Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Mixed Bag

It's getting to be a bit of a regular thing, uploading mp3s on a Sunday. Anyway, here's four more from the vaults.

Kinda Kickin' - DJ Boom (Phonography)

A collaboration between Charles Webster and Matthew Herbert in 1999. One-sider of timeless jacking minimal house. It was also released with Ark and I:Cube remixes. I saw Richie Hawtin picking up a copy of this in Atlas Records Soho. Really. In his bald speccy phase. Seemed like a nice boy.

I Wish That - Ultraviolet (Big Life)

Rave-tastic new-age hippy business from 1991. Bittersweet vocals accompany an anthemic big-room sound. Hands in the air everybody.

Treaty (Peace Division remix) - Yothu Yindi (Mushroom)

Defines the genre "tribal" (if it exists). Peace Division remix aborigines to devastating effect.

Ulysses (Harvey's Crowd Control remix) - Extended Family (Auto)

Percussive workout with top-notch bonkers vocodered action. What's he saying? I've got no idea and I don't care. This would stretch to infinity given half a chance and, as such, is surprising that it hasn't been belted out by Villalobos recently. Maybe it has. Answers in comments please.

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