Sunday, September 02, 2007

Indian Summer MP3s

It's been a long time, so I suppose I should make something of a statement of intent. Here are the first of many more high-quality (I hope) mp3s from my personal vinyl archives.

Wake Up (Theme) (Stretch Silvester and Mike Monday remix) - Paradise Soul (Kinky Vinyl)

Excellent neo-Detroit stylings on an appealing slab of red vinyl. Harmonises effortlessly with your dancer's sixth sense and is predictable in the best way. Great end of night track.

The Phantom (It's In There) (original full-length version) - Renegade Soundwave (Mute)

Rave classic from '89. Your collection's not complete without it. Great cover art.

Atomfunk - Trankilou (KIF)

An ever-present on Parisian dancefloors when it was released, which coincided with when I was living there, maybe the happiest period of my life. Pepe Braddock more or less bursts on the scene with a classic slab of French filtered funk. One of six tracks from the "Escalope de Dingue" EP. Great cover art . . .again.

Pop Culture (Size 9 Live mix) - DJ Dozia (Ovum)

Josh Wink on form to remix fellow Ovum artist Dozia. I remember buying this from the now sadly defunct IQ Records on Lexington Street around ten years ago. I'm sure this will make a reappearance in certain bags sometime soon.

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