Friday, May 26, 2017

E String - Cliff Lothar (UTTU)

Title: E String
Artist: Cliff Lothar
Label: Unknown To The Unknown
Cat Number: UTTU073
Genre: Techno

A1: E String
A2:  E String (DJ Boneyard Remix)
B1:  Tool Tyme

It’s tracky, visceral stuff this, without much to distinguish it except a kick and some nicely flexed vocal samples. That’s the title track anyway; DJ Boneyard hollows out a barrel organ led festival of diva cut ups and handclaps , giving a piano prominence at the expense of almost everything else. ‘Tool Tyme’ takes things down a notch, muddying the waters with its screwed wonkiness and glitchy discordance. It’s as if mid nineties Chicago has had a makeover and been shot in glossy, coke-fuelled relief.

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