Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Dance Trax Vol 14 - Vin Sol (UTTU)

Title: Dance Trax Vol. 14
Artist: Vin Sol
Label: Unknown To The Unknown
Cat Number: DANCETRAX014
Genre: House

1: On Top
2: My Friend Is In The Main Room
3: Manage
4: Battery Leak

You know what’s coming: raw, rough-edged composotions which recall the golden days of US house trackiness. Heavily derivative they are, but no less substantial. Both ‘Manage’ and ‘Battery Leak’ explore the higher end, with jittery rhythms which mix acid, rubberoid bottom ends and hand claps into enhanced invocations of perspiration. ‘My Friend . . . .’ is no exception to the rule, but goes on a slightly different direction with its compression-led accordion stabs. It’s ‘On Top’ that grabs me the most though; a track which combines the best elements of the other three, and plops a spoken word sample on top for good measure. 

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