Monday, September 14, 2015

Surf Dude EP - Tlim Shug (Echovolt)

Title: Surf Dude EP
Artist: Tlim Shug
Label: Echovolt
Cat Number: EVRO18
Genre: The Dusty Fringes

1: Conga Jam
2: Untitled
3: Doorwaves
4: Sector B
5: Surf Dude

As Echovolt have been sending me good quality files for a while now, it’s only fair that I write a review of their latest release. I’ve never heard of Tlim Shug, but no matter. This is superior, laid-back, atmospheric lo-fi house which revels in its studied lack of polish and, rather like STL, is assured enough to create something quite special. The five tracks here are substantial in each and every way and maintain a melancholic fuzziness while wringing dry a hauntological nostalgia, stripping back sentiment and touching the parts others cannot reach. Impossible to pick a fave, but ‘Conga Jam’ comes close. Tomorrow it’ll be another.

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