedy side of the dance.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Curfew EP - John Osborn & Tallmen785 (TANSTAAFL Planets)

Title: The Curfew EP
Artist: John Osborn & Tallmen785
Label: TANSTAAFL Planets
Cat Number: TANSPLAN010
Genre: Techno

A1: Curfew
B1: Mono Core
B2: Growl

The solemn, flat but voluminous ‘Curfew’ reminds me of Joey Anderson, or maybe of his sets? I’ve heard him play this, or so many similar sinister things that I’ve come to identify this sonic footprint with him. Having said that, it’s John Osborn & Tallmen785 behind this symphonic, future cathedral composition, which is redolent with the spirit of a crazed Captain Nemo. ‘Mono Core’ is a deep, aquatic journey, the type that makes you glad to be alive when played in the graveyard sunrise shift (I can see myself coming up over the hillside to this one). ‘Growl’ takes the menace of ‘Curfew’ and the linear approach of ‘Mono Core’ and fuses them into a driving, techy wake up call. All in all, very nice indeed. Shout out to the David Icke label art too.

Discogs Diary: 4

A quick bit of filing last night and, as usual, a few gems turned up. Interesting to see that the Morgan Geist EP 'Super', from which '24K' comes, was rereleased today. This has obviously brought the easing price down a bit. (I'm sure it was at least £15 last night). Dance Reaction's 'Disco Train' isn't in as much demand, but coming in at a fiver, looks likely to become more covetable sooner rather than later. The big money though, goes on two of the last releases I came across: 'Lively' by DKMA, aka the sadly departed Dana Kelley, is retaining for around £30!, while the 'Untitled' release on the Idjut Boys Noid featuring Harvey is currently a massive £47.39! Bonkers, innit?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Alien Power - Knutsson, Berg (UFO Station Recordings)

Title: Alien Power
Artist: Knutsson/Berg
Label: UFO Station Recordings
Cat Number: UFO004
Genre: Techno

1: Alien Power
2: Dubby
3: Dungeon Acid Alien Power Assemblage

The title track exponentially ascends on a wind of brittle, taut energy interspersed with some gossamer-light flourishes. It’s driven, but not nosebleed-strong. The Dungeon Acid rework funks it up and gets busy in a style which is syncopated enough to put me in mind of double-jointed line dancers. I don’t have a preference and both have their merits. ‘Dubby’ does what it says on the tin, and is a passable piece which flanges its way through the heavens, having a similar sonic template to ‘Alien Power’, inasmuch as it’s deceptively light touch harbours atmospheric layers. The two originals here are made for the long mix and will take most transitions that can be thrown at them. The remix is a different beast and demands the spotlight.

Eric Cloutier

Monday, April 11, 2016

Discogs Diary: 3

Another evening, another quick spin on the Discogs superhighway. The rest of the fan' have gone to look at a new car. This is far more interesting. Still amazed to see how much some of this stuff is going for, the Pacific House and associated releases being a case in point. I can easily afford to undercut a lot of what's out there and still make a reasonable profit, not that I'm out to make any money here. However, when I do put some bits up for sale, which will happen once everything is catalogued, expect to see some good stuff at reasonable prices.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Discogs Diary: 2

 Another random selection from the disorganised shelves of my mind. The pub one is interesting inasmuch I can't remember where it came from, Nathan Haines goes out to my old partner in crime Kevin Harding, and reminds me of the Gold Bar residency all those years ago in deepest Soho.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Discogs Diary: 1

 Hello, and welcome to a regular series of posts dedicated to myself putting my stuff on Discogs. I'll be posting a random selection of tracks which I've felt it necessary to upload from Youtube due to them grabbing me by the short and curlies in one way or another. Yesterday I said the I thought it would take me around about three months to reach my goal, but I reckon longer now, as I predictably can't stop coming across great stuff that I have to post. Check for photos.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Discogs: It's Begun

So, last night I began the arduous task of putting my entire record collection on Discogs. This will serve two main purposes: I will find out exactly how many records I have, (a conservative estimate is around 4000, but it may be fewer), and I’ll also get rid of some in the process. Best of all though, I’ll reacquaint myself with lots of old friends, some of which I’ll have wrongly overlooked. I’ll be posting videos of random tracks as I burrow through the mass, and documenting the process as I go along. I reckon that it’ll take me around three months to do it, after which I’ll be taking the ultimate step of putting them all in alphabetical order. Maybe.