Sunday, May 07, 2017

Space Entrance - Nibiru Humans (World Peace Music)

Title: Space Entrance
Artist: Nibiru Humans
Label: World Peace Music
Cat Number: WPM 004
Genre: Deep House

1: Space Entrance

Taking their cues from the cosmic debris of ancient history, in which “ancient Sumerian Anunnaki aliens from the planet Niburu made humans and run planet Earth”, this single sided blue vinyl release is a piece of rolling, stellar deep house heaven. Larry Heard has his analogue fingerprints all over this one, but while it’s not him, (or is it? I have no idea who made this record), it would be churlish to say that the sound has been plagiarized. There are lots of records like this, but a mere scattering stand out, hitting the spot in exactly the way you want. Needless to say, this one does.

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