Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Metropolis EP - Kornel Kovacs (UTTU)

Title: Metropolis EP 
Artist:  Kornel Kovacs 
Label: Unknown To The Unknown
Cat Number: UTTU086
Genre: House

1: Metropolis
2: Babasonic
3: Panda

‘Metropolis’ is an instantly forgettable looped piece of house with a wanton female vocal. I imagine the radio version is there either because it’s got hit potential, or to save the listener from the longer rendering, which is twice the length. ‘Babasonic’ is far more interesting, as is ‘Panda’. Both tracks play with wobbly sonics and live in a nether region populated by lo-fi riddims, playful experimentation and a propensity to shuffle. I stopped at Corley Services on my way back from Liverpool a few weeks ago and the chap working at Burger King remarked on my Hot Haus tee shirt. I wonder if he would like this?

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