Monday, May 08, 2017

Yesterday For Tomorrow - Leonid/Laak (Soul Print Recordings)

Title: Yesterday For Tomorrow
Artist: Leonid/Laak
Label: Soul Print Recordings
Cat Number: SLPVNL 006
Genre: Deep House

1: Urania 1 – Leonid
2: Urania 2 – Leonid
3: SP – Laak
4: Waiting For Tomorrow – Laak

A fine release, with Leonid’s bounce and momentum offering a nice contrast to Laak’s more introspective stance. Both ‘Urania’ tracks have a mesmeric quality which each work on a different level. ‘1’ is as light as a feather, underpinned by pinging percussion, while ‘2’ let’s the space acid rip and drives deeper. Laak is a little less conventional, with the off-beat rhythm of ‘SP’ becoming more addictive as it goes on, the 303 again being an important element. ‘Waiting For Tomorrow’ raises the pitch a little, keeping to a similar tempo while making use of a more liquid approach.

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