Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Soulfood EP - Patrice Scott (Sistrum Recordings)

Title: Soulfood
Artist: Patrice Scott
Label: Sistrum
Cat Number: Sis029
Genre: Deep House

1: Soulfood
2: Feels So Good
3: Instant Gratification

Patrice Scott is responsible for a certain strain of deep house. It’s certainly not unique, but he tends to make the genre his own whenever he releases a record. Blending the spiritual with funk and a strong layer of swing is his hallmark, at least that’s what I think. However, while this approach is evident on two of the tunes here, it’s when he dives deeper on ‘Feels So Good’ that he’s at his best. Overall, the trio here are saved from being lumped amongst the more generic examples of their type by an innate talent for manipulating the position of the many inflections which occur across their breadth, the summery disposition of the title track and ‘Instant Gratification’, being divided by the more bottom heavy.

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