Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A Says Hello EP - Alton Miller (Release Sustain)

Title: A Says Hello EP
Artist: Alton Miller
Label: Release/Sustain
Cat Number: RS028
Genre: House

1: A Says Hello
2: Cool But So . . . 
3: Cool But So . . . (Chaos In The CBD Remix)
4: Below The Underdog

The last time I saw Alton Miller play was at a party in the bois du Vincennes in 1997 I think. He was on a bill that included Andy Weatherall, who, the promoter wasted no time in telling us, had to cancel because of a dental appointment. No one believed him and we were all a little disappointed. Fortunately Mr Miller was able to offer some deep house solace on the night and kept things ticking over, playing deep, soulful house of which this latest release is very much reminiscent. There’s not a lot of variety here, but quality control is high, with each track, including the remix, being of the sun kissed on the French Riviera variety, resplendent with percussive disco licks which send your brain back to a time when, in spite of the cold war, life seemed a little bit simpler and more innocent. I suppose it’s because I was a kid then. Ah, well , , , , ,

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