Monday, May 22, 2017

I'm Not One Of Those DJs Who . . . Part The Third

The sands of time pass and I haven’t made a chart. One of the reasons for this could be because I haven’t bought much music this year. A lot of good stuff has come out, as ever, but I’m feeling a bit pickier in my old age. Part of the reason for this is that I’m still cataloguing my records on Discogs, when I remember, and I’m depressed at the amount of money I’ve wasted over the years. However, a lot of the shite I’ve acquired, and a lot of it is really crap, is still in demand somewhere, somehow. Discovering this kind of cumulative shite is enough to have you call your taste into question.

What never fails to gratify me, however, is the constant stream of the good stuff. It’s out there, and it doesn’t take much effort to find it, as long as you’re switched on in the first place. I’m forever grateful that my synapses have been wired to such a wide range of essential frequencies that I’m touched by everything, while at the same time being critically aware. Of course this state may put me in opposition to those who feel more in tune with such an environment, but I’m happy with my lot.

New sounds that have tickled my fancy recently are on the Stardub label. A series of anonymously released coloured vinyl pressings, (there is a core of artists behind it though), which champion dubby grooviness. Nothing complicated, just linear, chunky goodness with great mixing potential. Kindred spirits to the likes of Mosaic, but without the kudos built over years of bespoke strategy. A bit grubbier, but no less dancier. Another cause for celebration is the steady stream of Thule releases, both reissues and new stuff. What a timeless label; and it’s not that difficult, as long as you don’t fuck things up by overcomplicating a simple approach. We’re still ploughing a dubby, groovy furrow here, but this is what is currently floating my boat. I suppose it’s what is always bobbing along in my mind. There’s a new release coming on AE, its sub label, from Cold, who released the first tracks on Thule. He’s had something of a hiatus, one lasting more or less twenty years . . .  but now he’s awake and back on the case. Review imminent on these pages.

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