Thursday, September 10, 2015

EP2 - Smoke (89:Ghost)

Title: EP2
Artist: Smoke
Label: 89:Ghost
Cat Number: 89GHOST005
Genre: House

1: Nuutri
2: Familia

Smoke is Nail, and anyone who had even a tenuous relationship with house music in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries should be aware of that name. These two tracks see him on primitive, chiasmic, hedonistic form. Each track clocks in at over fourteen minutes and the only reason I can fathom for this is that they are the perfect mixing fodder to sustain the pill-addled raver. Not so fast though. ‘Nuutri’ more than fits the bill, but ‘Familia’ is a long drawn-out waste of time. Subtlety I like, but not necessarily in the form of an elongated loop of scraped out sub atmospherics. Head for ‘Nuutri’, it won’t disappoint.

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