Thursday, June 21, 2018

Box It Ken EP - MadderModes (Dred)

Title: Box It Ken EP
Artist: MadderModes
Label: Dred Records
Cat Number: DRED006
Genre: Deep House

1: Box it Ken (John Osborne Remix)
2: Box It Ken
3: Appalachian Groove
4: Teil
5: Northwest Passage

Taking the original versions first: tracks two and three are quite rich and unctuous. ‘Appalachian Groove’ is a synth heavy builder which strikes out for the stars, peaking and fluctuating both randomly and controlled. Both ‘Teil’ and ‘Northwest Passage’ show different tribal inflections. Each are urgent; but while the former is busy and compact, the latter is more sparse and loping. Both versions of the title track dominate the package, and each has a slany on greatness; John Osborne’s is probably the more distinctive of the two, with a fuller sound, but there’s a drive about the original version which feels irresistible. Having said all of the above, what all of this boils down to is  that this is great drug music, and will sound great when you’re off your cake. No higher praise needed.

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