Thursday, June 14, 2018

Ne0 Ge0 - Cygnus (Barba)

Title: Ne0 Ge0
Artist: Cygnus
Label: Barba
Cat Number: BAR016
Genre: Electro

A1: Zone Shifting
B1: Vertexing
C1: Ne0 Ge0
B2: Astronoot

Well this is nice. Cygnus, aka Philip Washington returns with his first release since 2016 and what a lush affair it is. Straddling a nether world of funk, electro, rolling, tumbling late night vibes and embellished with what feels like a sideways take on eighties jazz fusion in parts, this is an impressive, individual interpretation of everything that made that era great, while feeling completely contemporary. Does that make any sense? What’s even more bizarre is that this release has come out on a label from the country that gave us Dejan Lovren! Cygnus and Croatia take a bow. Possibly the best thing I’ve heard all year, and I’ve heard a lot. Vocoders rule!

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