Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lurking Underwater EP - Heinrich Dressel (Barba)

Title: Lurking Underwater EP
Artist: Heinrich Dressel
Label: Barba
Cat Number:
Genre: Techno/Electro

1: Creatures From The Abyssus
2: Dark Lake
3: Lurking Underwater (JTC Remix)
4: Lurking Underwater

Well, if the track titles on their own don’t invoke the spirit of Drexciya, then you’ve got the music to back them up. Taking his name from a nineteenth century archeologist, Heinrich Dressel, aka Valerio Lombardozzi contributes a great release to this nascent Burek records offshoot with a release that blends electro with more lush techno soundscapes. ‘Creatures of the Abyssus’ is the aquatically-influenced one, ‘Dark Lake’ is a portentous, cosmic analogue throb which would sound great together with ‘Acid Eiffel’, while ‘Lurking Underwater’ in its original form blends light with dark to create a moody, electro-inflected, techy gem. For his remix, JTC ups the tempo, scoops out the darkness and emphasizes the funk. Every one a winner here.

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