Wednesday, September 09, 2015

'Listen Up!' EP - STL (Mutual Friends Recordings)

Title: ‘Listen Up!’ EP
Artist: STL
Label: Mutual Friends Recordings
Cat Number: MFR02
Genre: The Outer Limits

1: Smile Function
2: Listen Up! Loop
3: Wrong
4: Mind Puzzlin

STL, aka Stephan Laubner. has occasionally dipped his toes in the less murky waters of imprints other than his own Something. And this release on Mutual Friends is his latest venture into the minds of others. ‘Smile Function’ is one of the best things I’ve heard by him evah. There’s a shuffle, a guitar that sounds like it’s being played by a narcoleptic rockabilly, and a trademark, omnipresent sonic swirl. ‘Listen Up Loop’ seems a redundant idea digitally, but no matter. ‘Wrong’ is unusually crystalline, and takes me back to, amongst other things, a parallel Brechtian netherworld. ‘Mind Puzzlin’, meanwhile, is as frisky as it gets, and carries with it a whiff of China in its aquatic intricacy. Splendid.

Still trying to work out why the picture on the label is of my nan's back yard though.

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