Saturday, April 27, 2013

Marcus Mixx & The L.I.E.S. Connection

For Your Listening Pleasure

So many mixes, so little time. Apart from reviewing, mixes are what I listen to most and what soundtrack my evenings and weekends. They are my bedroom's aural wallpaper and there's shitloads of them about. Here are a few of the best ones out there at the moment.

Absolutely immense mix from Donato Dozzy to commemorate the 200th edition of the Electronique It podcast. Grab it here, where you will also find a track list and, for those of you who speak Italian, an interview.

A Northern Vietnamese propaganda picture showing a NLF guerrilla holding a Chinese Type 56 (Chinese AK47) assault rifle, while her NLF sisters look onto her with pride. Note the use of the red & white Krama (scarf) on the guerrilla fighter on the left.

And that's just the description of the accompanying picture . . . Mix from Shawn O'Sullivan below. BTW, I used to know a kid called Shawn O'Sullivan. Great footballer but with disturbingly large teeth. His sister was a mirror image of him, but with pigtails.

Martyn for Mutek.

Another wonderfully warped mix, this time from Rrose.

Download it here. Track list on site.

Chloe for Pulse Radio.

A newie from Cottam The third in the always interesting 'Halal Prepared' series from Boe Records. Another lengthy journey into the unknown from Eric Clotier. Superb mix from Delta Funktionen. S2 behind the wheels of steel. Jane Fitz The inimitable Claude Young. Rounding off with some Luv Jam.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Thee Kaleidoscopic Rebellion: 20/4/13

As I'm the proverbial house husband at the moment, I wasn't able to make it in to the studio last night so had to prerecord my show. There was a little confusion over at Cam105 towers as to what exactly should happen come 9pm, but thankfully all was resolved. Here's the track list:

Perpetual Dawn January Mix 3 - The Orb (Big Life)
Voodoo Rage - A Guy Called Gerald (Juice Box)
Kino - Cabaret Voltaire (Some Bizarre/Virgin)
Party People Clap (Levon Vincent Remix) - DJ Qu (Deconstruction)
Heavy Handed Disco Police - Cottam (Audio Parallax)
A Girl Named Rebecca Track B1 - Perseus Traxx (Chiwax)
When The Voices Come (Kay Kay Mix) - Projekt PM (Guidance)
End Of The Road - Synchrojack (Ferox)
Blastik 1 - Renegade Soundwave (Mute)
The Spy-Chiatrist (Session Mix) - The Foremost Poets (Soundmen On Wax)
Dream House Vol 1.2 Track A1 (Blind Jack's Journey)
Wheels In Motion (Roiciv Remix) - Manhooker (Underton)
What Is The Time, Mr Templar? - 
Solidago - Ibex (Ibex)
Particle Shower - The Martian (Red Planet)
Tout Est Bleu (Francois K Remix) - Ame Strong (Delabel)
Shack Up - A Certain Ratio (Factory)
Robot Stampede - Industrial Bass Machine (Joey Boy Records)
Ravers Suck Our Sound And Get Fuck - La Funk Mob (Mo' Wax)
Future Shock - Curtis Mayfield (Buddah)

And here's the show.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Basement Sweat EP - s:VT (Work Them Records)

Here's a review I wrote for Ibiza Voice of the latest release on Spencer Parker's quietly confident Work Them Records. It got posted a few days ago, but I've been very busy, not least in putting together my radio show for tomorrow night, which is prerecorded, so no voice, just tracks and the occasional jingle. A full playlist will be posted on Sunday as usual, along with the show's recording.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Dirtybird Fledgelings

Links to a rather large interview I did for Ibiza Voice, covering some of Dirtybird's up-and-coming artists, as featured on the new 'Dirtybird Players' compilation.

Part 1Part 2.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Thee kaleidoscopic Rebellion: 6/4/13

Here is the first forty minutes of last night's show from Harry. Track list below:

Peverelist - Erstwhile Rhythm
Analogue Cops - OCPLX1
Objekt - Shuttered
Levon Vincent - Together Forever
Surgeon - Credence
Cosmin TRG - Austere
Oliver Ho - Reflections
Robert Hood - One Touch
Shackelton - For the Love of Weeping

And here is the rest of the show, as mixed by Lee Scott. Here's a link to Lee's Future Music page, for whom he does a biweekly show. There are links to his Mixcloud and Soundcloud pages also,  and this is the night he chairs in Cambridge.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Keeping It Real: 1

The world of music moves so quickly that either I'm going senile or I'm purchasing in my sleep. Let me elaborate. I spend money on records. Still. I've tried to cut down, receiving a lot of free stuff as I do, and feeling that what I do get from agencies and artists is enough. But no, it never is. I'm sure if I wanted to stick my neck out I could get more, but I'm so bloody lazy, and anyway I'm. Trying. To. Cut. Down. The listening experience, or what it has become, is so much more transitory these days, as is the critical one that, although I'm keeping up . . . (I've always managed to keep up, often to the detriment of everything else) . . .  I still feel that it's futile to do so and that the real secret to success is to opt out of the miasma of pursuit and pace oneself very much on one's own terms. Obvious I know, and it's not something which I've just realised, but what has made it a lot clearer is the sheer weight of homogenous product that I'm exposed to on an almost daily basis. It's said that the digital revolution has been a liberating one; that if you're after a scene which takes the DIY ethic of punk to its most logical conclusion then the marketplace governed by the electronic music download is just that. It's not, and with the greatest respect to everyone who send me stuff, after having listened to practically everything I've been sent over the last nine or so years, having first started receiving promos when my first radio show started in 2004, I've recently taken the decision to stop listening to everything I'm sent and to delete on sight. I feel really bad about this as time and effort goes into production and I don't like to be dismissive. I've never given a purposefully bad review. Sure, they can't all be above average but I'm of the opinion that if something isn't any good then it's better left alone. No need to twist the knife and end someone's career before it's begun. However, if one is to be critical then occasionally such things must inevitably come to pass. I've paid my dues. I've been buying, playing, living and breathing music since 1977. The money I've spent on it could clear the national debt of a small, unnamed South Pacific island nation. I've never pretended I could do it better than anyone else, and I hope I don't come across as a smart arse when I write. I'm an enthusiast, through and through, as well as a very late developer. A jack of all trades, master of none. Someone who has always comforted himself with the knowledge that not being able to play a musical instrument isn't a bad thing, because being in a band would be so boring anyway. Endless rehearsals, sound checks, playing the same stuff in the same way night after night, day after day. On the other hand, DJing is true improvisation. If one has a many and varied record collection, as well as access to a vast hold of sound, the possibilities are limitless indeed, and you never have to repeat yourself. These are the simple thoughts that I dream up on an almost daily basis to compensate for my lack of real ability. 

Monday, April 01, 2013

DJ Nature & DJ Spider

Two DJs who are currently making waves but who I've been far too busy to actually check out. Nature is playing infamous house black hole of Calcutta, Thunder next month, and is a founding member of Bristol's celebrated Wild Bunch, while Spider has his hands in many pies, co-running Plan B Recordings, along with his own Sublevel Sounds and Beneath The Underground Music. Both selectors currently reside in New York.

DJ Nature's Soundcloud is here.

DJ Spider's Soundcloud is here.

Moonlight Shadow - Seidensticker & Salour (Visonquest)

Here's my Ibiza Voice write up of Visionquest's latest.

Which, for obvious reasons, will always put this tune in my head.