Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Tuneage

Here are four more of the best. Well I have to confess that the stuff I'm really looking forward to posting is inaccessible at the moment because we're moving house next weekend and loads of stuff is in boxes. Some very interesting news I heard this week was that Russ Gabriel is reviving his Ferox label soon. I've got loads of excellent stuff on Ferox, a lot of which will be posted once I'm comfortable in my new surroundings.

Substance Abuse - Audio Soul Project (Gourmet):

One of Mazi's best. I've always found him to be over-prolific, but this one delivers. It's a head messer.

LSD - DJ HMC (Juice Records):

The pick of a double 12" straight outta Oz. From the 'Southern Cross' ep, DJ HMC was one of the first to get down with his bad self down under. A deceptively simple groove with a spoken word sample is all this bad boy needs to keep you going

Ravers Suck Our Sound (Carl Craig remix) - La Funk Mob (Mo' Wax):

A double 10" from the aesthetically inclined Mo' Wax called 'Casse Les Frontieres, Fou Les Tetes En L'Air.' This package comes with remixes from Hawtin and Nightmares On Wax, but it's the Carl Craig mix that stands out for me.

Orbit 1 - Second Hand Satellites (Hallucination):

Classic tech trance (whatever that means) that reaches the parts other tunes can't. Crossed over multiple genres and still a monster today. From the DJ Three stable.

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